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PUBG Mobile Guide: Everything About The Ultimate Battle Royale Game

A descriptive PUBG guide that covers everything from best PUBG guns to maps. Mobile Guide: Everything About The Ultimate Battle Royale Game

With PUBG or PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds in the forefront, no wonder, the mobile gaming community has witnessed a sudden surge in the number of players. The Battle Royale game has a remarkable graph since its inception last year, and there is no stopping it. It was the reason we covered all the PUBG mobile hacks is one of MobileAppDaily’s recent articles.

If you have just kick-started, you might be wondering if PUBG is a game for you, how to survive PUBG, and what all are the PUBG mobile tips and tricks. So, considering the huge fan following of this remarkable mobile game, we have come up with an article on PUBG guide, where we will be discussing everything in length and breadth.

Lately, PUBG mobile game has got a lot of additional guns, gears, and vehicles that have infused more interest in the gamer community. Recently, there has been an inclusion of AK 47 Mutant rifle, snow-mobile, G36 rifle, Laser sight, and some new vehicles. Interestingly, there are also rumors of 'Zombie Mode' coming to the game and it's the next much-awaited thing we all are looking for.

After going through this PUBG guide, you will be-be able to secure your first win, and in PUBG we say, “Winner-Winner, Chicken-Dinner.” Now let’s talk business with this PUBG guide for beginners and learn how to get better at PUBG.

To start with, you must know that, PUBG belongs to the Battle Royale series and that means whoever will be able to stand till last will be the winner. You land, loot, kill, and most importantly survive, and all these ingredients will help you bag ‘Chicken Dinner.” Make sure your PUBG mobile strategy guide should be impeccable.

How To Land In PUBG?

The game starts with about 100 players ducking into a plane that starts at one point on the map to another. Players can pick their location for landing and accordingly jump out of the plane when the marked location’s distance is minimum from the plane.

It will save you time and help you land first. If you don’t jump on your own, you will be thrown out of the plane at the last possible landing location and then make your way to the nearest loot location.

What To Do After Landing In PUBG?

It’s the most critical and vital part of the game. The player needs to lay their hand on the nearest gun so that he can defend himself. For the rest, the loot can be carried out throughout the game.

Remember, shooting starts in a fraction of seconds after landing, so gear up with the gun and all other available material near the landing spot. Kill the enemy and make your way into the safe zone.

PUBG Circle Prediction

The safe zone (white circle) is the circle in which you are supposed to camp and roam around. After every interval, a blue electric field closes into the safe zone, contracting the safe circle to a smaller area. Players outside the safe zone will start experiencing health damage, and it increases as the game rolls on.

Also, the game offers you only one life. Once you are dead, you are dead; no hacks or tricks will work. So know which is the best places to land in PUBG mobile and what to pick.

Here PUBG mobile hack is to keep away from the blue circle is keep a watch on the time after which the blue circle shrinks.

PUBG loot material list

PUBG Game Modes - PUBG For Beginners

In this PUBG beginners guide, you can play the game in two different modes. One is ‘Classic’ and the other is ‘Arcade.’ There are further sub-categories that fall under these two game modes.

Before jumping to the gaming modes, you should also learn about the teams in which you can play. Much like other TPPs, PUBG mobile also offers the player to play as a single player and with a team also.

  • Solo: In this, every player is your enemy. To win, you must be the last man standing and for this, you can either avoid other players or go all out and hunt.
  • Duo: You can pair up with a friend or another individual. To win, you should be the last team standing or the only player remaining in the game. This duo mode gives the opportunity to share the game stuff and the ability to revive each other in case of a bloodbath.
  • Four-player squad: With a team of 4 players, you can go all out and take on your enemies head-on. The game host 100 players in a match, and in this mode, twenty-five teams are made. Playing in a group is always a wise option.

Here are the PUBG game modes in detail:

PUBG Game Mode categories

a. PUBG Classic Game Mode

Under this game mode, the player can pick any one map and play accordingly. Here is the list of maps:

  • Erangel
  • Miramar
  • Sanhok
  • Vikendi

b. PUBG Arcade Game Mode

There are special game modes under this category. As compared to the Classic game mode, Arcade game modes are of short duration and less number of players. Following are the gaming modes under Arcade:

  • War: The player lands with a weapon and respawns infinitely.
  • Quick-match: It’s an 8-minute match, in which the player has to kill as many enemies he can.
  • Sniper Training: A 15-minute snipping battle, in which the player gets all the sniper rifles.
  • Mini-Zone: Less space, more intensity.

