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Clockwise Smart Alarm-

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by Eric Jones

October 09, 2017

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Clockwise Smart Alarm

Idea Behind This App

Despite living in the time where technology has revolutionized almost everything we are still stuck with traditional alarming apps. Clockwise Smart Alarm app is designed to smartly assist by enabling additional features that help you to wake up easier. The advanced level of functionality makes the app ideal alarm app that helps in leaving the dreamland.

Most of the alarm apps fail to wake up the user at the destined time due to limited ways of alarming options. To overcome the old and boring modes of alarm Clockwise Smart Alarm app gives a wide variety of choices to the user in order to set the alarm. With the help of the mobile app, you can set alarms with widgets, called module and custom content from any website and source.

  • Clockwise is more than just an alarm app!

    It is your companion to manage the whole day effectively

  • Clockwise is more than just an alarm app!
  • It is your companion to manage the whole day effectively

Clockwise is a smart clock app with all the regular features that are available in any ordinary alarm app. The app contains a number of features that make it the most advanced level of the alarming app among. You can add any widget to your alarm or attach any content from your favorite website or any source. The app lets you select any voice among the given narrators that will speak up your content with the alarm. You can also select the pitch and tone of the voice narrator from loud to quiet.

There are some other cool features too such as quick snooze and wise play. The snooze option let you snooze the alarm just by putting your hand on the screen of the phone. With the help of wise play, you can set time for the app to wait until it speaks up your content without even touching the phone.

There are many modules you can customize and add to each alarm. Here are the current available modules:

Get the local weather report in your area

Hear the travel time between two set destinations
Use Google to search for custom destinations

Wise Wake
Clockwise will wake you up as much as an hour early if your area is experiencing bad weather

This Day in History
Hear about what happened in history on the current day

Fun Fact
Learn a new and interesting fun fact for the day

Choose from a set of Google News categories to hear the latest news posts

Listen to the top Reddit posts for a particular feed

Listen to the top Twitter posts for a certain username

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Find out how many days it will take for an event to happen

Create and listen to your checklist of items for the day

Quote of the Day
Hear a new and inspiring quote for the day

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