KeepSolid Sign: The E-Signature App Review
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KeepSolid Sign Electronic Signature App

Easy way to esign & send docs

Updated on January 01, 2019
KeepSolid Sign Electronic Signature App

KeepSolid Sign is one of the best electronic signature applications allowing the users to sign the documents like never before. Anyway, why choose to go back and forth with the paper copies when you have the luxury of signing docs in a digital architect? Simply import the doc on your device, approve it with your signature and send. 

That’s all!! And, the additional perk, the app allows you to open documents from any storage or email client. The secure storage and the synchronization facility is truly the icing on the cake. Because of high-grade AES-256 encryption, users’ sensitive data remains secure from unauthorized third-party access.

Along with a number of features that KeepSolid Sign offers, the most prominent ones include various cloud storage, downloading templates from the app, camera roll and simply dragging and dropping files into the app to instantly synchronize them across devices. The added bonus comes with the “Offline Mode” option that allows users execute a number of tasks that include creating an electronic signature, adding annotations and more. It can’t get any better, What say? 

Easy collaboration with partners: Can we expect an application to offer extended functionalities? Yes, of course, if we are talking about KeepSolid Sign. The handy tool makes documentation much easier with the partners in real-time, meaning all the suggestions either from you or from the partners can easily be integrated in a real-time environment. This speeds up the documentation process.

Can we expect an application to offer extended functionalities? Yes, of course, if we are talking about KeepSolid Sign. The app (besides providing a handful of amazing services) makes collaboration much easier with partners. The handy tool allows users to initiate a collaborate in the real-time with partners in order to speed up the documentation process.

Key Features 

  1. Secure storage and synchronization
  2. Create Your Signature once And Use it all the time
  3. Integration with Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, Box, iCloud Drive, Evernote, Finder, or Storage
  4. Offline mode editing 
  5. Template formation

Effective Teamwork: Keeping in touch with your colleagues is now easier than ever with KeepSolid Sign app. Be it timely managing any process or getting any documents signed by the colleagues at any remote location, KeepSolid Sign is the app for you. And, the best news, this time-saving application is secured with a number of additional features. The list of benefits with KeepSolid Sign gets bigger and better with a number of other exceptional functionalities.

Tracking the status of documents: Besides the benefits that we have mentioned earlier, the app also makes it easy to track document status with a few clicks. KeepSolid Sign allows you to remain up-to-date either about the status or about the progress of each document to enable you to plan the strategies further. This helps the users to remain up-to-date with the latest progress of the documents.

Save your time with templates: KeepSolid Sign additionally offers a series of templates and thus suits the requirements of the professionals who work often with templates and standard forms or documents.

Using templates for your work-related concerns is always efficient and when you can get the facility with an exceptional app, why not try it? Thus, give a try to this amazing application even if you want to create your own template for any documents you need. After all, it’s easy, user-friendly and the app interface is just amazing!

Keepsolid Sign is also available on a range of operating systems including MacOS, Windows, Web.

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