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PUBG Guide: Everything About The PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds

Here are the best beginners PUBG tips that will help you win Guide: Everything About The PlayerUnknown\'s Battlegrounds

With PUBG or PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds in the forefront, no wonder, the mobile gaming community has witnessed a sudden surge in the number of players. The Battle Royale game had a remarkable graph since its inception last year, and there is no stopping to it.

If you have just kick-started, you might be wondering if PUBG is a game for you and what all are the PUBG basics and PUBG beginner tips. So, considering the huge fan following of this remarkable mobile game, we have come up with an article, where we will be discussing every in and out of this game.

After going through this complete guide, you will be-be able to secure your first win, and in PUBG we say, “winner winner, chicken dinner.”

Let’s talk business.

PUBG Basic Guide

To start with, you must know that, PUBG belongs to the Battle Royale series and that means, whoever will be able to stand till last will be the winner. You land, you loot, you kill, and most importantly survive, and all these ingredients will make help you to bag ‘Chicken Dinner.” Make sure your PUBG strategy should be impeccable.

Also, the game offers you only one life. Once you are dead, you are dead; no hacks or tricks will work. So, know where to land and what to pick. 

You can play the game in different modes. It can be a solo, duo, or up to a four-player squad. If you wish to take it to another level, you can go for the solo queue into duos or squads.

PUBG game modes

Then comes the special game modes, which include WAR and is quite similar to special game modes. Besides, PUBG game developers extend special game modes from time to time.

The game starts with about 100 players ducked in a plane that starts from one point of the map to another. The players can pick their location of landing and accordingly jump out of the plane when the marked location’s distance is minimum from the plane. It will save you time and help you to land first. If you don’t jump on your own, you will be thrown out of the plane at the last possible landing location and then make your way to the nearest loot location. 

What after landing?

It’s the most critical and vital part of the game. The player needs to lay their hand on the nearest gun so that he can defend himself. Rest, loot can be carried out throughout the game.

PUBG loot material

Remember, shooting starts in a fraction of seconds after landing, so gear up with the gun and all other available material near the landing spot. Kill the enemy and make your way to the safe zone.

The safe zone (white circle) is the circle in which you are supposed to camp and roam around. After every interval, a blue electric field closes into the safe zone, contracting the safe circle to a smaller area. The players outside the safe zone will start experiencing health damage, and it increases as the game roll on.


PUBG mobile game has three maps, and the player can choose anyone. All the three PUBG maps have different graphics and terrains. So, it would be better if you grasp the in and out of these maps, as your whole game strategy will depend upon the map you select. Learning about the maps is the first step towards “Player Unknown Battlegrounds Beginner Guide.

The first map for you is…

1. Erangel

This map is the most played map in the PUBG game because of its landing point versatility and scope of loot. Erangel map includes mountains, towns, small cities, fields, small rivers, beaches, and the whole map is surrounded by the ocean. The map dimension stands to be 8×8 kilometers.

Erangel map

2. Miramar

The second map in the list is the Miramar. Due to some unknown reasons, this map is less popular than the Erangel. Miramar holds the look of more like a desert and is preferred to fight long distance battles link sniper battles. The whole map is a mixture of open mountains, small sheds, and a hint of some bushes here and there; after all, it’s more of a desert. Similar to Erangel, Miramar map is also spread into a radius of 8 kilometers.

Miramar map

3. Sanhok

Sanhok map wasn’t initially included at the first place, but this amazing map was included later with an update. The map is fit for close-quarter combats and keeps on your toes throughout the game. Sanhok map is weaved in the jungles with a thick layer of greenery. The map includes ruins, tropics, towns, and abandoned military complexes. The battle remains intense throughout the game due to its 4×4 kilometers.

Sanhok map

These maps have different loot locations and terrains, but one thing that stays common in all these maps are bike, cars, and jeeps. Though the model of vehicle do differ from map to map, but you will always have the wheels to travel.

Grasping an overview of the maps will help you to stay away from the common bloodbaths that happen on every map.

PUBG Gear Guide

The PUBG battle arena has various equipment that can help the player to last longer. The protective equipment includes a helmet, a vest, and a backpack.

  • Helmet: It protects the player’s head from a direct headshot and can help in withstanding the punches even.
  • Vest: The vest protects the vital organs of the player from the front as well as from the back.
  • Backpack: As the name suggests. The player stores all the stuff in the backpack. From ammo to health packs, the bag can handle it all.

