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DEAD 2048-

Puzzle Tower Defense

by Neha Baluni

February 02, 2018

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DEAD 2048

Idea Behind This App

The world is moving at a fast pace and we have now reached to the year 2048. The technology is growing simultaneously as an effect of which the zombies have taken over the world in order to destroy it continuously. 

The responsibility of saving the world has been given to the players and they need to survive the invasion of zombie waves. The gameplay features the innovation & an addictive combination of 2048 puzzle fun factor along with tower defense mechanism. The players need to build towers to defend zombies along with constructing a biological laboratory in order to save the world from them. The game is all about the survival and the players need to use their skills in order to remain in the game for longer, they also need to fight against zombies by using their exceptional powers and win the game in order to save the world.

  • A pocket gamer full of exciting features

    Interesting power defense mode offers additional excitement

  • A pocket gamer full of exciting features
  • Interesting power defense mode offers additional excitement

To lead the race successfully against zombies, players can swipe diagonally up or down and to the right and left as well. These moves help players shift the defense towers from a position to another. In case, two towers having same number touch each other they collide in order to merge into one. Players need to be really careful while moving their towers from a direction to another.

One way to survive is to build the tower as high as possible in order to survive against Zombie Waves coming along the fence road towards the users. There are a series of upgrades along with a number of helpful items that help players survive successfully while playing against the challenges. Just creating towers is not all that will help players to win the game, they need to create 131072 Defense Tower i.e. Biological Laboratory in order to win the game.

World’s first-ever 2048 tower defense game

The players who love to play 2048 free games, or like to play the games having Zombie theme or the ones who are fan of tower defense game are sure to love this amazing puzzle game too. Dead 2048 has been designed in order to provide an amazing experience to the users that make it worth to play the game and spend the time the right way.

The basic idea of Dead 2048 puzzle game is to offer a core gameplay mode to the users. The players can earn additional points in order to level up the game by watching ads. It gives a free path to the users, which makes it easy for them to survive in the game easily. This is also a way to get early updates. The gameplay is equally exciting for teens and those who love play puzzle games.  

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