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by Neha Baluni

February 15, 2018

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Idea Behind This App

Who doesn’t like chatting to their loved ones for long hours to mention all that happened to them all day long? What if the facility comes to you free of cost with an app purchase? Texting for hours and calling to your friends and families is possible with the dynamic TextNow application. 

The app offers a number of exciting features to the users right from calling and texting for long hours. Calling to your friends free of cost is possible with just installing the “TextNow” app. All you need to do is to make a user account to start it all.

As soon as you create a user account, TextNow will offer a series of phone numbers to you. You can choose any of the numbers you would like to own to make the call from. You can use the numbers to make calls or text to your friends. However, the calling can only be made to American numbers as the app won’t let you call any European numbers. 

  • Text & Call Online - Free!

    One Number Multiple Devices

  • Text & Call Online - Free!
  • One Number Multiple Devices

The app also includes the feature of unlimited texting and international calling to make it affordable for the users. There are picture message and voice calling facilities available for the users within the application. After signing up for the application you will get a dedicated number that you can circulate to your family as well as friends. The unlimited texting is available to US & Canada users for free.

The users can either add or earn money for free by completing offers into their account so that they could make international calling at affordable prices. The app also features voicemail transcription along with caller ID facilities to make calls easier than ever. TextNow has an additional feature that allows users to keep their text messages safe with a password. You can use emoticons to make your text messages much more appealing to the users. Call forwarding facilities are also available for the users in the application.

Exceptionally Affordable International Calling  Feature

In order to make the text more personalized, the users can add their personal signature to each message they write. Text tone, ringtone, and vibration can also be customized as per users’ preference.

Customizable backgrounds are another feature that makes this application one unique from others. The users can also add personalized ringtones and background to the specific numbers. Additionally, there are a number of home screen widgets to add to the screen of the application.

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