Microsoft Edge App Review To Make Browsing Personalize To You

Microsoft Edge-

Make Browsing Personalize

by Neha Baluni

January 31, 2018

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Microsoft Edge

Idea Behind This App

Microsoft Edge is an app for Android that is designed to offer an exceptional browsing experience to the Windows 10 users across different devices. 

From a number of benefits that come along with the use of Microsoft Edge, one phenomenal is seamless content and data sync in the background, which makes it easy for the users to browse through a host of devices without skipping anything.

The exceptional app has also been designed to offer ease to the users when they are browsing the internet over their devices. Features like Hub make it easy for users to organize their web as per the preference and to browse through the latest updates. Users are allowed to manage their content by making it effortless to find more about their searches in one-go.

  • A 4+ rated app on the Google Play

    Experience a personalized browsing

  • A 4+ rated app on the Google Play
  • Experience a personalized browsing

Designed for Windows 10 users, the browser allows users to search upon the internet as per the specific requirements. They could search whatever they need to, how they want the flow and what elements they would like to browse upon, all by making the settings as per their preferences. Microsoft Edge does not disrupt your flow and that’s the best thing with this browser.

With this browser option, the users can switch to PC To start from where they have left on any other device. However, all these devices must have Windows 10 Fall creators update. Additionally, data sync helps to synchronize the data across the devices so that the settings are saved to offer a personalized browsing experience to the users. Reorganizing the content on the web is another exceptional option that comes along with this exceptional browser.

Voice search option is enabled with the browser allowing users the ease of searching whatever they want to just by commanding through their voices. Additionally, the InPrivate mode does not keep your browsing data stored on the PC and therefore, the users can search whatever they are wishing to without worrying about clearing the history later from their PCs.

Get the app & make internet browsing personal

Microsoft Edge offers both the light and the dark theme. Just after logging into your account, the password gets synced that is another benefit for the users. One can quickly be started off with the newsfeed that Microsoft Edge offers to the users. Additionally, the PC integration is the best element that comes along with Microsoft Edge for the users. Moreover, the reading mode on the Android devices is slightly better than functionality given for the iPhone users.

The well laid out design is another exceptional element that has been designed exceptionally well for the users. As described above, the PC integration feature is again beneficial. And, the best catch, users can sync password not only between PCs but also on the phones.

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