All this PUBG equipment comes in a different level. Level one gear is the weakest while level two is a bit better, and the level three equipment is the strongest one.

PUBG Weapons

PUBG guns are the most sort after topic in most of the gaming communities, and you will get a lot of articles related to ‘Player Unknown Battlegrounds tutorial’ or ‘best PUBG tips,’ but without out the complete knowledge of weapons, you won’t be able to give your best in the game. 

We should be really thankful to the developers of the PlayerUnknown's Battleground multiplayer battle royale game for all the weapons that are made available in the mobile game. Irrespective of the map, you need to have a robust weapon to defend, as well as to attack the enemy.

There are many types of weapons available in the game. Right from pistols to submachine guns and from assault rifles to sniper rifles, the game has everything thing in it.

Following are the weapon categories that are available in the game:

1. Pistols

The list of pistol include:

  • Flare Gun: Used as a supply signal.
  • P18C: It’s an Austrian handgun with a full-auto mode.
  • P92: You can keep it with you, as it’s a modest handgun.
  • P1911: Old school gun, but worth keeping.
  • R1895: A Powerful revolver that loads 7.62 ammo.
  • R45: It’s an Italian-made modern 6-shot revolver.

PUBG pistols

2. Sub Machine Guns

The list of submachine guns includes:

  • Micro UZI: This submachine gun sprays the ammo in no time.
  • KRISS Vector: It’s a modern submachine gun with a delayed blowback system.
  • UMP9: Modern submachine gun and one of the best gun to pick.
  • Tommy Gun: Infinite ammo with a trench coat on.

PUBG Sub Machine Guns

3. Shotguns

The list of shotguns includes:

  • Sawed-Off: Break-open shotgun with a shortened barrel capable of firing two consecutive shots.
  • S12K: An effective shotgun.
  • S1897: A modest shotgun.
  • S686: Double barrel shotgun.

PUBG Shotguns

4. Assault Rifles

The list of assault rifles include:

  • AUG: Modern bullpup assault rifle.
  • M16A4: Burst fire assault rifle.
  • M416: A German masterpiece.
  • QBZ: Modern bullpup assault rifle.
  • SCAR-L: Modern assault rifle.
  • Beryl M762: Modern Polish assault rifle.
  • AKM: For comrades-in-arms.
  • Groza: Selective fire Russian bullpup assault rifle.
  • Mk47 Mutant: An excellent modern assault rifle with single and two-round burst fire modes.

PUBG Assault Rifles

5. Designated Marksman Rifles

The list of marksman rifles include:

  • VSS: It’s a suppressed sniper rifle.
  • Mini14: Semi-auto carbine.
  • QBU: Semi-auto bullpup designated marksman rifle.
  • SKS: Semi-auto Russian designated marksmen rifle.
  • SLR: A classic semi-automatic long rifle.
  • Mk14 EBR: It’s a fire designated marksmen rifle.

PUBG  Designated Marksman Rifles

6. Sniper Rifles

The list of sniper rifles include:

  • Win94: Lever action rifle.
  • Karabiner 98 Kurz: Vintage sniper rifle.
  • M24: Serviceable sniper rifle.
  • AWM: The best sniper rifle in every format of the game and it’s available in the air drops only.

PUBG Sniper Rifles

7. Light Machine Guns

The list of light machine guns include:

M249: As mentioned, it’s a light machine gun and holds a good repo among the gamers.
DP-28: Russian-made, inter-war era light machine gun.

PUBG Light Machine Guns

8. Throwables

The list of throwables include:

  • Apple: It’s available well before the game in the assembly area.
  • Smoke Grenade: When you need to smoke, use it.
  • Stun Grenade: Disorients a player for 5 seconds.
  • Molotov Cocktail: Highly flammable.
  • Frag Grenade: Can kill the enemy is used wisely.

PUBG  Throwables

9. Melee Weapons

The list of melee weapons include:

  • Punch: Standard Punch for knocking down the enemy.
  • Jumping Punch: Can punch while jumping.
  • Crowbar: Faithful shooter for every situation.
  • Machete: Typical weapon for slaughter.
  • Sickle: Good for injuring the enemy.
  • Pan: Don’t underestimate it. The pan can send the bullets out of the park and can save the player from severe damage.

