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Out of Milk Pro Grocery Shopping List App

Go grocery shopping with your shopping List

Updated on January 01, 2019
Out of Milk Pro Grocery Shopping List App

With the continuous evolving lifestyle and work we all are getting stuffed to the hectic schedule. This left us with no more time and energy to remember our shopping and grocery list.

Out of Milk app serves as the best medium to make sure that you never run out of grocery stock at home. The app enables the users to create shopping or grocery list and carry it everywhere all the time. However, the company behind the app believes that the app could go further beyond existing assistance so come up with Out Of Milk Pro. The company is working on the development to add new features and functionality to the app for its users. And, the developer is asking the users to support the development process by upgrading their Out of Milk app to the Out Of Milk pro. 

The free-to-use version of the app comprises all the features that assist the users in making an item list with a variety of options. However, the Out of Milk Pro is not a standalone app instead it's merely a license. To install the pro version the users need to have the latest version of the Out Of Milk free to use app. The Out Of Milk Pro is very small and won't even visible in your app drawer. 

Grocery shopping is the toughest job when you have an issue with remembering the shopping items or habit of losing the list that you have prepared. Most of us get frustrated when we did not find the grocery or desired food items while running out of the stock. But, the Out of Milk has solved that issue with providing a solution of making a smart list that we could carry everywhere. Once you install the app all you need to do is create a list either it's for shopping, grocery or any other items. There is a number of options available to manage the list in order to make sure you have everything under control in your grocery department. 

The app enabled the user to create multiple shopping lists to complete all the tasks at once. There are categories are available for grouping the items and making the list more compact and smart. Following are the features being offered by the Out Of Milk app

Key Features 

  1. Create a shopping list
  2. Share or send your shopping list to others
  3. Note the details about each product on the list
  4. You will be aware what is available and what is not at home
  5. Manage other tasks also

Order your categories like you travel through your grocery store

You can also add the items to the shopping list either by scanning the product’s barcode or selecting it from the shopping history. 

The mobile app shows the grand total and the list total by calculating each item.

Share your shopping list with friends and family anytime or send it via text or email

In case you don't have your smartphone nearby, you can access your shopping list anytime by going to www.outofmilk.com

Move or copy items from the shopping list and pantry list

Pantry list helps you inventory those commonly-used food items that you have on hand

Keep a permanent track on all the noted task with the help of To-do list.

Make sure not to miss the latest local grocery deals for US region only. 

The developer of the app is working on another update of the app that will contain more features and ask the users to support the process by installing Out Of Milk Pro.

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