Double Good App - Sell Popcorn and Raise Funds, Simply!

Heard about raising funds through popcorns? Sounds interesting, right! Meet Double Good, the online popcorn fundraisers.

Updated on February 26, 2021
Double Good App - Sell Popcorn and Raise Funds, Simply!

There is not a single industry that has remained untouched from COVID-19, so how could the nonprofit sector? Many organizations like Coinup, Simple Fund, Helpfreely, etc. have turned to virtual fundraising apps and live-streaming events as alternative strategies to traditional fundraising events. 

Virtual fundraising has been extremely challenging at the time of crisis, as you can’t meet your donors face-to-face, and it is tough to tell your story, asking for donations, finding new donors, and more. What changes have been adapted to the new normal? 

So far in 2020, 80% of donors preferred to donate online. The global pandemic has just aroused a trend that was already there. But this hasn’t stopped raising massive amounts for donations, while still keeping self-isolation rules. 

In fact, In 2020, the number of organizations planning a virtual event doubled. (Source: Wild Apricot)

One of many such leading fundraising platforms is Double Good that has continued to fundraise in economically uncertain times. In today's app review, we'll check an online fundraising platform that helps youth sports teams and organizations raising the funds they need to do what they cherish. 

Let’s get started with Double Good App Review.

What is Double Good App all about?

The Double Good app is one of the most popular fund-raising applications developed by Tim Heitmann. Since its inception in 2018, this Chicago-based virtual fundraising firm is helping thousands of people meet their financial needs. These monetary needs could be for a trip, a hospital surgery, competitions, or a uniform. Double Good app helps you with everything you sell, with 50% of everything you sell comes back to the team.
Double Good is today's one of the most inspiring virtual fundraising platforms that make delicious popcorn, that gives 50% of every purchase to a cause. That's Double Good Simply!

Looking for a way to help others in the community? Set up a Double Good fundraiser, invite your network, and raise money for another Olympiad team, athlete gala, local food pantry, or need-based org. The app is really easy to use, you just download, create a profile, and start a fundraising initiative. The interface is very easy to interpret, user-friendly and professional.

The Double Good’s Story 

Launched in 1998 as a popcorn company, Double Good expanded to digital fundraising in 2015 with the goal of empowering kids, coaches, and parents to do more of what they love. In 2018, the virtual fundraising app was launched, simplifying the process even further. Till now, Double Good has helped organizations raise over 90 million dollars.

The Double Good popcorn company in Burr Ridge offers tasty flavors of gourmet popcorn with fun names like Easy Peasy Caramel Cheesy or In Queso Fire, which blends cheddar cheese, garlic, and jalapenos. 

We’re about creating more joy in people’s lives.

~ Tim Heitmann, Founder and CEO

How Double Good App Works?

Setting up Double good is really easy.

One Organizer creates a Pop-Up Store for your social cause.

1. Download the app

double good download

The Double Good app is available on the App Store or Google Play Store. Go to Double Good Virtual Fundraising or download the Double Good app.

2. Schedule your event

double good app- schedule your event

You can select the date and time, organizers schedule a 4-days fundraising campaign on the Double Good app. 

3. Share the event code

Once the event is scheduled, you’ll receive a 6-letter event code to share with your team so they can join and participate in your fundraising event. The event is shared with the fundraiser participants, each of whom creates a pop-up store. 

4. 4-Days Fundraising events

Everyone has 4 days to sell - 100% online, via email, social media, or text. 

5. Set up your payout

Organizers can set up the mode of receiving funds. Normally, it takes a couple of weeks to get the funds transferred from the date your event ends, and are distributed via direct deposit or cheque into the team’s account.

6. And, you’re done! 

Double Good delivers straight to your supporters. 50% of everything you sell comes back to the team.

double good app -fundraising event details

5 Reasons Why Double Good is the Best Fundraising App

Double Good has always endeavored to simplify fundraising for sports teams, school clubs, and activities. With so many sweet and salty features, Double Good has dozens of recipes, selling 16+ gourmet flavors at a time.

1. 100% Virtual  

Double good is a completely virtual fundraising platform, which required absolutely no paperwork to fill out. This fundraising app provides an in app payment facility with no physical products to distribute. You can raise funds from anywhere in the US. 

2. Simplest platform to raise funds

Double Good is 100% online. They pop, pack and ship all orders right to the fundraiser supporter. They ship anywhere in the USA. That means there's no product for you to handle or money you need to collect. Double Good is 100% contactless making it the safest and simplest way to fundraise!

3. No fees or minimums to meet

Double Good is one of the most flexible crowdfunding sites. It requires no deadlines or minimum goals in order to receive a payout. 

4. Get Paid Quickly

Fundraising events are four days long. Like GoFundMe, Double Good also lets you raise money for whatever you want. From covering medical expenses to funding a local sports team, Double Good helps you get your payout faster.

5. No Product responsibility 

The Double Good team takes care of every process from scratch. It pops, packs and ships all orders right to the supporter, anywhere in the USA. You don't have to distribute products or collect money, everything is managed by the Double Good team.

What’s groovy about Double Good?

Double Good has helped organizations raise over 90 million dollars to date. Isn’t it amazing?

The Double Good app protects user data by passing through encrypted servers to protect the privacy of all the users. The commitment to user privacy is what makes the Double Good app one of the best fundraising platforms, 

Additionally, it offers ultra-premium popcorn, 50% profit, and a completely virtual 4-day fundraising experience. There’s no product to distribute, cash to collect, and zero doorbells you have to ring. 

Hits and Strikes 


  • Create a fundraising event for you and your team.
  • Open your own Pop-Up Store.
  • Sell delicious gourmet popcorn.
  • Earn 50% of everything you sell.
  • User-friendly app interface
  • Simple Setup
  • Easy navigation 
  • Available on Android and iOS.
  • Secure


  • Giving Services in the US only.

Double Good Ratings and Additional Information


  • Double Good app is free to use. 

MAD Ratings 

Design- 4.0 stars
Usability- 4.5 stars
Features- 4.5 stars
Reliability- 4.2 stars

Our Verdict

The Double Good app is the best app in the domain that removes the headache of traditional fundraising by helping organizers raise more money in less effort. This virtual fundraising platform lets you create your own pop-up stores, providing a smarter, and easier way to virtually fundraise with your team.

In this Double Good App Review, what we loved the most is its flexibility. You can schedule your event with no paperwork, no cash to collect, and no product to distribute. Fundraising can be easily done from anywhere in the US. So, get the Double Good download on your smartphone and spread goodness, create joy. 

If you have one such wonderful app like Double Good. You can also get your app reviewed by us and let your app reach millions with MobileAppDaily. Feel free to share your views, we would love to hear from you.

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