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Robinhood Free Stock Trading

Invest in stocks, ETFs, and cryptocurrencies.

Updated on January 01, 2019
Robinhood Free Stock Trading

The mobile app technology has revolutionized almost every sector so why investment field should be an exception. Robinhood is the only mobile app available on the Google Play store and Apple’s App Store that enables seamless stock share trading and investment. In today’s world, everyone wants to invest in the stock market and be aware every detail about it. The stock market is the new place for making a substantial profit in short period of time. The app eliminates the commission fee for investment and offers an easy and simple way to trade your stocks on the go to make a profit. You can easily boost up your investment game with the help of an app. 

Robinhood app is placed with collective options to manage your share stocks without any need of a mediator. This saves you from wasting hundreds of dollars on the commission fee. Along with easy share trading options, the app also offers the latest update of the stock market at every second to keep you updated for not missing out on any golden opportunity. 

Robinhood app is changing the traditional way of doing the stock exchange business by putting all on your mobile. The app doesn't require any commission fee to operate your stock shares and there is no minimum balance requirement. This means you can start using the app at any level. Using app is very simple just need to sign up and once get in the app start managing the stocks on your fingertips. 

Key Features 

  1. Get Free stocks by referring friends
  2. Stay updated with all the recent stock updates
  3. Buy and Sell stock shares just by simple swiping
  4. Get more options with Gold membership
  5. Synchronize the app with your smartwatch

Use funds immediately with Robinhood Instant Deposits, instead of waiting the standard 3-day period. In addition to this, you can also start personalized push alerts to know your earnings, dividends, and splits. Robinhood will keep you updated with real-time stock market data with every minute detail.

The app is developed by the team of experts and designed from the scratch by considering the user's experience. The app offers the graphs for analyzing the current and previous data with interactive design. Robinhood was awarded as the best-designed app from Google for its intuitive design. Along with this, the app also offers free stocks if refer the app to your friend, Both you and your friend can earn up to $500 of stocks which includes some of the popular stocks on the market. 

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