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Updated on April 01, 2019

Everyone loves a discount; be it on apparels, cab booking, or food. But what if we get hefty discounts on the expensive flight bookings, and that too on international and national routes. It does sound interesting.

Skiplagged is an excellent app that offers cheap flight tickets, best hotel deals, and hidden flight deals. The term “Skiplagging” is quite common nowadays. It’s a technique that allows people to save on air tickets by booking the tickets for the destination where the flyer actually wish to go. With Skiplagging, the business class tickets can even get cheaper than the economy class.

Skiplagged reviews the flights that are headed towards the chosen destination and among all, the flights which have a stop on the destination is picked up by the app, as they are cheaper.

However, the app has some limitations, which may be a concern for many people. For example, bag check-in in such flights can’t be done, as the bags may land up in the destination city, rather than the desired one.

For many people, it may be a concern, but discounts are there for sure. In the past, the discount offering app was even sued by United Airlines, and at the end, Skiplagged was able to walk free from the legal tussle.

Skiplagged features

Notable Features Of Skiplagged App

The app has a lot of options that can come handy for all the travelers and help them save money. Take a look:

  • Heavily discounted flights;
  • Search bar to ease the exploration;
  • Booking links available within the app;
  • Automatically generated destination list;
  • List of cities that are extensive;
  • Ease of changing the default currency;  

Skiplagged Guidelines

The Skiplagged app has some rules, which is a kind of unsaid directions that need to be followed to keep using this app. And in case the rules are taken lightly, the flyer may find himself in a tight spot.

Therefore, it’s wise to stick to the rules. Here are the Skiplagging guidelines:

  • Don’t disclose to anyone that you are skipping a flight;
  • Skiplagging is not for the round trip;
  • Flight miss is a big no-no;
  • Luggage can’t be checked-in, it will carry on to the final destination.
  • Skiplagging is not a privilege, so don’t abuse it.  

What Makes Skiplagged To Stand Out?

  • Extreme Discounts: The deals on Skiplagged are incredible and due to its popularity among the masses, the app has been featured on platforms like CNN, the BBC, and the Los Angeles Times. As said before, the business class tickets can be availed at a much lesser price than they are actually quoted by the airlines.
  • Search With Ease: With a built-in search bar and a host of other filters, the user can set his own criteria to find the preferred flights. For greater ease, Skiplagged automatically fills in the closest major airport and the user just need to enter the destination city. With all this data, the app comes up with the all the flights headed over that destination and also list those flights which have the stop same as the destination.
  • Suggested Cities: Skiplagged display a list of cities where the user can travel and the discounted tickets that can be availed. The suggested list inlcude travel destination too. So, Skiplagged app can also be used as a travel planner.
  • Ease Of Ticket Booking: Select the destination where you wish to visit and Skiplagged will display all the details including the airline, departure dates, and any stopovers. For booking a ticket, the user will be directed to a website where it can be done without much mess.
  • Deal In Preferred Currency: The default currency in which the user can deal in Skiplagged is US dollars, but the currency can be changed, as app has a list of available currencies.  

Other Highlights Of Skiplagged

Skiplagged is not just about the cheap flights and reasonable flight booking; the best flight booking app also offers hotel reservation which comes packed with the last minute hotel deals, online hotel booking, and more.

After travelling to a different city, the traveler needs to find a place to rest, so to cate to this need, Skiplagged app also offers cheap hotel deals which again can help the user to save money.

For hotel deals, here are the options that can be availed:

  • Book hotels
  • Cheap last minute hotels;
  • Online hotel booking;
  • Best hotel deals;
  • Filter hotels, read reviews and view traveler ratings; 

Past Skirmishes

Now, even airlines are aware of the skiplagging and they do keep a check on such flight apps. After Unite Airlines pointed to their guns on people who skip lag their lights, Lufthansa also raised its concern on the same issue.

In an essential note, all the airlines reserve the right to suspend the flyer account who is found to be indulging into skiplagging and may also be asked to compensate for the same.

Our Take

Skiplagged is an app for users who wish to grab exciting deals on cheap tickets and cheap hotels. So, if you are looking for an alternative through which you can save time, effort, and of course money, Skiplagged app seems to be one of the best picks.

The best thing about this app is that it not only helps the user with flight booking, but also provide deals in booking hotels and get the best of the cheap hotels.

For us, if you are travelling, Skiplagged app should be on your smartphone.

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