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by Akash Singh Chauhan

January 22, 2018

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Idea Behind This App

The invention of mobile apps have changed traditional ways of shopping and enabled us to manage everything right from our palm.

Whether you need to order food or buy something cool to wear for the party just get it via apps. But, there is one more app that helps the users in saving money on their online shopping. Ibotta is the globally known cash saving app that provides you free coupons and promo codes to save money on your online purchase. We have discounts and cash coupons in the shops and showroom, so why not on the internet? With Ibotta get the coupons and promo codes while shopping for your favorite brand and get cashback on the purchase. 

Ibotta serves as the money-saving platform for the users looking for discounts and cashback while buying from their favorite brands. You can find the promo codes of various big brands and use these for getting cash back on your grocery, clothes shopping that you were planning to buy. All you need to do is install the Ibotta and search for the product you wish to purchase with an available coupon to get the cashback. Then send the receipt with the earned cash back rebates to get the instant cashback.

  • Get coupons and cash back on big brands

    Save money on top apps Like Uber and eBay

  • Get coupons and cash back on big brands
  • Save money on top apps Like Uber and eBay

Get guaranteed cashback on every purchase with Ibotta and save money on every payment you make. Install the app and check Ibotta every time you are going for shopping, dine or traveling, for the cashback coupons. There is a huge collection of products and the app has partnered with most of the leading brands. This makes the user to acquire promo codes on their every payment and a chance to save some money on the transaction. In addition to this, you can check in for daily coupons on tons of products available from brands, stores, and apps. Make sure to collect cash back on every item on your purchase or payment you do with the Ibotta app. The app contains the countless number of promo codes that contains cashback on the products from your favorite brands.

Till now, the app has successfully helped the users in saving over $220,000,000 with cash back and coupons. In case you are planning to buy holiday presents for family or looking to buy something for yourself just check out the hot deals on Ibotta. You will find all the big brands with their all listed products to get cashback. Explore various of option available with promo codes and coupons to gather more and more cashback. Browse new coupons in the app daily and save them to your account to use later while shopping. 

Best way to save money on every purchase

Once you download the mobile app, first you need to do is find the cash back rebates before you hit the products for shopping. After adding the rebates, search the products you wish to buy from your favorite store, brand restaurants, and apps. Then, send the receipt with your loyalty card and gets the instant cash back. You can cash out the cashback either from Paypal, Venmo or variety of other gift cards option. You can also earn cash by purchasing from the top apps such as Uber, eBay, and Boxed. There is also a chance to earn up to $30 cash back for the users just by referring the app to their friends. 

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