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FitLens: For Fit Regimen

Being fit is a part of a healthy lifestyle and you can embark on a journey to fitness with Fitlens that will tone your body in a fun way.

Updated on June 18, 2020
FitLens: For Fit Regimen

Fitness is not an option anymore. It is something that needs to be taken into consideration because fitness can take you a long way and it is not only about going an extra mile. It is also about doing good for your body and mind. Fitness has become a way of life for many people and it is one of the major growth industries because people are understanding the need to stay healthy. 

With prominent apps to keep your fit emerging every day, you have a wide range to choose from and start on your venture. With the growing popularity of fitness apps in the market, this sector has seen a growth of 330 percent in the past 3 years.

Today we have one of the best fitness tracker apps that can easily guide you to do exercises accordingly and keeps a check on your posture and we are talking about FitLens. 

Without taking much time, let’s dive into our detailed FitLens app review and know what exceptional features this app has to offer.

What is FitLens Fitness Tracking App All About?

FitLens fitness app is designed in an intelligent way to keep you on track. Technologies like AI and ML are used in the app to guide you throughout your workout and check your performance in real-time giving you audio and visual feedback to give you a realistic gym training experience with a smart trainer at your assistance.

Here is what co-founder and CTO Dr. Mashhour Solh have to say about his ravishing mobile app:

With FitLens app, we are solving all these problems that stand as a barrier to bring the experience of a personal fitness trainer to your doorstep at your own convenience and keep you engaged and motivated by introducing the concept of fitness challenges among friends and family. Fitlens is working with the best personal trainers and applying decades of experience in computer vision, deep learning, software edge, and cloud development to make this app what personal fitness is supposed to be and to help out people who cannot leave their homes get the workout they need.

FitLens App

How to Use FitLens Virtual Personal Trainer App?

Your fitness journey with this app is just a few clicks away and below mentioned are the ways of how you can register yourself and get the work going:

  • Download and install the FitLens app from Apple App Store.
  • Open the app and click on “new user”
  • Create your FiLens account by typing in your details like height, fitness level, etc.

Click on sign up and get started by taking up challenges from the lined up categories. Once you have made your account you can learn about how to do your challenges perfectly and set up your phone so that your exercise can be recorded.

What Makes FitLens A Best Fitness App?

FitLens promote exercising at home in the simplest possible way. The app is loaded with features that make it an app worth trying and they are mentioned down below:

1. Challenges

The app has an ample amount of challenges that you can take up and start your exercise. FitLens focuses on your problem area and allows you to work on any of them. Select your challenge and get going.

2. Full Body workout

This cardio fat blaster workout app lets you extensively exercise and puts your whole body on the move. FitLens lets you workout in a  professional manner focusing on lower, core, upper, and high HR parts.

3. Personal Guidance

This personal trainer app sees you through your lens which you allow the app to do and give you visual and audio aid if you are doing your workout in the wrong way.

4. Share

FitLens app not only motivates you to work out but after releasing their version 1.3, you are  also allowed to send the video of your working out through links or different social media platform and get others motivating

With simple UI, you can easily glide your fingers and make your work out experience a smooth one. The app understands you and lets you workout at any time of the day.

FitLens App Review

Upcoming Features that you can hold on to!

The list of features doesn’t stop. FitLens application is planning to introduce more features  at your disposal and they are listed down below:

  • Easy achievement of fitness goals that can allow you to get your whole body moving with top fitness trainers coming together to help.
  • Live classes with trainers that can be streamed on your phone as you workout with the whole FitLens community.
  • Artificial intelligence voice assistance can give you command from within the app and let you interact with it.
  • The app will be able to integrate well with smartwatches and home devices for a better experience.
  • The app will offer more than fitness, it will ensure your mental wellbeing by providing therapies.

Why Do You Need FitLens In Your Life?

There are thousands of questions that can come up to your mind when it comes to doing your workout from your house and they are answerable through this app. Dr. Mahhour Solh, the co-founder of FitLens understood what you have been looking for years and served you with exactly the same

According to him, a schedule is something that determines the whole day of a person and it is difficult to stay persistent on a workout plan because of it. He carefully looked into what a workout video imbibe to make it convenient for its users and came up with something that can be easily done by you from the comfort of your living room with utmost sincerity. So why not go for an app that is flexible and user friendly.

MAD Verdict: FitLens App Review

FitLens is one of the best fitness mobile apps for iPhone and an engaging fitness solution that leaves zero room for errors during your workout. The app is by far the smartest way to keep a track of your workout and share it with your friends and family to get them going.

Smart assistance provided the app lets you know if your posture is right, which is very important to ensure as bad posture on the workout can incur a lot of injuries. You can simply choose any part of your body and start exercising, after finishing your exercise you can see the time you took, your score, set accomplished and reps with which you can take pictures and save it with you or share it on social media.

Taking steps little by little and asking other people to come together to join a healthy community of one of the best fitness tracking apps can be a life-changer. Let us in the comment section about your fitness goals and read our well researched app reviews to know more about various mobile applications.

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