PUBG Melee Weapons

PUBG Weapon Attachments

Any weapon is incomplete without its attachments, and PUBG game developers have taken care of this very fact. The PUBG guns can be equipped with a variety of attachments.

Attachments like scopes and quick draw magazine can well compliment the gun, but not every attachment is compatible with all the guns. Therefore, you need to have multiple attachments for different guns.

If you are using M416 and AWM, then you must have different scope, ammo, and magazine for both these PUBG guns.

The attachments are being included to add more stability to the weapon by reducing the gun’s recoil and cut down on the vertical and horizontal kick. Also, the barrel attachments can do wonders by hiding the gun flash and by silencing the weapon sound.

Similarly, for the snipers, bullet loops decrease reload time, and cheek pads decrease the recoil.

1. Scopes

The scopes under weapon attachment include:

  • 2x Aimpoint Scope
  • 3x Backlit Scope
  • 4x ACOG Scope
  • 6x Scope
  • 8x CQBSS Scope
  • 15x PM II Scope
  • Holographic Sight
  • Red Dot Sight

PUBG scopes

2. Muzzles

The muzzles under weapon attachment include:

  • Compensator
  • Suppressor
  • Flash Hider
  • Choke (SG)
  • Duckbill (SG)

PUBG muzzles

3. Stocks

The stocks under weapon attachment include:

  • Bullet Loops
  • Cheek Pad (DMR, SR)
  • Stock / Tactical Stock

PUBG stocks

4. Magazines

The magazines under weapon attachment include:

  • Extended Quickdraw Magazine
  • Extended Magazine
  • Quickdraw Magazine

PUBG magazines

5.  Grips

The grips under weapon attachment include:

  • Thumb grip (SMG, AR, DMR)
  • Lightweight Grip (SMG, AR, DMR)
  • Half grip (SMG, AR, DMR)
  • Angled Foregrip (SMG, AR, DMR)
  • Vertical Foregrip

PUBG grips

Other PUBG Items

Apart from guns and its attachments, there is some other significant stuff also that are equally crucial part of this game. The items like ammunition, healing kits, and energy boosters. Check out the list below:

1. Ammunition

The fuel for all types of weapons of the PUBG game.

  • 9mm: Loads in the pistols, as well in submachine guns like UMP and Micro UZI.
  • .45 ACP: Again, the ammo for submachine guns like KRISS Vector and Tommy Gun.
  • 5.56mm: Besides 7.62, 5.56 ammo is the most widely used in the game. Loads in a lot of assault rifles like M416 and SCAR-L.
  • Flare: As it hints, loads into flare gun only.
  • 7.62mm: High caliber ammo. Best suited for long range kills. Loads into AKM, and other similar rifles.
  • .300 Magnum: The bad guys' ammo. If shot with precision, the bullet can culminate into ‘One shot, one kill.’
  • 12 Gauge: The ammo for shotguns like S1897 and S686.
  • Bolt: Handy for Crossbow.

PUBG Ammunition

2. Healing kits

If shot, use these kist to heal your health and keep on going. Remember, using these kits while performing any function will cancel their usage. Also, these kits can’t be used when the player's health is over 75 percent.

  • Bandage: It heals the player's health by ten over time.
  • First Aid Kit: It’s better than bandages and heals the player's health to 75 percent instantly.
  • Med Kit: It’s the best thing that the player can grab for health back up in the game. It heals the health to 100 percent instantly. 

PUBG healing kits

3. Energy boosters

Intake of energy boosters will enhance your physical performance like running throughout the game and will heal the full health over time. Similar to healing kits, using energy boosters while performing an action will cancel it.

  • Energy Drink: It increases the player's boost by 40 percent instantly.
  • Painkiller: Better than the energy drink and increases the instantly boost the health by 60 percent. 
  • Adrenaline Syringe: It increases the boost by 100 percent.

PUBG Energy boosters

Wrapping Up

All this makeup for the beginner's guide to PUBG and soon, we are coming up with our other articles on “Tips For PUBG” and “Best loot Locations in PUBG.”  We will also be covering all the tidbits of the new updates that the introduced recently.

If you are still stuck with something regarding the game, you can comment below and being myself an “Ace” player; I will try to assist you in every possible way.

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