Enter the Reveries: An Artistic Adventure Game

A visual novel game that will keep you all engrossed for hours.

Updated on February 24, 2020
Enter the Reveries: An Artistic Adventure Game

In the last couple of years, mobile games have flourished in a way that players have started looking beyond the standard graphics and regular gameplays; thanks to games like Asphalt Xtreme, Another Eden, and Chroniric. So, to enthrall you with some new excitement, we are reviewing the Enter the Reveries app, an interactive action-adventure side-scrolling game (a game which can be viewed from a side-view camera angle) for the iOS platform.

In our Enter the Reveries app review, we will be focusing on the game interface, features, designing part, user experience and more.

About Enter the Reveries App

Enter the Reveries is a visually stunning new side-scrolling RPG game app (the player assumes the role of a character in a Role Playing Game) by Seagull Fish Entertainment. Its dynamic storyline is hand-illustrated in eight distinct art styles by one digital artist. Enter the Reveries combines the worlds of art and technology to create a fresh, new interactive artistic experience.

Even the app founder is in syn with our thoughts,

“Seagull Fish Entertainment was founded upon the fusion of art and technology; we believe that the future of art is interactive.”

Clumsies are the main characters you advance through the stages of the game. Hence, it is you guiding clumsies through an array of beautiful stages and dressing the characters up in enchanting Reveries. Then there are ancient relics to boost through the levels and the player can collect 120+ clowncards to discover and explore the mythology of Clowntown.

As if that weren’t enough, animated featurettes guide the player through the main storyline, with plenty of hidden secrets to keep the players glued for hours on end. A simple one-touch gameplay mechanic makes it easy for both seasoned mobile gamers and casual players to have a unique experience, and ever-expanding storylines ensure that no gamer will ever get bored.

This role-playing game is easy to play, but not all can master its strategies and gameplay techniques. The more you side scroll through the obstacles, the better will be the chances of survival.

So please enter the Reveries, the side-scrolling action RPG. The Melancholy is spreading as we speak, and if you don’t intervene, the plague of sadness will devour Clowntown whole.

How the Enter the Reveries Game Unfolds?

The detailed storyline of this role-playing game is weaved around ancient mythology and stacked with rich and colorful animations that culminate in a close hallucinogenic visual experience.

After picking a clumsy from the set of characters, the player can customize it with 32 ravishing reveries. The gothic appearance of the characters and the ancient storyline is crafted to hold the players for a long session at home.

The other exciting game character is Princess Trinket of the Whiteface Clan, who can be taken through the fairy-style kingdom of Pillow Place. The blend of chivalrous knights and fire-breathing dragons makes the kingdom compelling and dramatic.

Every character can be taken through eight different highly-illustrated digital districts. And each district withholds different art styles in terms of paper doll art, pixel graphics, photography, textures, comic book art, and more. The districts are wrapped in three stages and twenty-four levels for exploration.

While navigating through the land, the player unlocks collectible clown cards that further unlock the secrets of Clowntown. To achieve the goal, the player can call on ancient relics, as well.

Enter the Reveries App Subscription Plans

To steer clear of the storyline and mythology of Clowntown, the player needs to have shards and there is an option of in-app purchase for the same. The following are the options that the player can avail:

  • 1 Shard $0.99
  • 5 Shards $3.99
  • 10 Shards $6.99
  • 20 Shards $9.99

These shards can help the player to keep up with the game and he will never get bored.

MAD Verdict: Enter the Reveries App

Enter the Reveries is a perfect mix of art and technology that has culminated in a stimulating side-scrolling RPG game. The one-touch gameplay mechanic makes it easy for everyone. Also, the hand-illustrated in eight distinct art styles add on to its aura of modern mobile gaming experience, which creates a trippy visual spectacle for the player.

During the Enter the Reveries app review, we found everything in place, yet it’s too early to speculate on its long-term success. The players’ thoughts may differ in the game’s storyline or graphics. And only after extended playing hours, one can come to a conclusion.

We anticipate it as one of the best side scroller games for both fantasy sports players and action app lovers. It is our recommendation, the players try all the districts, judiciously.

In short, the game is an ultimate catch for someone who has all the interest to go deep into storylines, characters, and mythology.

Meenal  <span> Creative Lead </span>
Written By Meenal Creative Lead

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