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Jack of all trades. Covering the journalism field, Vikram writes at MobileAppDaily and keeps surfing the trends to understand tech and inventions better. Don’t forget his driving skills, he is a professional car rallyist. Life has just got better. Breathe it!!

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Twitter Beta App Out For Testing New Features

Twitter is trying hard to stay relevant among users!

By Vikram Khajuria

Importance Of Mobile Apps for e-commerce business

The mobile apps for e-commerce business are surely a boon.

By Vikram Khajuria

Evolution of Mobile Gaming Apps

From snake game to Pokemon Go, mobile gaming apps have come a long way!

By Vikram Khajuria
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Apple iOS 13 Rumors: Here’s What You Need To Know

iOS 13 Beta software got revealed by analytics tool.

By Vikram Khajuria
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