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AppMagic Review - Smart Tool for Market Analysis

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The mobile app market has grown to become one of the largest IT segments across the globe due to the popularity of smartphones. The market is seeing new trends and emerging app leaders almost every day. Thus, it can be hard to figure out which trend can be beneficial to invest money into or, what strategies can be employed to boost the growth of an already existing app. Well, that is where AppMagic comes into the scene with its magic. The mobile app analytics tools offered by AppMagic provide various valuable insights that developers can leverage to grow their apps. 

In this blog today, we are going to know AppMagic better by going through its features individually. We will also focus on the pros and cons of this tool to collect in-depth mobile app statistics. So, stay with us until the end of this AppMagic review.

Background of AppMagic

Initially founded in mid-2016 by Max Samorukov, AppMagic’s mobile app metrics tool is up and running since Jan 2018. The tool has impressed developers from across the globe with its quality and accuracy of mobile app-related data. To know more about one of the best tools to check app download statistics, let’s proceed further and discuss its features.

Features of AppMagic

This tool is an all-in-one solution for the mobile app market analysis for experienced and new developers. These features that we are listing down below for your reference will help you in understanding the tool better. So, without further ado, let’s begin!

1. Top Trending Apps

mobile app metrics

One of the crucial app statistics that you can review on this tool is the data of trending apps from various niches. These apps could be games, entertainment, or any other genre. The smart AppMagic algorithms can provide you with an accurate insight into apps that have been growing fast within a specified time frame. 

2. Marker Segment Comparison Dashboard

mobile app analytics tools

This feature allows you to review the reciprocal sizes and trends of different market segments, in terms of both revenue and downloads and compare them to one another. To narrow down the segment of your interest, you can use the well-developed and notoriously updated AppMagic tag system as well as stores filter and geography filter, which allows you to look at the genre dynamics in one store or selection of stores; worldwide, in the group of counties or in one country, depending on your needs. Thus, providing grounds for the selection of the right idea for a new app and a market segment to invest in. 

3. Similarity graph

app download statistics

If you have ever seen the “You may also like” segment on app stores, then you might find these mobile app statistics interesting. To get accurate data, you can select an app and review the graph to find similar apps. Similar apps are usually picked by observing recommendations shown to the user of the target app. The more any app is placed on the left side of the graph, the more it is found to be relevant to the targeted app. This tool helps developers to better understand the interests of their target audience and judging by the performance of similar apps make a decision on the idea for the new app to build. 

Pros and cons of AppMagic

Moving forward, to make this AppMagic review more accurate, it is necessary to discuss the pros and cons of this app analysis tool. 

Pros of AppMagic

  • Smart app statistics
  • User-friendly interface
  • The website includes a video presentation to explain the tool
  • High accuracy of the data due to the usage of the unique algorithms

Cons of AppMagic

  • The subscription pricing is available only through emails

MAD Rating

Features- 4.7
Security- 4.5
Navigation- 4.7
Pricing- 4.3

Wrapping Up

The modern app market is super competitive. But tools like AppMagic, with their smart app market research, make it easier for developers to understand and leverage mobile app trends. And, going through this AppMagic review has helped us in understanding that to have an extra advantage in such a huge competition across the app development market, AppMagic can be really helpful for its users. 

So, if you liked the above-mentioned features of this one of the best mobile app analytics tools, you should get the software without thinking twice. Now, before we wind up, if you own a digital product too, you can get your product reviewed by submitting it to us. We will help your product in growing by publishing an in-depth review of the same for your potential users to read. Also, you will get to know the areas for improvement to boost your app’s quality further.

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