PUBG Zombie Mode Update

PUBG Zombie Mode has made a crackling entry into the gaming landscape and it's the best version of the game till yet. The zombie mode is a result of the collaboration between the PUBG Mobile developers and Resident Evil 2 team.

There are zombies everywhere and you need to kill them to survive. With the increase in the difficulty level of the PUBG game, even the professionals are finding it hard to tackle huge swarms of zombies that can attack at any time.

Not only the zombies, but the PUBG Mobile game is added with big zombie bosses to tyrant bosses that are hard to kill and can cause considerable damage if not eliminated in time.

Following are the different types of zombies that you may encounter while playing PUBG Zombie Mode:

  • Police
  • Licker
  • G1

The zombie mode is made available in the PUBG 0.11.0 update that has brought many other features like Resident Evil 2 main menu theme and music, Moonlight to Vikendi map, anniversary Treasure event, new titles, and more.

For a complete guide to surviving the PUBG Zombie Mode, check out our recent article titled "How To Survive PUBG Zombie Mode: Complete Guide To Tips And Tricks."

PUBG Zombie Mode

PUBG Map Guide - PUBG For Beginners

How to get better at PUBG maps?

PUBG mobile game has four maps, and the player can choose anyone. All three PUBG maps have different graphics and terrain. So it’s very important that you know about the best place to land in PUBG, as your whole game strategy will depend upon the map you select. Learning about the maps is the first step towards “Player Unknown Battlegrounds Beginner Guide.”

Also, in this PUBG beginners guide, we will be divulging the loot locations of the respective maps.

1. Erangel Map

This map is the most played map in the PUBG game because of its landing point versatility and scope of loot. Erangel map includes mountains, towns, small cities, fields, small rivers, beaches, and the whole map is surrounded by the ocean. The map dimension stands to be 8×8 kilometers.

PUBG Erangel map and loot locations

Loot Locations In Erangel:

  • Sosnovka Military Base - It may not be the largest location in the map but it can be named as the home to the highest concentration of top-tier gear.
  • Novorepnoye - PUBG players can search for loot in this large shipping yard and the chances of them stumbling into some of the strongest gear are high.
  • Pochinki - This location has a dense complex of houses leading to heavy resistance for the gamers.

PUBG mobile hack for Erangel map: Loot whatever you can, keep an assault rifle as your primary weapon, and keep moving.

2. Miramar Map

The second map on the list is Miramar which is less popular than Erangel. Miramar holds the look of something more like a desert and where it is preferred to fight long-distance sniper battles. The whole map is a mixture of open mountains, small sheds and a hint of some bushes here and there; after all, it’s more of a desert. Similar to Erangel, Miramar map is also spread into a radius of 8 kilometers.

PUBG Miramar Map and loot locations

Loot Locations In Miramar:

  • Pecado - Many players call this location a real deathtrap, but the one that's worth the trouble, especially when it comes to big loot. You can also head to the casino in the center of the map to get some top tier stuff.
  • Campo Militar - It is basically a Miramar's version of Sosnovka Military Base with some added risk.
  • San Martin - This loot location is jammed in-between two of the busiest towns so make sure you wipe out this location before going in and proceeding with your loot.

PUBG mobile hack for Miramar map: Try to get a sniper rifle and a submachine gun as your secondary weapon.

3. Sanhok Map

The Sanhok map wasn’t initially included in the first place, but this amazing map was included later with a PUBG update. The map is fit for close-quarter combat and keeps on your toes throughout the game. Sanhok map is weaved in the jungles with a thick layer of greenery and is based within the Southeast Asia region. The map includes ruins, tropics, towns and abandoned military complexes. The battle remains intense throughout the game due to its 4×4 kilometers as gamers fight for the PUBG battle points.

PUBG Sanhok Map and loot locations

Loot Locations in Sanhok:

In comparison to other PUBG maps like Miramar and Erangel, Sanhok is pretty small, so the chances of you finding a decent loot in almost every location are quite high. For example, Paradise Resort can be considered as a highlight loot spot for Sanhok.

