Newton Mail - Email app for Gmail and other client

Newton mail enables you to manage accounts from multiple email clients, declutter inbox, read receipts and finish your work without leaving your email.

Updated on September 07, 2020
Newton Mail - Email app for Gmail and other client

Emails are a big part of our daily lives now. It’s so popular that some working accounts get thousands of emails every day. Where some of these emails are important, some are sheer waste of time. Hence, maintaining a clean inbox is crucial to save time and maintain a smooth workflow. But even the best mail apps fail to do so. For instance, Gmail is the most popular email client and though it has a powerful mobile app to help it’s users on the go, due to some reason it’s phone counterpart is not as powerful as it’s laptop version. As a result, there is a lot you can't do with this best mail app for android, apple and windows users.

Newton mail app is the perfect solution for these problems and is one of the finest email apps for Android, Windows and Apple devices 2020. Developed by Essential and later bought by CloudMagic Inc, it is a comprehensive solution to all your advanced email needs. Best suited for businesses and working professionals, its streamlined workflow maintains clean inbox lists, separates important emails from junk, gives you a quick overview of mail and helps you reply quickly. There is a lot more than what meets the eye with Newton email. 

Newton mail app is a powerful email app for android, iOS, Windows and Mac devices which makes multiple email account management easy and fast. It’s compatible with Gmail, Exchange, Yahoo Mail, Hotmail/Outlook, iCloud, Google Apps, Office 365 and all IMAP accounts and provides control of them all from one spot. In this Newton Mail review, we will discuss all of its features and how it can help you make your life simpler.

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Resurrected on Fan Request - Story behind the Newton Mail

Newton Mail app is an example of efficiency and performance. Taking a look at its story will make you understand better what is meant by it. Newton Mail was founded by Rohit Nandani who sold it to Essential Products in 2018. Later it was shut down in April 2020 because of the company's financial instability. But its long time users and patrons kept making efforts to save it and finally, it was bought by Maitrik Kataria and Justin Mitchell, it’s long time users and fans. According to them, Newton Mail is too good a mail app to let go. After the change is top-level management, it is starting its third life and is expected to supersede its previous performance. When users of an app use their own money, it’s gotta be good. 

Newton Mail - Best mail app to give you full control on the go.

All of us use mail on daily bases. Our businesses and social life are pretty much dependent on it. Keeping track of your Gmail account, Yahoo, iCloud and other sources at the same time as time-consuming and confusing to say the least. Newton Mail is the solution to all those problems and offers much more to make your mailing hassle-free. Its email app for Gmail and offers all of its desktop features in the mobile app as well. 

Features that make Newton mail best mail client

Newton mail is loaded with features, yet keeps the design and usability to its simplest. Here are some of the features which make this app, the best email app for android, apple or windows users. 

  1. Tidy up your inbox and add efficiency to your workflow

    Newton mail android, windows and iOS apps are efficient in identifying social and promotional mail among the ones you want to read. It keeps all the unnecessary emails at different locations and keeps your working area clean. It helps in the workflow and makes your mailing experience better.

  2. Get receipts from your readers

    Unlike any other email clients, Newton mail lets you know when the recipes of your mail have read your mail. It comes handy and often offered as a plug-in for most clients.

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  3. Snooze emails for later

    Newton mail lets you snooze the mails which may be useful sometime in the future. Snoozed emails come back again at the mentioned time, exactly when you need it.

  4. Schedule your mails

    Newton mail comes with email scheduling options which enables you to plan your emails and set a time in future to send them automatically. Be prepared and always be on time when it comes to mails

    Newton mail android

  5. Undo what you have send

     If you have made an error and regret sending a mail, don’t worry. Newton mail has taken care of this. You can undo the mail you have sent and rectify the errors before anyone even notices.

  6. Connect with other apps.

     One of the best android email apps Newton Mail can be synchronised with apps like Todoist, Evernote, OneNote, Pocket, Trello, Wunderlist, Instapaper & more to enrich your workflow.

    How to use Newton Mail?

  7. One place notification from all accounts

     It organises your notification system and shows all notifications at one place without any hassle or confusion. Manage all accounts better and choose your priority.

How to use Newton Mail?

Newton mail’s minimalistic theme makes it as easy as any other popular email client, with much more functionality and features.

Download Newton Mail and instal it on your smartphone, tablet or/and PC.
Login using your email address. You can log in with multiple email accounts and manage them individually. 
Once logged in, sync all email accounts and you are ready to take control of your emails.
Send an email, organise and manage your emails, contact lists and other settings from either from phone or PC. 

Everything good, comes at a price.

Newton mail is a premium app and charges a nominal fee for its services. You can subscribe to its annual plan for USD 50. Newton mail free trial is also available which allows you to use it with all its features for 14 days. With everything you can do with Newton mail, the price it comes at feels more than justified. 


  • Supports accounts from multiple sources
  • Sync all devices and keep your workflow steady from anywhere
  • Eliminates the use of computer for managing emails
  • Consolidated emails from all accounts at one place
  • Elegant and minimalist design
  • Comes with lock feature
  • Send quick emails, save and send templates and select multiple email ids
  • Get read receipts and track emails
  • Unsend emails send with errors
  • Wearable gadgets support.


  • Only 14 days trial period
  • Slow at times especially while syncing
  • New management, which is yet to be tested

Newton mail review

The verdict

Design- 4.1 stars
Usability- 4.0 stars
Features- 4.0 stars
Reliability- 3.5 stars

Newton mail app is a great option for people who maintain multiple email accounts, deals in a lot of emails are usually on the go. The said description covers almost everyone, hence it is useful for everyone. It comes with features which are useful in daily life like snooze option, read receipts and synced notification. It will be interesting to see where the new management takes this user, loves the app and what the future will unfold for it. For now, this is a great app and is recommended for busy people. You should give it a try, especially when you can do that or free for 14 days. If you liked this Newton mail review you can read our comprehensive app reviews to know about mobile applications that are taking the world by the storm.  

Written By Pallavi

She is an avid writer of technology and trending mobile apps. When she is not busy updating you about the tech world, she spends time reading books and playing guitar.

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