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by Akash Singh Chauhan

February 03, 2018

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Idea Behind This App

Recently, the dating apps have gained so much of popularity and enabling people to find their true one. From Tinder to OKcupid, there are many apps having millions of user that are using their service to acquire their match. These apps directly serve as the communication channel among the people relying on technology to find their partner. However, none of these apps thought that this process could be more creative and secured. 

Bumble is also a dating service but is very much different from the other matchmaking applications. It became quite popular since its launch due to its unique features and services. To make dating, a trustful and secured process for women's, the Bumble introduced a new style of dating. In Bumble app, only women can make the first move, or you can say, chat can only be initiated by females only.

However, it is not the only feature of Bumble that makes its one of a kind dating platform.

  • The most-secured dating app ever

    No more worries with Bumble app

  • The most-secured dating app ever
  • No more worries with Bumble app

It took the initiative to change the usual process of dating with its creative ideas. The platform successfully delivers an authentic and secured atmosphere to the women's while searching for their dating partner. The app is helping millions of people to build their relationship on trust and honesty.

The matching service is among the top most dating applications available across the globe. Bumble opens up a new path to explore more opportunities while searching for your partner. The one thing that distinguishes it from its rivals is the women empowerment, giving women the power of taking the first step. The control over the initiation saves women from any abuse or potential web threat.

Bumble is just an app, but it's changing the discussion

Bumble BFF is another service that aims to provide the perfect match for your friendship. In case, you are new in town or looking to meet some new people of your kind; the Bumble BFF will help you in finding a new buddy. It makes the Bumble app much different and attractive than others. It values other relationships also, rather than just focusing on one.

To help you with your professional growth, the app offers Bumble Bizz. It enables the users to create their professional profile and enlarge their circle. With the help of Bumble Bizz, get into the real business, build a more extensive network, find mentors and hunt better opportunities.


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