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Dayzz: Your Personalized Sleep Trainer

As per a research, Over 51% of adults worldwide don’t get enough 7 hours of sleep

Updated on May 29, 2020
Dayzz: Your Personalized Sleep Trainer

We all feel better after a good night’s sleep. But, sleep is more than just waking up in the morning feeling refreshed and getting ready to face the day. It also affects our physical health, performance throughout the day, and mental health of course.

If you want to get good and healthy sleep then we have an app just designed for you that will get you back on track and you will never have to feel lousy again, we are talking about Dayzz sleep cycle app, which will be your personal, pocket-sized sleep trainer forever.

There are several apps that can briskly analyze your sleeping patterns and are formulated to help you have a balanced sleep cycle. These sleep tracker apps can be your companion which assesses your sleeping habits and Dayzz app is one of them.

What Is Dayzz Sleep Training Progress App All About?

Developed in July 2017 by Amir Inditzy, Dayzz is an Israeli startup and a  sleep training app which provides personalized sleep training plans based on big-data analysis,

This innovative mobile sleep app customized to the needs and progress of its users. As stated by Prof. Giora Pillar, Scientific Advisor, Dayzz

“Utilizing the Dayzz application may increase people's awareness and understanding of sleep disorders, and substantially help them in solving their problems and improve their quality and quantity of sleep.”

Get your sleep back on track by completing Dayzz’s 4 sleep training domains: days, nights, environment, and mind. Using smart monitoring devices, mobile behavior technology, and a unique sleep assessment questionnaire assembled by world-leading sleep experts, Dayzz sleep app matches users with a training plan tailored to their specific sleep issues, lifestyle, and sleep goals.

Approximately, 50-70 million Americans live with a sleep disorder. The digital platform provides a complete and easy-to-use solution that trains the individual, following up and ensuring progress, taking into consideration more than just the individual’s nights.

Dayzz App

How Does Dayzz Sleep App Work?

1. Answer a few short questions: Master new skills, track your sleep training progress and view your sleep patterns. As you train, your sleep plan will adapt to your specific sleep needs.

2. Get a personal plan: Your plan is completely personalized as per your schedule, Dayzz is one of the best apps to help you keep pace with your mental health through sleep.

3. Get constant support: As you improve your sleep, you’ll enjoy fun tips and daily reminders. With this sleep training app, getting a good night’s sleep is no longer a distant dream!

What Are The Training Domains Provided By Dayzz App?

1. Days: You’ll get constant guidance to improve your sleep hygiene and develop daytime habits, which are conducive to sleep, such as limiting your caffeine and alcohol consumption. Also, it provides you with customized exercises to get your sleep cycle back on track.

2. Nights: The app will guide you towards a new sleep schedule that’s personalized just for you, and help you stick to it with a regular bedtime routine. You’ll get a personal sleep diary and customized sleep tips to ease snoring and improve your breathing throughout the night.

3. Environment: Dayzz helps you optimize your sleep space for a good night’s sleep, managing temperature, light, noise, and more, and provide you with tools such as white noise to mask sounds that might interfere with your sleep.

4. Mind: As mindfulness is an integral part of getting quality sleep, Dayzz mobile app uses breathing exercises and relaxation techniques, such as guided meditations and progressive muscle relaxation to help you reduce stress and enter a state of mind that will encourage better sleep.

How Can A Sleep App Like Dayzz Be Beneficial?

Lack of sleep can impact your physical as well as mental well being and impact your whole day. According to a statistic by the National Center For Biotechnology Information, only 40% of the people aged between 40-59 are getting less than recommended sleeping hours.

With apps like Dayzz, your sleep cycle is well focused and backed with scientific research that corrects your sleeping pattern with advanced technologies and training plans.

Key Features Of Dayzz Sleep Pattern App

The app briefly learns your sleep pattern and follows clinical protocols. Not only this the app is used in psychological testing done by Dayzz sleep cycle app can support people who are diagnosed with Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OPA). Let's take a brief look at the features of Dayzz sleep training app:

  • Get a comprehensive assessment of your sleep

With this feature, you can know different stages of the sleep cycle and get a personalized sleeping plan which will help you stay healthy. With a properly validated sleep questionnaire let the app take the correct assessment of your sleep with a smart algorithm.

  • Connect your Fitbit activity tracker to get auto sleep data

All your data can be effectively synced once you have connected this sleep cycle app with your smart device. After connecting it successfully, Dayzz will record your every pattern to formulate the right plan for you.

  • Improve your sleep with a personal training plan

The app lays out a challenging sleep path for you which you are required to follow to get in track of the right sleeping habits. As soon as you adhere to the guidelines, the app will provide new sleeping plans.

  • Use white noise to mask unwanted sounds during sleep

Soothing sounds can help you sleep and calm your brain down, these sounds are created in a meticulous way which releases anxiety and helps you sleep peacefully.

  • Practice relaxation to ease your mind before bedtime

For better sleep, keeping your body active is highly important and you can follow certain techniques like meditation and progressive muscle relaxation which will help you sleep better.

The app emphasizes the importance of quality sleep to improve health and overall quality of life.
Fall asleep fast, stay asleep, and wake up more energized than ever.

Why Do You Need Dayzz App

Dayzz app can facilitate sleeping in every possible way. With this mobile application, you can practice techniques that can relax your mind, body, and soul. Sleeping is essential and not taking good sleep can cause you many problems. But with Dayzz you can fall asleep and improve the quality of your sleep.

Backed by science, Dayzz has worked together with world-leading sleep experts to tackle sleep disorders. The Israeli Innovation Authority (IIA) has granted Dayzz to support R&D and product validation.

dayzz app review

MAD Verdict: Dayzz App Review

Sleep is a cornerstone of good health and Dayzz app is right here to prove exactly the same. With only one goal that is to help you sleep better and feel refreshed the app uses big-data based algorithms to formulate a personalized plan for you by noticing your behavioral characteristics.

This sleep assessment platform is one of a kind, working together with leading experts to create an advanced sleep training program. Not only this, but the app also focuses on the health of employees working in an organization and provides a chance to be healthy and focus on things better.

So, sleep your heart out with the Dayzz app and let us know in the comment section down below if you liked this app and read our descriptive app reviews to know what mobile applications are setting a benchmark.

Written By Pallavi

She is an avid writer of technology and trending mobile apps. When she is not busy updating you about the tech world, she spends time reading books and playing guitar.

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