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dayzz App Review Sleep better with dayzz

Improve your sleep and stay relaxed.

Updated on January 01, 2019
dayzz App Review Sleep better with dayzz

We all feel better after a good night’s sleep. But, there’s more to sleep than just waking up in the morning feeling refreshed and ready to face the day. It also affects our physical health, the functioning of our brain, our performance throughout the day, and the ability to keep ourselves safe.

If you are tired of feeling tired, this app is for you. Meet dayzz, your personal, pocket-sized sleep trainer. This sleep training app is an innovative mobile sleep app providing personalized sleep training plans based on big-data analysis, customized to the needs and progress of its users.

Get your sleep back on track by completing dayzz’s 4 sleep training domains: days, nights, environment, and mind. Using smart monitoring devices, mobile behavior technology, and a unique sleep assessment questionnaire assembled by world-leading sleep experts, dayzz sleep app matches users with a training plan tailored to their specific sleep issues, lifestyle, and sleep goals.

As stated by the app developer, “There is a rising awareness that lack of sleep is extremely detrimental to overall health. We are also aware that people may have more than one sleep issue, and that sleep is affected by more than just our nights.”

Approximately, 50-70 million Americans live with a sleep disorder, yet most go undiagnosed. The digital platform provides a complete and easy-to-use solution that trains the individual, following up and ensuring progress, taking into consideration more than just the individual’s nights.

How Does dayzz Sleep App Work?

1. Answer a few short questions: Master new skills, track your sleep training progress and view your sleep patterns. As you train, your sleep plan will adapt to your specific sleep needs.

2. Get a personal plan: Master new skills, track your sleep training progress and view your sleep patterns. As you train, your sleep plan will adapt to your specific sleep needs.

3. Get constant support: As you improve your sleep, you’ll enjoy fun tips and daily reminders. With this sleep training app, getting a good night’s sleep is no longer a distant dream!

What's it like to improve sleep using dayzz's training domains?

1. Days: You’ll get constant guidance to improve your sleep hygiene and develop daytime habits, which are conducive to sleep, such as limiting your caffeine and alcohol consumption. Also, it provides you with customized exercises to get your sleep cycle back on track.

2. Nights: The app will guide you towards a new sleep schedule that’s personalized just for you, and help you stick to it with a regular bedtime routine. You’ll get a personal sleep diary and customized sleep tips to ease snoring and improve your breathing throughout the night.

3. Environment: dayzz help you optimize your sleep space for a good night’s sleep, managing temperature, light, noise, and more, and provide you with tools such as white noise to mask sounds that might interfere with your sleep.

4. Mind: As mindfulness is an integral part of getting quality sleep, dayzz mobile app use breathing exercises and relaxation techniques, such as guided meditations and progressive muscle relaxation to help you reduce stress and enter a state of mind that will encourage better sleep.

Key Features 

  1. Get a comprehensive assessment of your sleep
  2. Connect your Fitbit activity tracker to get auto sleep data 
  3. Improve your sleep with a personal training plan 
  4. View your sleep trends and track your progress
  5. Use white noise to mask unwanted sounds during sleep 
  6. Practice relaxation to ease your mind before bedtime 

The app emphasizes the importance of quality sleep to improve health and overall quality of life.

Fall asleep fast, stay asleep, and wake up more energized than ever.

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