Hulu App - Key to the High-Quality Entertainment

Kill your boredom with Hulu’s huge library of content!

Updated on October 20, 2021
Hulu App - Key to the High-Quality Entertainment

According to a survey report released in May 2020 by Statista, streaming apps are being used by 62% of adults from the US. To watch high-quality shows, international dramas, live-action movies, animations, and reality shows, streaming apps are keeping up with the evolving interest of the audience. By publishing dramas and movies in national and international languages like English, Korean, Hindi, Tamil, and more, streaming apps have become a spot where entertainment exists at the fingertips.

Among such streaming apps, Hulu has a great reputation as well. But- is Hulu worth it really? We will find out the answer to this question in this blog. Here, we will discuss an in-depth Hulu app review to find out if the Hulu reviews justify its popularity or not.

History and introduction to the Hulu APK

Owned by The Walt Disney Company, Hulu started its journey as a joint venture between News Corporation and NBC Universal, Providence Equity Partners, before moving to Disney. Hulu was launched on October 29, 2013. Later, Hulu APK became the first stream TV shows service provider with “Plus” when it launched subscription services. Currently, the Hulu app downloads feature “Hulu Live” also comes with TV channels that the audience can stream.

Features of the Hulu online streaming service

As the above statistics show, Hulu has been witnessing rapid growth in its subscriber count in the US. Let’s look into its features that are being the reason behind its growth. Furthermore, we will talk about some crucial features of the Hulu streaming app to rate it properly later. So, without further ado, let’s begin!

1. Competitive prices of packages

As per the Hulu ratings, the packages of Hulu plans are quite affordable in the US market. The Hulu basic plan begins at $5.99 per month. Users also have the option of availing themselves of the Hulu basic plan for a year for $59.99 per year. Let’s have a look at other Hulu price plans.

Type of Hulu online TV Plans

Hulu Price of Plans


$5.99 per month

Hulu Annual

$59.99 per year

Hulu (No Ads)

$11.99 per month

Hulu + Live TV

$64.99 per month

Hulu (No Ads) + Live TV

$70.99 per month

Note- For premium channels, there’s an additional cost for each network. Detailed packages are mentioned in the app itself.

2. 65+ live channels

live channels

With the Hulu Stream movies & TV shows app, you can watch movies online and online TV shows as well. There are more than 65 channels that you can watch Live with a subscription. Some channels like TNT, CNN, HBO, and more are available on the app.

3. Live sports from anywhere

Live sports

The Lives Sports feature is one of the most important parts that need to be discussed in Hulu reviews. Users can watch the Hulu sports channel from this one of the best sports streaming apps from anywhere in the US. Moreover, the Hulu download also gives you access to the latest news and updates from all over the world.

4. Free one month trial

You can enjoy free movies online with the Hulu trial for a month. You can watch movies online either on the app or from the website itself. Apart from the free movies, you can also watch TV shows in many countries during this trial period of Hulu for a month. The free TV show streaming trial can help you in deciding if Hulu is perfect for you or not.

5. Parental control

hulu app

The Hulu streaming app comes with a feature called “Kids Profile”. Here, kids will only see the content that is specifically produced for them or does not include any restricted content. Some of the common genres that kids will see on this profile include educational, animation, and musical among others.

6. Accessibility


The Hulu app allows users to watch online movies and shows along with subtitles. Moreover, even if you watch TV series or movies with a trial subscription, these features will still remain accessible to make sure that your movies and series streaming experience remains the best.

7. Download and watch content offline

If you travel or more often go to places where the internet is not an option, you can download instead of doing movie streaming. Downloading movies and shows from the Hulu app will allow you to stream them from anywhere in the world. You can download movies free as well if you are on a trial period.

Pros and cons of the Hulu app for online movies and shows

Just like any app, the Hulu APK app has pros and cons as well. Let’s have a look at them.

Pros of the Hulu download

  • Free one month trial
  • No commitments
  • Free movies online during the trial period
  • Watch TV online free during the trial period
  • 1080p and 4K streaming support
  • 65+ live channels
  • Huge range of content

Cons of the Hulu download

  • Hulu basic plan includes ads
  • Premium channels have separate costs
  • Can not watch Hulu channels in the free subscription

Additional information for Hulu ratings

Additional information

Hulu ratings by MAD

Features- 4.8
Security- 4.2
Navigation- 4.5
Pricing- 4.3

Conclusion- is Hulu worth it?

Well, the features that we talked about earlier proves that the Hulu app is an ideal choice for streaming movies and shows. Not only the range of the content influenced that decision, but also the quality of the content that Hulu offers. Currently, you can stream hundreds of shows and movies with an IMDB rating of 8+ on the Hulu app. The best part is, you can watch movies free online with Hulu for a month and these movies include top IMDB titles as well. Surely, that pretty much sums it up why Hulu is a trustworthy entertainment partner.

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Written By Pallavi

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