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ADSS Trading App

by Vikram Khajuria

October 05, 2018

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ADSS Trading App

Idea Behind This App

The business world is too active right now, and no one can predict the change that could influence the world overnight. The finance market has become more sensitive with the advancement of technology, and everyone needs to be updated. For marketers and investors, ADSS LLC introduced a platform based on OREX to keep them in the game. The ADSS app comes with a simple user interface and effective features for traders. ADSS app offers the wide variety of functionalities for easily making trades in the CFD market. With the help ADSS app, you will not only be able to track the opening and closing status of the market but also allowed control your assets effectively. Now, keep yourself updated with the recent happening in the FX and CFD markets anywhere and anytime without any issue.

Comparing to the other apps available in the Google Play Store, ADSS OREX app is capable of handling the multi-assets for the traders to control everything at a single place conveniently. Besides, you can trade over 90 currency pairs and more than 1000 CFDs from any location across the globe.


  • Get every detail of the market at a single place

    Keep close eyes on your interested stocks and potential investments

  • Get every detail of the market at a single place
  • Keep close eyes on your interested stocks and potential investments

I understand the trouble of keeping up with the latest market status and getting yourself ready for immediate trading opportunities. Most of the apps are unable to manage multiple assets at one time that lead to missing right chance to double your investment. However, ADSS is designed and developed while keeping the user convenience in mind. You just need to open the app, set up your account and start trading in few minutes by getting connected to the leading stocks and prices in the market. The OREX powered mobile app makes it possible to carry the whole CFD market in your pocket and access it anytime. The ADSS app offers the access to world's leading and prominent financial instruments and currencies including S&P 500, EUR/USD, USD/JPY, GBP/USD, Gold, Oil,  and much more.

ADSS app’s features don't end here, the app continuously delivers the Live updates on share prices and status of other assets depending upon your investments. With the help of this app you will be able to trade among the popular assets seamlessly. You will get access to more than 90 currency pairs, trading facility over CFD and FX including Forex, Indices, and Single Stocks. Your can successfully trade on gold, silver, platinum, palladium and cryptocurrencies and trade various cryptocurrencies

Keep one step ahead to assure your assets growth

ADSS app offers the technical analysis over different assets along with open and close position screen to track the prices everyday. Your can Use the product selector to known about the interested assets with detailed information, and you can also leverage the search & watchlist. In-depth graphical representation is available to get the presie stats. Your amount withdrawal/deposit is just one button away in the app. Besides, there is a personalized notification center to keep you posted about any opportunity and latest happening.

So, if you haven't tried ADSS Trading App yet, then go now and download it on your Android device or iPhone to experience the hassle free trading experience.

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