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5 Best Alcohol Delivery Apps to Get the Same Day Delivery

With Drizly, one of the best alcohol delivery apps, get your alcohol delivered within 30-minutes!

5 Best Alcohol Delivery Apps to Get the Same Day Delivery

Alcohol cravings are not bound to time. Night or day, a bottle of beer is always a handful for your moods. But, not everyone has time, or a store to run to whenever they are out of stock. That’s when these best liquor delivery apps come into the picture. Top alcohol delivery apps are assisting people to get their favorite drinks in the comfort of their homes. 

Data shared by Slice Intelligence says that Drizly saw a whopping growth of 62% in revenue in 2017. Whereas, Wine accounted for 65% of sales made online along with 21.2% for hard liquor and 13.8% for beer.

In this blog, we are discussing the few best booze delivery apps that you can use to satisfy your alcohol needs. Different apps have different features to offer, so it is advised for you to check them all out!

Best on-demand alcohol delivery apps

Furthermore, you will find a list of a few best alcohol delivery apps shortlisted according to their features, reviews, and popularity. So, let’s dive into their detailed descriptions!

1. Drizly - Local Alcohol Delivery 

This one of the best apps to get liquor store delivery near me is used for instant alcohol delivery within 60 minutes. The app also lets you have the advantage of other features such as price comparison, saving favorites among others. The best part about this app is that you still get to order even if you are not in the Drizly city. You will get your alcohol delivered within 2-3 days to anywhere in California.

Features of this best beer delivery app:

  • Browse thousands of alcohol varieties from the best beer apps available, wines, among others
  • Get your alcohol delivered within 60 minutes to anywhere in Drizly city
  • Order alcohol of your choice from anywhere in California and get it delivered within 2-3 days
  • Pay with a credit card without any hassle and show ID to accept the delivery
  • Browse multiple stores to find your favorite brand anytime

Download this one of the best app to deliver alcohol for Android and iOS

2. Saucey - Alcohol Delivery 

Saucey is used to get your alcohol, ice, mixers, and other party supplies within 30 minutes at your doorstep. On top of that, the app charges no delivery fee either. This best app for alcohol delivery is the perfect choice for unplanned dates, binge nights, or any such occasion. Saucey, the best liquor delivery app, delivers to New York City, Washington DC, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Diego, and more. 

Features of this one of the top alcohol delivery apps:

  • Get your alcohol delivered within 30-minutes 
  • Track your delivery in real-time with this wine delivery near me app
  • With an effortless payment system, use your credit card to pay digitally
  • Get delivery to your apartment, office, house, beach, anywhere you want
  • Saucey covers cities such as New York City, Chicago, Los Angeles, and many more

Download this best app to order alcohol for Android and iOS

3. Instacart - Grocery deliveries 

With now alcohol delivery in its features, get your favorite booze within two hours of ordering. Along with drinks, you can also order snacks, groceries, and other food items anytime and anywhere. After downloading the app, enter your zip code to locate the nearest stores delivering at your location with Instacart.

Features of this order liquor online app:

  • Browse varieties of alcohol drinks and brands to order along with side items such as snacks and groceries
  • Get your deliveries within two hours
  • Enjoy contactless and same-day deliveries in cities such as Vancouver, Toronto, Ottawa, and many others
  • Chat with the shopper and look for a replacement if your product is not available
  • Add items to your cart and purchase them wherever you are ready

Download this one of the top alcohol delivery apps for Android and iOS

4. DoorDash - Food Delivery 

This one of the finest food and beverage delivery apps is a perfect choice for your alcohol cravings as well. Browse and shortlist your preferences in this one of the liquor delivery near me app. Moreover, you can track or schedule your delivery according to your preferences as well.

Features of this best app to order alcohol:

  • Access more than 310,000 national and international menus from 4,000+ cities in the US, Canada, and Australia
  • Browse the catalog to find your favorite restaurants and variety of cuisines
  • With no-contact delivery, your preference is at the top
  • Schedule deliveries to receive them according to your preference
  • With no minimum order quantity, order whatever you want

Download this best app to deliver alcohol for Android and iOS

5. Minibar Delivery - Get Alcohol

This fast alcohol delivery app has completed more than 2 million deliveries. With Minibar Delivery, you get to browse a huge selection of drinks to pick the best one. This best app for alcohol delivery is a perfect choice if you love to drink the best ones. With Minibar, you can either order to get them delivered fast or schedule the delivery for later.

Features of this best booze delivery app:

  • Browse through a huge range of beer, wine, vodka, whiskey, and many other types of drinks
  • There is no hidden fee or extra cost to get your drinks delivered
  • Services are available in 100+ cities, including Aspen, Austin, Hoboken, Nashville, and many more
  • In states such as Arizona, Florida, Illinois, and New York among others, get your drinks delivered within 3-5 days

Download this best app to order alcohol for Android and iOS


Alcohol can make any occasion fun! Especially, if unplanned. Now, a few days back keeping a stock or finding a pub open was the real issue. But with time, technology evolved and the number of smartphone users increased. Therefore, developers built a variety of apps for users to use for various tasks.

With features such as 24-hour delivery, same-day delivery, price comparisons, cheap deals, the best alcohol delivery apps are rapidly growing in demand. Therefore, even new developers have a great opportunity to join the race. 

As currently, the alcohol delivery market has a great scope to get more apps involved, you can design and build an app to join the race as well. However, it is advised for you to get your app reviewed once you are done building it to predict if your mobile app will thrive or just survive the real market. 

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