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Car Launcher Pro-

Dashboard Car Mode App

by Akash Singh Chauhan

January 22, 2018

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Car Launcher Pro

Idea Behind This App

The smartphones with the invention of apps did things that were almost impossible at a certain of a point in time in the past. That’s why in order to praise the change there is another launcher in the Google Play Store that is handcrafted especially for the car driving period.

The launcher is designed in such a way that it eases the use of Android smartphone while on the way. The Car Launcher Pro not only provides the convenient way to interact with the phone but also measures the passable distance covered by you via car. The app can be used on smartphones, smart pads, and devices running on Android. 

With the help of the app, you can set the launcher to open just by clicking the main home screen. You can also manage the app and customize them on the screens accordingly so you can access them instantly. The app gives an opportunity to add a number of applications on the principal screen. In addition to this, it also shows you all the details such as distance covered, speed and other parameters of every trip. If you feel that using a smartphone is a bit of a hustle while you are in the car then it's time to install Car Launcher Pro. 

  • Makes things easy and instantly accessible with single touch

    See how much you have traveled and other parameters

  • Makes things easy and instantly accessible with single touch
  • See how much you have traveled and other parameters

The Car Launcher Pro is the topmost Android app in the entire Google Play store that is known for its endless number of features. The functionality of the app that differs it from other available launcher is the combination of both launcher program and trip parameters measuring option. Apart from being a unique launcher, the Car Launcher Pro let you explore the different parameters of every trip within the app. 

The trip menu option Displays the current speed, the passable distance, average rate, the general operating time, maximum speed, and acceleration from 0 km/h to 60 km/h, 0 km/h to 100 km/h, 0 km/h to 150 km/h. You can also prioritize the time for displaying details for each of the parameters for a trip, for today, in a week, in a month, during all the time.

Best Android Launcher for car trips in the Play Store

Along with the trip details and additional theme for the launcher you will get the “number options” that you could use to customize the app’s default setting. If internet connection is available the principal screen will display the weather information. The app will also keep you updated with your real-time location on the map. In case, you prefer to change the color of the wallpaper or add any different wallpaper the app lets you do that. The app enabled the automatic brightness control setting to adjust the brightness automatically. The list did not end here, the Car Launcher Prom comprises countless features including support for system widgets, support for an additional number of screens and much more. 


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