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Herow by Connecthings

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Updated on January 02, 2019
Herow by Connecthings

People increasingly demand more from their mobile applications. They want apps to understand the context of their locations and behavior and then offer solutions to problems or options to enhance their mobile experiences. To be successful, applications must consider more than point-in-time location to incorporate context and understanding of the user journey.

Connecthings has harnessed this powerful intersection of the “here and now” to create the Herow app, an industry-leading augmented location solution for mobile application developers and marketers that fuels remarkable mobile experiences to improve retention and engagement.

Leveraging a decades-long understanding of the city fabric, hyper-precise location technology, and machine learning algorithms, Herow by Connecthings helps mobile application developers and marketers optimize services and deliver experiences based on the context of their users in real time.

Key Features 

  1. Big Data Processing & Analytics
  2. Powered by Augmented Location Technology
  3. Committed to Privacy
  4. Highly battery-efficient

Herow is not a stand-alone app; it is a valuable tool that improves engagement for mobile applications. Herow app features an intuitive user interface that allows developers and marketers to easily build targeted campaigns and exceptional mobile experiences without the need for technical expertise. The power-efficient software development kit (SDK) delivers precise location data without draining mobile battery life.

Herow App Features & Benefits:

1. Big Data Processing & Analytics

Herow’s augmented location technology collects and analyzes 2,000 data points per user per day. As the data gets richer, so does its analytics and developers’ ability to improve the efficacy and longevity of their applications.

2. Powered by Augmented Location Technology

Once a developer has implemented Herow app, it has access to:

  • Precise location: Beyond a pin drop on a map, Herow identifies if a user is at home, at work, at the gym, shopping or one of many other semantic descriptions.
  • Real-time behavior: Herow senses if a user is sitting still at home, in motion shopping or commuting on a bus or subway.
  • Context of user surroundings: Herow incorporates information about a user’s surroundings – such as the weather, nearby users or traffic conditions – to draw conclusions about how to augment mobile experiences.

3. Commitment to Privacy

Herow app applies a two-layer opt-in approach to location-sharing permissions. Location and behavioral data are used exclusively by applications to customize experiences.

“As mobile technology advances, users demand richer experiences. They want ‘smart’ applications that seamlessly understand their behavior, anticipate their needs, offer appropriate and useful solutions, and enhance daily life,” said Connecthings founder and CEO Laetitia Gazel Anthoine.

“Herow is at the intersection of data, places, and people – it’s all about the here and now. This approach has a positive impact on mobile applications. We’re seeing up to 15 percent increase in user retention, as well as three times higher engagement rates on applications with augmented location.”

Connecthings does not save historical data or share it with any third-party services. Users can request to opt out and have information deleted by applications at any time.

Connecthings does not save historical data or share it with any third-party services. Users can request to opt out and have information deleted by applications at any time.

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