PUBG mobile hack for Sanhok map: Sanhok being a small map doesn’t allow open movement. Therefore, it’s advisable to move by taking cover. Also, the weapons are freely available in this map, so that loot won’t be an issue.

4. Vikendi Snow Map

Vikendi snow map is a 6x6 island on the Adriatic Sea and was one of the much-awaited maps in the PUBG mobile game. The snow map was first unveiled on June 10th, 2018 in the 'Microsoft E3 2018 conference' video.

Vikendi map includes a wide variety of attractions, businesses, and villages, which are wrapped in dense snowy mountains. With snow all over, it becomes much easier to locate the enemy due to their footprints on the fresh snow. If the player keeps on playing, the chances are high that he can witness the sun sets and the auroras fill the moonlit skies. Presently, Vikendi snow map is available on PC, mobile, Xbox One, and PS4.

Interestingly, Vikendi map has also reported having one loot location which is hidden and is one of the untold PUBG mobile secrets.

PUBG Vikendi Map and loot locations

Loot locations in Vikendi:

The Vikendi map has 27 locations for loot and top locations are as follows:

  • Castle
  • Goroka
  • Shacks to the south of Dobro Mesto
  • Hot Spring
  • Villa, Tovar
  • Volnova, Vihar
  • Mohvatra

Most of the players like all these Vikendi loot locations due to the quantity and quality of the stuff one can find here. And due to the same reason, these are one of the most crowded locations.

PUBG mobile hack for Vikendi map: Get your weapon and stay low.

Best PUBG map: On the basis of popularity and number of active users, Erangel can be crowned as the best map to play PUBG.

Note: These maps have different loot locations and terrain, but one thing that stays common in all these maps is bikes, cars, and jeeps. Though the models of vehicles do differ from map to map, you will always have the wheels to travel. Grasping an overview of the maps through our PUBG mobile guide will help you stay away from the common bloodbaths that happen on every map.

PUBG Gear Guide

The PUBG battle arena has various equipment that can help players last longer. The protective equipment includes a helmet, a vest, and a backpack.

  • Helmet: It protects the player’s head from a direct headshot and can even help in defying the punches.
  • Vest: The vest protects the vital organs of the player from the front as well as from the back.
  • Backpack: The player can store all the stuff in their backpack. From ammo to health packs, the bag can take it all.

PUBG mobile hack for gear guide: If you get your hands on the level three stuff, nothing better than that, but level two stuff is also decent enough.

All these PUBG equipment comes at a different level and helps you learn How to get better at PUBG game. Level One gear is the weakest while level two is a bit better and the level three equipment is the strongest one.


PUBG guns are the most sought after topic in most of the gaming communities, and you will get a lot of articles related to ‘Player Unknown Battlegrounds tips,’ ‘PUBG mobile advanced tips and tricks,’ and ‘PUBG mobile hacks,’ but without out the complete knowledge of the best weapons in PUBG, you won’t be able to give your best.

We should really appreciate the fact that developers of PlayerUnknown's Battleground game for a vast range of weapons that are made available in the mobile game. Irrespective of the map, you need to have a robust weapon to defend, as well as to attack the enemy.

There are many types of guns available in the game. Right from pistols to submachine guns and from assault rifles to sniper rifles, the game has everything in it.

As per our analysis on the PUBG mobile guide, the best guns in PUBG mobile game is M416, and UMP 9, as the secondary weapon.

Following are different categories of guns that are available in the game:

1. PUBG Guide For Pistols

In PUBG, the pistols are the easiest to come by. It’s the third weapon in a player’s armory that can be used to shoot down the enemy. In the close combat, they can do decent damage and when the ammo of primary weapon is exhausted, using the pistol is a wise option rather than reloading.

The list of pistols available in PUBG mobile app include:

a. Flare Gun: Used as a supply signal.

  • Ammo Type: Flare

b. P18C: It’s an Austrian handgun with a full-auto mode.

  • Ammo Type: 9mm
  • Hit Damage: 23
  • Initial Bullet Speed: 375

c. P92: You can keep it with you, as it’s a modest handgun.

