Global Accessibility Awareness Day: Google And Apple Features Accessibility Focused Apps

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Global Accessibility Awareness Day

Celebrating Global Accessibility Awareness Day (GAAD), Apple and Google have released a list of accessibility-focused apps featuring a collection of apps for hearing, speech, vision, motor, physical and many more.

It seems both the leading App Store - Google Play Store and Apple App Store are celebrating Global Accessibility Awareness Day in a unique way. In addition to the featured list of accessibility-focused apps, the Apple App store has featured stories of developers, athletes, musicians, and comedians.

Note: We suggest users keep their Google Play Store up-to-date so that they can get the latest information about the apps that are getting featured

The featured highlights in the recognition of Global Accessibility Awareness Day included the story of Simon Wheatcroft, a blind athlete; another highlight of Lee Ridley, a comedian with cerebral palsy.

Another featured story is of Emman Twe, a Djay with his left arm amputated during his childhood; the last story is of Brandon Cole, an accessibility consultant for developers. 

Apple released a statement,

You can also see the many short video tutorials of how to turn on the integrated accessibility features in macOS and iOS on Apple’s accessibility webpage.

Last year, Apple rolled out Siri Shortcuts with the launch of iOS 12. On the eve of GAAD, Apple introduced an accessibility-focused collection of new Siri shortcuts. 

Siri Shortcuts is a new app that enables iPhone users to make the voice commands on their own to order actions on their apps and on their phone. New Siri Shortcuts are available to download in the featured collection at the top of the Shortcuts app.

Accessibility-focused collection of new Siri Shortcuts

The collection of featured apps consist of Voice Dream Reader, Deaf Wake, Seeking AI,  Read2Go, Ava, TouchChat HD, Speechify, The ASL App, Pictello and many more. Check this out to get a complete list of the accessibility-focused apps featured in the Apple App store.

Another tech giant followed Apple’s Accessibility Awareness Day-themed collection. Google revealed its collection of accessibility-focused apps and games on its app store, Google Play. 

In addition to its collection of accessible apps, Google displayed Live Transcribe. It is Google’s new accessibility service for deaf and hard of hearing that is also known as the Live Caption, announced by the company in the Google I/O 2019 conference. Using state-of-the-art automatic speech recognition technology, it converts real-time transcriptions of speech into text on your smartphone screen.

Live Transcribe app interface
Currently, the app status is being shown as ‘Unreleased’ but you can still download the unstable version that records the conversations around you and immediately transcribes them.

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