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Lose It: Move Towards Health Goals

Lose It application helps you to keep the health on track by simply counting calories and maintaining a food diary.

Updated on July 17, 2020
Lose It: Move Towards Health Goals

A healthy body is a healthy mind, and leading a healthy lifestyle can change every sphere of your life. Maintaining good health and being fit are taken earnestly amongst individuals nowadays.

That being said, It is challenging to embark on a health journey because of various reasons like:

  • Our persisting lifestyle;
  • Lack of motivation;
  • Environmental factors and many more.

But it should always be taken into consideration that good health will keep us moving from grim life challenges more efficiently.

It’s alright to start early or start late, what matters is that you have commenced on a healthy journey. Nowadays, many top-notch mobile applications are emerging in health and fitness strata to maintain your health along with an active routine. 

Lose It is one such fitness app that can do wonders for you. The amazing health application helps you in starting a healthy venture along with 40 million users without any hassle. The app has already assisted in shedding millions of pounds of weight.

What is Lose It Application About?

Lose It application is a diet and food tracker app that keeps a count of calories and maintains a food diary to help you reach your fitness goals without any inconvenience. 

The app supports various features like challenges, recipes, meal planning, workout guides, and whatnot. Such attributes make it very easy to keep track of your diet in a fun way.

Exceptional Lose It Application Features

The following are the striking features of Lose It app that helps it stand out from other similar apps:

  • Food library database: 27+ million searchable items in the app to choose different varieties of food from.
  • Food Insights: Provides insights by tracking every protein, calories and nutrient intake.
  • Charts and Reports: notes every intake and forms a chart to help you decipher your diet easily.      
  • Planning and Logging: Plans your meals and builds on your exercising plans accordingly. 
  • Challenges and Groups: Join people and accept challenges to reach your health goal.

best calorie counter app

How To Get Going With Lose It App? 

Lose It takes you closer to the health goal journey and it is a convenient application to use. The application is user-friendly and following are the steps of how to use this app:

  • Download and Install the Lose It app from Google Play Store or Apple App Store.
  • Open the app and add information like weight, height, and more.
  • Click on ‘Start 7-Day Free Trial’ and continue after choosing a payment option.
  • A page called ‘My Day’ will appear that records all the food that you eat in a day showing your calorie budget.
  • The next page will show your nutrition intake like fat, carbs, and protein.
  • After keeping a track of everything, Lose It suggests a few recipes and fun challenges to take you to a health journey. 

By following all the above-mentioned points, you have Lose It application looking after your every small intake and helping you craft your own body carefully.

Need For Lose It App

Being healthy is important and beneficial in today’s world to tackle other threatening environmental challenges like pollution, global warming, etc. Keeping all these factors, Lose It promotes:

  • Healthy body.
  • Count your calories.
  • Keep a track of your nutrients.
  • Collaboration with people to get motivated.
  • Fun challenges.

A meticulously designed app like Lose It can help you in losing weight in a healthy manner.

What’s The Price Of Lose It App?

Lose It is easy to use and to get your health on-road few bucks shouldn’t be a problem.

Lose It application is free of cost for 7 days since your login, but before logging in, you need to add your card details to avail the free trial period.

After 7 days of your trial period, Lose It will charge you US$39.99/ year.

You always have an option to cancel the subscription within the free trial period. And if you don’t wish to continue the subscription pack, you can cancel the same two days before the date of deduction.

Note- Once the payment is made on the Lose It app, it can’t be refunded.

Lose It application

MAD Verdict: Lose It app review

Health is a major concern for people nowadays and Lose It makes it extremely easy to keep a track of all your eating habits on the go by making a proper health chart for you to keep everything sorted.

Certain features like DNA insights, data analysis, and recommendation, meal planning, custom theme, etc., are more like a cherry on the cake.

Lose It has been able to make its mark on MobileAppDaily, by proving itself to be a user-friendly and goal-oriented application.

The Lose It application also promotes a healthy lifestyle by keeping a good observation of all your calorie intake and eating habits to make it easy for you to work according to the formulated plans. 

Lose It builds its plan upon your eating habits which make this application to hold on to. It also gives you the autonomy of joining challenges with people you know or you can join their weight loss communities online.

In case you want to know what’s new in the mobile application world, tune into our detailed app review section to know more about what’s trending in the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

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