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Wuntu: App for Coupons and Offer

Grab your awesome offers and treats every week.

Updated on January 01, 2019
Wuntu: App for Coupons and Offer

Do you have plenty of money-saving apps on your smartphone to make good cash at the end of the month? But like everyone else, it does nothing as promised. At the end you are just left with the question that how you can save more without cutting down your expenses. You just need to shift your approach, instead of eliminating your needs you should save money via different offers and discounts available everywhere. However, it is not a simple task to keep an eye on every offer around you and avail it at the right time. To solve this problem, we brought you today the Wuntu app that will assist you in saving money on a day to day purchases.

The app uses its elongated network to capture all the relevant offers, coupons, discounts and money saving deals you can avail. You just need to download the app and leave everything to Wuntu. Unlike other coupons or deals apps, Wuntu has no limitations, it includes multiple functionalities for the users. The app gathers all the available free coupons that you can use to save a lot of money. Every week Wuntu updates the available deals and discounts for you.

Moreover, the app comes with functionality that learns your behavior every single day to assist you efficiently.

Three”, the company behind Wuntu came up with the idea of giving the users a way to get the best deals and offers. Whether it is a mid-day snack from Mcdonalds or you need to take a ride to office, Wuntu always has something in its bag for you to cut down some cash. In case, you are not aware, almost every small and big brands provide discounts for the customers frequently. However, the users won't be able to update themselves with all the available offers and to know how to use them without any assistance. This is the reason “Three” introduces Wuntu, the app collects all the coupons and offers that the users might be interested in.

Key Features 

  1. Get offers and deals on the products you want to buy
  2. Get frequent free offers on Wuntu
  3. Get notifications from Wuntu as a reminder for the available offers
  4. Use the offers and coupons directly from the app conveniently

Three offers new deals and free coupons every week to the users, and it is available for a limited time. So, whenever the Wuntu app gets updated with new offers of the week you should pick them up, otherwise, it will be gone soon. Once you select the coupon, you will have limited window to avail the offer. Wuntu comes with new offers and deals every week for its users. From breakfast to your weekend shopping Wuntu got you covered on everything. The app provides the best deals with discount and the coupons on almost every brands. Besides, the app also makes sure to keep you updated with available offers that you can avail in case you don't remember.

Along with this the app also comes with the ability to understand the user behavior. Every time you interact with the app, it understands your behavior. Your behavior pattern includes your interests, likes, and the most chosen offers, it enables the app to serve the best deals for you. Consider Wuntu as your friend, which makes sure that you don't have to struggle or think twice before making any transaction. After getting home from the office you are too tired to prepare dinner, don't worry just order a free pizza using Wuntu without spending a penny. Similarly, the app can also help you in booking flight at the cheaper rates by finding the discount that you can apply to save money.

If you turn on the notifications, Wuntu will notify you every time a compelling offer or deal strikes for you. So, you will be able to grab the deal first without any delay. Wuntu covers a vast area of consumer services including food, ride, music, and much more on which you can save a lot of money.

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