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Updated on January 01, 2019
Flipboard News For Our Time

The reason we have chosen the Flipboard App for the review is its popularity and large user database in a very short period of time. 

The technology and hectic life have given the news apps a boost nowadays. Today we are more likely to get a quick look at what's happening rather than sitting in front of a Television. This made a large number of apps coming as the news provider in very crisp and shortest way. However, delivering the news instantly isn't the only thing that makes a news app best. Flipboard is among the top news app that shares the latest news in the most effective way. Moreover, it covers the large number of categories and also serves interesting content to the readers. The app uses the technology to deliver personalized content for its readers without annoying them with unnecessary news.

Flipboard is the only app that will take care of your interest without asking much of the questions. You can personalize the app according to your interests and like. Get all the news and articles based on your interest and explore the world right in your hand. The app curates the news and content according to your actions and delivers only the related articles.

The user interface of the app is very simple and it's quite easy to handle it. Once you have successfully installed the app, it will ask you to log in or sign up with your email id, Facebook or Twitter account.

Key Features 

  1. Read the stories and articles of your choice anytime
  2. Get news from the trusted sources 
  3. Feed Your Passion With Inspiring stories
  4. Use Smart Magazines to personalize the app
  5. Read and express your views 
  6. Collect and share what you read

After signing up you will ask to set up a profile and Flipboard will ask you choose the topic of your interest. The categories will include Business, Politics, Tech, Sports and Music and after tapping the category you will see some subcategories like #Rihanna, #Donald Trump.

Once you select the categories and Subcategories the app will make a personalized Smart magazine for each category. Afterwards, the app will fill smart magazines with related news, podcast, videos, article and other content. You can also find something specific just by typing it directly in the Flipboard’s search box.

The other best part of the app it will bring the top stories directly from the most trusted sources. This will save your time from looking for the authentic channel for the information. Smart Magazines are the USP of the app, based on your interest and search it curates all the content and delivers you accordingly. The content sources that Flipboard uses to keep its user's update includes The New York Times, Vogue and other big publishers. In addition to this, the mobile app also lets you collect any content just by tapping the + sign and also allows you share it with your friends.

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