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Apple Awarded App

by Eric Jones

October 09, 2017

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Idea Behind This App

Learning new languages is something that everyone finds interesting and enjoyable. Duolingo simplifies the process of learning a new, language with interesting and creative ways of learning. The app offers an endless number of languages to learn with ease and practice them on regular basis. Learning a new language could be very easy if the process is interactive and entertaining.

Duolingo gives an opportunity to learn different languages without paying a single penny. With the help app’s creative and entertaining ways of learning a language, you will be able to speak, read and write any language in weeks. Now, no more depending on the teachers or instructors to explore other languages.

  • Learn new languages for free !

    Duolingo opens the door to interesting learning for you

  • Learn new languages for free !
  • Duolingo opens the door to interesting learning for you

Duolingo is one of the most innovative apps that enables anyone to learn any foreign language. If you want to learn different languages but don't have enough time or money to spend Duolingo is the app you need. Along with the free learning, the mobile app also simplifies the learning into very entertaining tasks that don't let you get bored or quit in between.

You learn Spanish, French, German, Italian, Russian, Portuguese, Turkish, Dutch, Irish, Danish, Swedish, Ukrainian, Esperanto, Polish, Greek, Hungarian, Norwegian, Hebrew, Welsh and English and newly added languages Swahili and Romanian.

The app was also chosen as the Apple’s iPhone of the year.

Learn Spanish, French and 20+ languages with Duolingo

Key Features

Team up with friends or compete with them

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