  • Ammo Type: 9mm
  • Hit Damage: 35
  • Initial Bullet Speed: 380

d. P1911: Old school guns, but worth keeping.

  • Ammo Type: .45 ACP
  • Hit Damage: 41
  • Initial Bullet Speed: 250

e. R1895: A powerful revolver that loads 7.62 ammo.

  • Ammo Type: 7.62mm
  • Hit Damage: 55
  • Initial Bullet Speed: 330

f. R45: It’s an Italian-made modern 6-shot revolver.

  • Ammo Type: .45 ACP
  • Hit Damage: 55
  • Initial Bullet Speed: 330

Best Pistol in PUBG: R45 and R1895 are the best pistols one can pick because they have the best hit damage and bullet speed. Also, they are easily available.

Worst Pistol in PUBG: P18C can be referred to as the worst weapon in the whole PUBG game because it has the least hit damage can require more than two magazines to knock down someone.

PUBG Pistol list

2. PUBG Guide For Sub Machine Guns

Submachine guns are the perfect blend of the pistols and assault rifles. If you are in a compound, it’s the best weapon someone can pick. A submachine rocks with the accuracy of pistols and fire rate of assault rifles.

The list of submachine guns in PUBG mobile app includes:

a. Micro UZI: This submachine gun sprays the ammo in no time.

  • Ammo Type: 9mm
  • Hit Damage: 26
  • Initial Bullet Speed: 350

b. KRISS Vector: It’s a modern submachine gun with a delayed blowback system.

  • Ammo Type: .45 ACP
  • Hit Damage: 34
  • Initial Bullet: 300

c. UMP9: Modern submachine gun and one of the best guns to pick.

  • Ammo Type: 9mm
  • Hit Damage: 39
  • Initial Bullet Speed: 400

d. Tommy Gun: Infinite ammo with a trench coat on.

  • Ammo Type: .45 ACP
  • Hit Damage: 40
  • Initial Bullet Speed: 280

e. PP-19 Bizon:  It’s a Russian origin submachine gun developed in 1993.

  • Ammo Type: 9mm
  • Hit damage: 35
  • Initial Bullet Speed: 408

Best Submachine Gun in PUBG:  UMP9 is the well-liked submachine gun and many players pick it over the assault rifles due to its accuracy, hit damage, and rate of fire. PP-19 Bizon is newly added weapon in the PUBG mobile game and with its 53 round magazine, it can wreak havoc.

Worst Submachine Gun in PUBG: With the least damage, Micro Uzi is the worst PUBG submachine gun.

PUBG Submachine Guns

3. PUBG Guide For Shotguns

The shotguns load shell cartridges that spread rather than going straight and for the same reason, shotguns are effective in the close quarter combat

PUBG shotgun list includes:

a. Sawed-Off: Break-open shotgun with a shortened barrel capable of firing two consecutive shots.

  • Ammo Type: 12 Gauge
  • Hit Damage: 160
  • Damage Per Pellet: 20

b. S12K: An effective shotgun.

  • Ammo Type: 12 Gauge
  • Hit Damage: 198
  • Damage Per Pellet: 22

c. S1897: A modest shotgun.

  • Ammo Type: 12 Gauge
  • Hit Damage: 216
  • Damage Per Pellet: 24

d. S686: Double Barrel Shotgun.

  • Ammo Type: 12 Gauge
  • Hit Damage: 216
  • Damage Per Pellet: 24

Best Shotgun in PUBG: S686 has the maximum hit damage; it’s almost double of what AWM has.

Worst Shotgun in PUBG: We won’t term Sawed-Off as the worst weapon, but among all the shotguns, it has the least hit damage and doesn't come with any attachment.

PUBG Shotgun list

4. PUBG Guide For Assault Rifles

Assault rifles are the favorite of every PUBG player and due to its medium-high ammo capacity and high fire rate, it has much higher accuracy and hit damage.

PUBG assault rifle list includes:

a. AUG: Modern bullpup assault rifles.

  • Ammo Type: 5.56mm
  • Hit Damage: 43
  • Initial Bullet Speed: 940

b. M16A4: Burst fire assault rifle.

  • Ammo Type: 5.56mm
  • Hit Damage: 43
  • Initial Bullet Speed: 900

c. M416: A German masterpiece.

