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Apple Music-

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by Akash Singh Chauhan

February 09, 2018

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Apple Music

Idea Behind This App

The smartphones are the most common device nowadays, and we all aware of its power. These mobile phones serve multiple purposes but there is one functionality that comes with its core features that are playing music. 

Among all the smartphone users most of them are music addict and carry their phone always to enjoy their favorite audio. Initially, the music was available in the local storage of the devices so we have to transfer the song to the phones. However, the technology has also evolved this functionality too, as now you can easily play the song from endless collections using the apps via an internet connection. In order to give the best service, Apple introduced its Apple Music app for the iOS users to enjoy music on their iOS devices seamlessly. 

Apple Music is the best app you can install on your iPhone, iPad on any other iOS device to get the best music experience. The best reason to choose the app is that it is created by the Apple itself so there is no question of the authenticity. In addition, it offers all the features that will enhance your music listening experience.

  • Not just listen, enjoy the music

    Explore new music styles

  • Not just listen, enjoy the music
  • Explore new music styles

Apple launched the Apple Music with the aim to upgrade the iOS user's music experience by adding new services and facilities. The app is all in one, whether you want to listen to the top trends or looking for particular symphony you will find everything.

The basic standard subscription to the app comes at the cost of $9.99/month for a single device. The family subscription will cost you $14.99 and you can use the app in maximum 6 devices. The app also offers few days free trial before asking to pay for the subscription. By purchasing the app’s subscription you can listen to music from the 45 million and still growing song collection of the Apple Music. Along with this the app also syncs with your music library and let you play all the locally stored songs.

More than 45 million  songs

The app is divided into the six parts and you will be switching between in these parts to feed your music hunger. The very first part is the ‘For You’ section, here the app will suggest you the music that it thinks you will enjoy. Most of the song suggestions will be based on your interest and the playlist history. The next in the line is ‘New’ and ‘Radio’ that delivers the latest music and popular Beats 1 radio stations with 24-hour music respectively. The last three are ‘Connected’ and Playlist & My Music.

Apple has put so much effort into the app to make sure that users enjoy the music without any issue. Back in November 2016, Apple launched the Apple Music app for Android.

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