Fairytrail App: Match, Travel, Date

Remote worker dating video chat app allows you to find love while you embark on fun-filled Airbnb and TripAdvisor adventures.

Updated on June 09, 2021
Fairytrail App: Match, Travel, Date

According to Harvard Business Review, loneliness is the biggest struggle when it comes to working remotely. It’s 2020 and remote work is on a gigantic rise but there’s no dating app for this group of professional people who are adventurous, curious, and have the special ability to live anywhere.  

Until now… 

Fairytrail, one of the top personality matching dating apps, is a new dating app for remote workers, digital nomads, freelancers, explorers, and travel lovers. The app will bridge remote workers looking for relationships and adventures. Fairytrail’s mission is to help people find and build quality, healthy relationships through world exploration.

Read more to see if it’s the right dating app for you.

Fairytrail App Review

Photo Courtesy of Fairytrail and Skipwithgrace

The Best Travel Dating App?

A major factor which makes Fairytrail, the one of the top personality matching dating apps, distinct from other virtual dating apps is that it’s the best for those who love travel and are highly mobile. Normally people restrict their dating to their cities because they are tied to their offices but not users. This allows Fairytrail, the Tinder while traveling, to take dating to a whole new level. It pushes conventional online dating boundaries across cities and countries to create a dating pool with more diversity. 

It promises a 30 times dating pool increase because users will be available to virtually date in hundreds and even thousands of cities simultaneously. Since remote workers and location independent individuals can work and live anywhere, these virtual dates lead to adventures and relationships, not penpals. 

Fairytrail, the one of the top personality matching dating apps, provides online personality matching through characters, travel destination interest matching, and virtual dating through video chat. In addition, it provides a ratings system and background checks. 

This is the only dating app made for free-spirited, location independent, and adventure-loving professionals. The app is available for English speaking users across the world and is inclusive of all races, genders, and nationalities. 

Its focus on safety makes it one of the only dating apps to offer background checks such as: 

  • Identity Verification
  • Sex Offender Registry
  • Global Watchlist Check
  • National Criminal Records Check
  • County Criminal Records Check

Interesting Stat: 93% of the Fairytrail users are or aspire to be remote workers.

This could be the best dating app for travelers but is it actually? Learn more as today on our list of app reviews we have a new entrant.

Words About The App

CEO Quote:

“If there’s one thing I’ve noticed is how the world is becoming more mobile and interconnected. The next generation may not have a fixed location and be more open to dating in other locations. My mission is to make dating more convenient, efficient, and fun. Hopefully, in the process, we will make the world more interconnected and empathetic,” says founder, Taige Zhang.

User Review:

“Prior to trying Fairytrail, the one of the top personality matching dating apps, I had been using Tinder to browse the local singles during my travels to Asia, and Hinge to find dates in my hometown when I returned to New York City. It was exciting and fun for me to connect with people on these apps, but more often than not, conversations would get stale and interest would wane before we ever settled on a meeting date. Fairytrail personality type & travel dating app added a level of intentionality that required both parties to be actively involved from the beginning, and connect on a visual/audio/human level before ever meeting in person,” says Maggie, a Fairytrail user from New York.

The Fairytrail App Features

The app is ideal for those looking to expand their dating pool and embark on social adventures with someone they like. It’s quite simple to use. 

The Fairytrail App Features

  1. Subtle beginnings

    After you download Fairytrail personality type & travel dating app , you create a profile. What’s truly special is that you get to choose a fairytale or “Disney” character to represent your personality. These characters can both help you express yourself better online but also search for based on personality types. All Fairytrail characters are mapped to Myers Briggs Personality Types. Search for your ideal partner based on factors such as current country, language, nationality, industry, character, and more.

  2. Deciding on the destinations

    After matching with someone, you won’t be able to talk to each other yet. Instead you’ll be recommended travel destinations with example adventures. This is a fantastic source of travel discovery and inspiration. Pick the ones you’re interested in. If you happen to choose any of the same destinations or adventures, you’ll be connected to talk

  3. Talk the talk

    The app for looking for people to travel with will tell you which destinations or adventure you matched on and then you can start chatting. You can arrange a video date and conveniently date no matter where you are.

  4. Seeing each other

    Users video chat to get to know each other. It’s a brilliant way to skip the in-person first date and get to know each other without the risks and hassles of meeting up. 

  5. Going on an adventure

    The final step is to book your tickets and meet on a public group adventure by Airbnb or Viator! Fairytrail personality type & travel dating app  recommends meeting on these adventures because it’s safer than meeting one on one. It’s also more fun and social. Plus there’s more to life than just dating, such as having breathtaking adventures.

Fairytrail, the app for looking for people to travel with, is officially a travel agency, so they can help you book the trips for a small fee and keep your money safe by booking only when both partners have paid. Its rules state each party must pay for their own trip. If you’re feeling nervous, they also let you bring friends.

You can coax a friend to tag along for a group adventure with your date!

The Fairytrail App Features

Fairytrail users on Airbnb’s Rio's Best Snorkel Turtle Tour by Boat Adventure. Photo Courtesy of Fairytrail.

What’s Hot?

Obviously travel. With its focus on safety and fun, Fairytrail personality type & travel dating app  thoughtfully weaves travel discovery and support into its dating app experience unlike no other.  

It’s quirky feature of letting people choose a character is fun and helpful when it comes to looking for clues about your match’s personality. It feels like a Disney lover’s dating app! 

It was also a pleasant surprise to discover its secret anti-ghosting feature that creates a culture of being transparent and open with each other without the discomfort of rejecting people. 

Speaking of culture, its wholesome and adventurous community is one of the app’s best parts, and the community extends beyond dating. Explorers can share their interests, goals, and support one another on Fairytrail’s social group Campfire

dating app for remote workers

In-App Purchases:

Entrance Fee………………..………………..………………... $2.99
1 Additional pick………………………………………………... $1.99
5 Additional Pick………………………………………………... $9.99
2 Additional Pick………………..………………..……………... $3.99
3 Additional pick………………..………………..……………… $5.99
4 Additional pick………………..………………..……………… $7.99
6 Additional Pick………………..………………..……………… $11.99
7 Additional Picks………………..………………..…………….. $13.99
Amber Amulet………………..………………..…………………. $14.99
Sapphire Amulet………………..………………..………………. $24.99

Hits and Strikes


  • Excellent for people who love to travel
  • A perfect dating app for remote workers, as it comprises most of its audience
  • Safe and genuine dating environment
  • Fun to match and discover travel destinations and adventures
  • Video dating lets you get to know the real person and reduces catfishing
  • Fairytrail’s travel agency processes tickets only when both users have paid
  • App’s background checks include Identity Verification, Sex Offender Registry, Global Watchlist, and National Criminal Records checks


  • Not suitable for those who aren’t travel enthusiasts
  • English speaking audience only
  • Push notifications don’t always work
  • Requires money to travel and many in-app purchase options

dating app for remote workers

The Verdict

Design- 5 stars
Usability- 5 stars
Features- 4.5 stars
Reliability- 4.5 stars

MAD rates- 4.8 stars

Well, is this the future of dating apps? Who knows, only time will tell. But this is surely one of the most thrilling genres in social travel and an exciting addition to travel dating apps. It also has a wonderful philosophy behind it and is made for people to eradicate the distance barriers and globetrot the world, learn about different cultures, explore new places and find the love of your life. You might even get to travel the world with the love of your life. 
Dating in the virtual world is like a box of chocolates, who knows what you’re gonna get?

Written By Pallavi

She is an avid writer of technology and trending mobile apps. When she is not busy updating you about the tech world, she spends time reading books and playing guitar.

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