Amazon shuts down DP Review, the leading camera review site, after 25 years of operation

Amazon will be shutting down DP Review, the leading camera review site, after 25 years of operation. This decision has been taken as part of the latest round of job cuts at Amazon.

Amazon shuts down DP Review

After 25 years of providing detailed reviews of digital cameras and accessories, DPReview, the go-to camera review site, is being shut down by Amazon. 

The site, founded in 1998 in England, was bought by Amazon in 2007 and was known for its extensive, objective testing and fair reviews of even minor models. DPReview's back catalog of camera reviews and specs was an incredible resource for many photographers, including myself. 

Despite standalone digital cameras' rise and fall in popularity, the enthusiast and professional market remains strong, and cameras themselves have gotten incredibly good. There’s never been a better time to buy a camera, and DPReview was the best site to help you choose one. 

Unfortunately, Amazon never really found a way to capitalize on this one-of-a-kind asset, and DPReview was laid off entirely as part of the latest round of cuts at Amazon. It’s hard not to see the missed opportunities that present themselves when you own one of the world’s leading expert voices in a major category. 

DPReview is hardly the first media property to get the axe during these turbulent times, but it is surely one of the oldest and most unique. Here’s hoping the talented and knowledgeable team lands on its feet and Amazon comes to regret its decision.

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