NBA 2K18 - The All New Basketball Game

NBA 2K18-

New Basketball Game

by Neha Baluni

January 06, 2018

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NBA 2K18

Idea Behind This App

NBA 2K18 is one of the best basketball simulation application, which is the successor to NBA 2K17. Primarily the app was released for Microsoft, Windows, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One as well as Xbox 360. The app features two different cover athletes for the game, Kyrie Irving is the cover athlete for the regular game editing and Shaquille O’Neal as the cover athlete for special game editions. The app is a specific addition to the previous game to offer NBA (National Basketball Association) experience to the users.

The realistic depiction of NBA game playing is the innovative experience that the game offers to the users. The users are offered with a choice of customizing their player’s list. They can additionally choose a game mode from a list of options offered to them. There are guest commentators to add the required elements into the game. A host of other settings are there too that can be customized.

  • The best APP in Sports category

    Enjoy a never-before sports experience!

  • The best APP in Sports category
  • Enjoy a never-before sports experience!

NBA 2K18 is designed for both Android and iOS platforms. As compared to previous versions, NBA 2K18 offers a refined sports experience with improvements in the courts, team customization and the option to choose preferred players.

There are a number of new offerings for the players including “MyCAREER” mode, “The Association” mode and the impressive 2K Beats Soundtrack. Till now NBA 2K18 is the most refined mobile gaming experience for the users.

The new version of the game has everything that the users need to advance their gaming experience. There are legendary teams and some of the greatest players together for the very first time. 

There is a “Practice Mode” hat sits under MyCareer, which offers an opportunity to the players to master the game. The option helps users gain expertise before playing the actual game.   

NBA 2K18 is a 3+ rated app on the Google Play

Additionally, there is spectator mode to let the users relax while watching the action on their app screens. All the bugs from the previous versions have been fixed to offer an exceptional user experience. 

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