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SwiftKey Keyboard-

Faster, Smarter, Easier

by Akash Singh Chauhan

February 08, 2018

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SwiftKey Keyboard

Idea Behind This App

Are you annoyed with silly typo mistakes on the keyboard or the unnecessary suggestion it keeps giving? So, it's time to replace it, with something better and smarter. Most of us face the issue with the normal keyboard while texting and it makes chatting or typing more of a hassle process than it should be.

But, now it's done, we have an app that will not only solve the problems but will also assist you while texting to give you a comfortable experience. SwiftKey Keyboard app is one the most popular app that replaces your boring and useless default keyboard. Whether it’s a smart suggestion or adding style to the keyboard, Swiftkey has it all in the bag. More than 250 million people are already using the app for simplifying their typing. 

SwiftKey is more than just Keyboard, once you install and replace it with your default keyboard you will experience the change. The app offers several other features such as changing the theme, adding wallpaper to the keyboard, different language support, voice typing and much more. If you really want to get rid of your boring keyboard and looking for something cool & creative then download the SwiftKey Keyboard. 

  • SwiftKey Keyboard makes typing fun

    Forget about typos and annoying predictions

  • SwiftKey Keyboard makes typing fun
  • Forget about typos and annoying predictions

SwiftKey Keyboard is a smart addition to your writing process and delivers the desiring writing assistance. The app uses the Artificial Intelligence to understand the user’s writing style. Then all the information used by the app to customize the suggestion list and it predicts the words preferred by the user.

The suggestion will be according to the user’s writing style to speed up the texting. SwiftKey offers all the typing styles with the huge collection of colors, designs, and themes. The app supports more than 150 languages and has tons of smiley with emoticons prediction feature. You can either tap or swipe to write on the keyboard.

Add smart assistance to your typing

The most amazing part of the app is the text predictions that work precisely and suggest you the words suited to your style. SwiftKey keeps learning your slang, nicknames and other jargons using the Artificial Intelligence. The app also has autocorrected facility that actually works well in comparison to one offered by the default keyboard.

SwiftKey Keyboard is the only app for keyboard customization that offers multiple features to the users. You can also teach the autocorrect new words or your quirks using the online account.

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