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Twinkle Kalkandha
Twinkle Kalkandha
Global Marketing Head At MobileAppDaily
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Adept in technology and marketing trends, she curates new strategies for brand development and directs both day-to-day product strategy for MobileAppDaily. As a tech enthusiast, she’s constantly involved in editorial, revenue, and audience development teams. Whether it's about the in-house design or management, she’s always at the top of her game.

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Fortnite Maker Epic Games Banked $3B In Profits In 2018

Fortnite game pushed Epic Games’ revenue to the maximum

By Twinkle Kalkandha

How To Start Playing Old-School Games On A Computer

Catch-up with the old school games and unleash the retrogaming

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Mobile Apps Branding: Important Things to Remember

Mobile app branding plays a vital role in the outlook of an app

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3 Amazing Modern Technology That Will Instantly Improve Your Life

The technology has completely transformed the way we use modern gadgets

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Building a Location-based Mobile App With React Native

Majority of companies are now integrating location-based services into their apps

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Mobile App Development Trends That Will Take Over In 2019

From Instant apps to smart things, we have covered all mobile app development trends!

By Twinkle Kalkandha

How To Gain Maximum User Engagement On Instagram With IGTV?

Here are the tips and tricks to engage user engagement to the core.

By Twinkle Kalkandha

2018 Checklist Of Apple App Store Submissions That You Need To Know

Easy Tips on how to get a faster approval of your iOS App

By Twinkle Kalkandha
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