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Pocket Casts-

Powerful Podcast Player

by Akash Singh Chauhan

February 05, 2018

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Pocket Casts

Idea Behind This App

You must be thinking why we are reviewing this app, we also asked the same question. But, when we used this app we thought it was wrong not to share this amazing podcast player with our readers.

The podcasts are things that are truly powerful but not all the people are aware of that. This is the reason we don't have many apps for the listeners that serve well. If we want to listen to a podcast of our interest we either hit the web or choose platforms like YouTube. Although we have apps for listening to the podcast in the app stores, they're not up to the mark. Pocket Cast is the only app that we have found in the stores that offer an enjoying experience while listening to the podcasts. In order to serve the best, Pocket cast developing team has taken care of everything that will enhance your podcasts listening. 

Pocket casts is filled with an endless number of podcasts that you can play anywhere and anytime. In order to make the interface simple, the developers have given the app less number of operations required to play any podcast. Unlike any other app you don't need to struggle for your interesting podcasts, just enter and search, the Pocket cast will get it from its huge database. 

  • Google Material Design Award

    The Best Podcast app

  • Google Material Design Award
  • The Best Podcast app

The other reason Pocket cast is among the top apps in the Google Play Store, as the app has been awarded with many titles so far. The App has been chosen as the Google Play Top developer, Listed as the Editor’s choice in the Play Store and the also awarded with Google’s material design award.

Pocket cast app makes sure to deliver the most relevant and best content to users by keeping working on the feedback all the time. The user interface of the app is too simple yet beautiful with compelling colors and attractive designs. There are two themes you can choose from, one is light with white color background and other is the dark theme.

“Pocket Casts is the best podcast app for Android”- Android Central

Once you start listing the podcasts on the Pocket cast, it automatically queues the podcasts from your favorite shows. You can also trim the silences from the tracks so you will be able to finish the shows even faster. Pocket casts also offer you the option to speed up the track by .05X to 3X. Increase the front voice and decrease the background noises in the app.

If you prefer video you can even toggle the podcasts from audio to video mode or vice-versa. There is also a sleep time that will pause your podcast on the time you have set to let you sleep without worrying the ongoing podcast.


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