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How to A/B Test Your App Store Page Creatives to Improve Conversion Rate in 2021?

A/B testing (otherwise called bucket/split testing) is the way to look at two versions of an app or website page against each other, to figure out which performs better.

A/B Test Your App Store Page

More than 2.5 million applications are available today, which is why it is becoming very difficult to get hits and downloads for the app. In case your application has not been featured by editors of Google and Apple Play store, the best way to get users is via organic traffic.

What happens when people enter the store to get your mobile application? What are visitors doing from the minute they come via a marketing campaign connection to the moment they hit or drop off the 'Install' button?

Understanding how visitors go to your app store page and collaborate with its content assists you optimize it in order to increase the conversion rate of your mobile app. In this article, we are describing the advanced visitor behavior analytics and A/B testing for conversion optimization techniques for mobile apps which helps to increase the conversion rate easily. 

We will help you learn how to increase app product page conversion rate, optimize marketing activities and improve their app store visual assets via different A/B testing.

App Store Optimization (ASO) is a fast becoming topic among various brands with their own application, or with strategies to launch one in the future. 

It is the way toward optimizing mobile apps to rank higher in the application store's indexed lists. The higher your application positions, the higher the visibility you will get among your customers. 

What is A/B Testing?

A/B testing (otherwise called bucket/split testing) is the way toward looking at two versions of an app or website page against each other, to figure out which performs better. 

It's basically an analysis where two or more versions of a page are shown to the users instantly. They function naturally, not known to the testing, enabling you to know which works better for a given conversion objective. Well-developed A/B tests have been known to improve the conversion and increase it by 30%.

 How Does A/B Testing Work

Although A/B testing mainly focuses on improving conversion rates, its benefits and advantages far outperform conversion optimization. 

It gives profitable insights of knowledge into your marketing campaigns, assesses engagement/user experience and audience segments, and evaluates the productivity of new traffic mediums. 

Also, publishers can see if they require to change the positioning of their product. 
Planning A/B testing is essential to achieving exact outcomes. Testing removes the assumption work from your optimization methodology. Accordingly, you derive data-informed decisions that move business conversations from 'we think' to 'we know'. 

You can also take a look at the A/B testing tools to conduct tests and analysis better.

Why Is It Essential to Consider your Target Customer? 

The most important thing for your app is a target persona. They are your optimal customers and prospects that you are planning to attract with your marketing campaigns and app conversion techniques. 

You cannot have a successful app without them. A/B testing figures out what your users need. 
Optimization of video, screenshots, and icon will provide you a better chance to increase conversion, and a big number of organic downloads and also a better ROI in your acquisition.
Lead generation.

important thing for your app is a target persona
To help place particular things into viewpoint, imagine a user looking through many applications on the search page of the store. The icon or logo is often the first thing of your product that a user sees, you need it to be attractive and innovative. 

An A/B test can assist to figure out which icon you need would be most suitable for your target persona aiding your conversion rate.

Once you understand and learn the behavior and needs of your buyer, you will decide how to connect with them with your app!

A/B Testing Ways

There are different types of A/B testing ways, the best of which are:

different types of A/B testing ways


As of not long ago, there was no alternative to directly A/B test in the App Store. Apple just did not permit it. However, there is currently another feature on Apple Search Ads that enables the programmer to test different videos and screenshots. 

The testing is limited to factors such as orientation (horizontal or vertical), screenshots, videos, and order.


Testing on Google Play is very easy and any developer can do it. It should be done all the time and should be a part of your long term ASO methodology.

Within the Google Play console, you can test various parts of your store posting, while at the same time picking between a local test and a global test. The truth is out – Yes you can plan the audience percentage you would like to send every version to. The perfect part about it is that it is totally free.

For instance, my companion, Harry, and I are sitting in the same room and doing a test for the icon color. There is a potential that Harry will get a separate color icon than me. The amazing thing about it is that is occurring live inside the Google Play Store.


Another alternative is using third party companies that have created a way of imitating the A/B testing procedure and may help you with the desired outcomes you need. These 3rd party companies create what we in the business like to call a “squeeze page". 

This is the page created between the app store page and the user. This page is unique to the app store page so your user feels that they have come to the application store page.

But, when the user plans to click 'install' on this page, they will be diverted to the app store page. This will make some grating in the user's install funnel, because of the fact that the user will be astounded that the app has not started to download. Rather, to click install again they will be redirected to the app store page.

It is not free and is also not the optimal way to A/B test as well. When performing an A/B test on iOS, you require to pay double - once for the A/B test itself, which may go up to a big amount just for a single test.

Final Thoughts 

To be reasonable, A/B testing on iOS app has an advantage over the Play Store because you will get more insights and knowledge into your tests from these 3rd party companies. 

Consider these A/B testing possibilities and finally, you’ve to decide which suits your app store page creatives. Let us know which one suits you the most in the comments below.

And as usual, stay tuned with MobileAppDaily!

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