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Dead Chronicles-

Zombie Apocalypse Game

by Vikram Khajuria

May 30, 2018

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Dead Chronicles

Idea Behind This App

Zombie is one such topic on which you must have seen TV series movies, documentaries, and much more. But lately, the craze behind zombies have taken over the mobile app world and we have seen many such game apps which involved the culmination of whole of the zombie clan.

The app that I am going to review is also based on the Zombie theme. The graphics of the game is set in the retro style and is full of adventure. From the living room of your home to the shopping center and from bloody streets to a hospital, explore various indoor and outdoor locations. The mission objective remains same throughout the game, eliminate the zombies.

Other such apps on the mobile app stores are Dead Effect 2, Dead Trigger 2, Into the Dead 2, Plants vs Zombies 2, and many more. All these apps are good and promise to offer some fun time to you. But the thing that makes this game apart from other zombie games is the fact that you also have to solve small mini-games to come out alive from the apocalypse.

  • Get on the street and show no mercy

    Grab your gear and crush the zombies

  • Get on the street and show no mercy
  • Grab your gear and crush the zombies

Dead Chronicle is all about the zombie invasion and the next thing that you will find is people running on the streets and are on the killing spree. You as a player has to find weapons for you and fight for your survival.

Initially, you will witness unprecedented infection that has affected the entire planet. Everything is in mess and the last thing you saw on your television screen was a zombie apocalypse. You slowly run out of all the needful items and the only option remains is to fight the dead. You have to make your way with tactical gear and a wide range of weapons like pistols, shotguns, rifles.

The game has the following modes:

Story mode: Escape the city of Leylip, 3 chapters, each chapter of 12 stages. You can also accomplish various achievements in each stage. Grab all of them and get your hands on free weapons.

Survival mode: You have to resist and fight the army of undead. After every chapter, the streak of zombie multiplies and so does your strength, You just need to unlock every weapon and every room in the abandoned warehouse.

Unleash your killer instinct on the unending zombies

Warz mode: Warz mode comes with community objectives and you have very limited time. Try to do the weekly mission (killing zombies, looking for supplies or saving survivors) with other players and get lots of prizes if the objective is done. Even for playing the same, you are rewarded.

To make your character stronger, you have to improve his skills, which will ultimately make the character faster, stronger, and more resistant to the zombie attack. Otherwise, you can also buy powerful weapons and increase their destructive capacity while making the advancements.

The game is available on Google Play Store and App Store as well.

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