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Clean Master Lite-

For Low-End Phone

by Neha Baluni

February 27, 2018

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Clean Master Lite

Idea Behind This App

It is one of the most common problems many of us face every day. Our phone becomes junk storage more than anything else. And, we really can’t help it out. However, we can install Clean Master Lite to make the device junk free, cleaner and a lot faster than it is usually. 

The app offers a number of benefits that are more than important for every smartphone user. Clean Master Lite is your smartphone cleaning application that keeps your phone protected from the viruses.

Clean Master Lite is a light version application that takes care of all your smartphones’ safety requirements. The app suits effectively to the phones with memory less than 1.25 GB. The app’s ability to accelerate the device takes it to the category of one of the most exceptional junk cleaning apps. The safe cleaning engine is effective and helps you to keep your device free from the virus with full device scanning in order to improve your phone performance to the best.

  • A lighter version app

    Extends battery life up to 60%

  • A lighter version app
  • Extends battery life up to 60%

The app also seems to work exceptionally well in case you are running out of space with your device storage. All that you need to do is to install this lighter version junk cleaning application in order to free up the storage space for the users. Thus, they can add more memories (in the form of pictures and videos on the device) in their smartphones. This special light version of the app has been designed to suit specifically to the safety-related requirements in a mobile device.

In addition to providing security to your smartphones, Clean Master Lite additionally takes care of deleting cache files, ad junk file, as well as residual junk files (of course after you, will command the same). The phone-boost-feature keeps your device’s performance up to date and helps to free up memory (RAM) helping the users save more battery life. The app has also an inbuilt battery saver feature, which analyzes battery status time-to-time. It saves additional battery by hibernating applications running in the background. With this amazing feature, you can save additional battery by closing the apps that waste lots of power. Keeping an extended battery life was never so easier.   

#1 Antivirus engine rated  by AV-Test

Antivirus scanning is another exceptional feature that is truly amazing to keep the device safe from vulnerabilities, virus, and trojans. This helps to keep the device safe by protecting personal information on your device. The junk files can be deleted manually by the users from device’s storage and cache from settings→ apps. But the task is quite tedious, especially for a non-technical user. So, it is better to opt for automatic junk file removal feature.

However, it is important to be careful while deleting the junk files as you may lose your important document in the procedure. For the same reason, it is important to have a look at the files you consider junk prior to deleting them forever from your storage space. This lighter version application is far better than the standard one as it offers some of the best functionalities. Thus, Clean Master is really impressive provided you want an app that takes extremely good care of junk cleaning.

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