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by Akash Singh Chauhan

February 19, 2018

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Idea Behind This App

Do you ever feel like, you want to keep your memories and thoughts somewhere safe? Maybe you are already a journal keeper and like to put everyday details in your diary. Have you ever thought, with the high-tech world you can also enhance your daily diary entry? With the advancement in the technology, neither you need to carry journal book everywhere nor require to reach home to pen down your ideas. 

The Journey app brings the journal or diary entry into the digital world and offers you more efficient ways to keep your journal safe. The app is designed to provide you a lot faster way to keep the records of days. Write all your daily incidents from meeting someone new to your personal moments. No more jotting down needed, just pick up your phone and start writing whenever you feel like.

With the help of Journey app, you can ensure your journal lasts forever as it is stored in Google drive. Along with this, keeping your journal safe and private is much easier when you can carry it on your smartphone. You don't need to wait for the whole day to get home and start writing. Using the Journey app you can write anything on the go. 

  • Add images, videos or other files to your entries

    Turn your smartphone into your journal

  • Add images, videos or other files to your entries
  • Turn your smartphone into your journal

Make your entries creative and interested in the journal. You can put all your beautiful moments as separate entries. The app offers various features that convert boring writing into a fun-loving experience of filling your daily journal. Journey app is more than just a simple journal.

It totally changes the way you were keeping your journal till now. You can even add images, videos and other things to your journal to describe the moments of your life. The app also offers the feature to customize your journal for health, fitness, medical records and other related entries. Use different writing styles and themes to make your personal journal look great.

Your Digital  Journal

Note down all your day-to-day activities in the most effective way so, you can relive the moments from the past, anytime.The app takes care of many things by itself, so you don't need to put extra efforts. The Journey app adds the date and time to your entry by itself and also mentions the weather conditions featuring nearby locations. You can also share any of your journal memory with your friends over social media websites. You can also view your entries anytime listed according to date, timeline or locations on the map.

In order to keep your journal safe the app provides a PIN-password or fingerprint lock to make sure that no one can open it without your permission. You can also import files to your journal like Word docx, PDF and other entries from Diaro, Evernote, and DayOne.

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