  • Ammo Type: 5.56mm
  • Hit Damage: 43
  • Initial Bullet Speed: 880

d. QBZ: Modern bullpup assault rifle.

  • Ammo Type: 5.56mm
  • Hit Damage: 43
  • Initial Bullet Speed: 870

e. G36 C: Designed to replace the 7.62mm G3 battle rifle.

  • Ammo Type:5.56mm
  • Hit Damage: 43
  • Initial Bullet Speed: 870

f. SCAR-L: Modern assault rifles.

  • Ammo Type: 5.56mm
  • Hit Damage: 43
  • Initial Bullet Speed: 870

g. Beryl M762: Modern Polish assault rifle.

  • Ammo Type: 7.62mm
  • Hit Damage: 47
  • Initial Bullet Speed: 715

h. AKM: For comrades-in-arms.

  • Ammo Type: 7.62mm
  • Hit Damage: 49
  • Initial Bullet Speed: 715

i. Groza: Selective fire, Russian bullpup assault rifle.

  • Ammo Type: 7.62mm
  • Hit Damage: 49
  • Initial Bullet Speed: 715

j. Mk47 Mutant: An excellent modern assault rifle with a single, two-round burst fire mode.

  • Ammo Type: 7.62mm
  • Hit Damage: 49
  • Initial Bullet Speed: 780

Best Assault Rifle in PUBG: If used with the right attachments, M416 can be a real beast. Even without the attachments, this assault rifle has decent hit damage and bullet speed.

Worst Assault Rifle in PUBG: M16A4 is the basic assault rifle, which can be picked in the absence of another reasonable weapon.

PUBG Assault Rifle list

5. PUBG Guide For Designated Marksman Rifles

Also known as DMR, this rifle falls between the assault and sniper rifle category. To put it simply, they are sniper rifles with a short range. DMR provides higher damage rate as compared to the assault rifle but has a lower magazine size.

The list of marksman rifles in the PUBG battleground includes:

a. VSS: It’s a suppressed sniper rifle.

  • Ammo Type: 9mm
  • Hit Damage: 41
  • Initial Bullet Speed: 330

b. Mini14: Semi-Auto Carbine.

  • Ammo Type: 5.56mm
  • Hit Damage: 46
  • Initial Bullet Speed: 990

c. QBU: Semi-auto bullpup designated marksman rifle.

  • Ammo Type: 5.56mm
  • Hit Damage: 48
  • Initial Bullet Speed: 945

d. SKS: Semi-auto Russian designated marksman rifle.

  • Ammo Type: 7.62mm
  • Hit Damage: 53
  • Initial Bullet Speed: 800

e. SLR: A classic semi-automatic long rifle.

  • Ammo Type: 7.62mm
  • Hit Damage: 58
  • Initial Bullet Speed: 840

f. Mk14 EBR: It’s a fire designated marksman rifle.

  • Ammo Type: 7.62mm
  • Hit Damage: 61
  • Initial Bullet Speed: 853

Best Marksmen Rifle in PUBG: Mk14 EBR and SKS are equally good. Mk14 EBR has higher hit damage, whereas the SKS has a better fire rate.

Worst Marksmen Rifle in PUBG: We all know, 9mm ammo can’t be compared to 5.55mm or 7.62, so due to same, VSS doesn’t stand a chance to win over here.

PUBG Marksmen Rifle list

6. PUBG Guide For Sniper Rifles

Sniper rifles are used to gun down an enemy from a long range. With its brute force and remarkable hit damage, the sniper rifles are the best. It works on the principle of “One bullet, one enemy.”

But it has its own downsides like low magazine sizes, low rate of fire, and lack of enough 8x scopes in the game, therefore, always use sniper rifles with extreme caution.

The list of sniper rifles available in the PUBG battleground includes:

a. Win94: Lever action rifle.

  • Ammo Type: .45 ACP
  • Hit Damage: 66
  • Initial Bullet Speed: 760

b. Karabiner 98 Kurz: Vintage sniper rifle, fondly called ‘Kar98k’.

  • Ammo Type: 7.62mm
  • Hit Damage: 75
  • Initial Bullet Speed: 760

c. M24: Serviceable sniper rifle.

  • Ammo Type: 7.62mm
  • Hit Damage: 79
  • Initial Bullet Speed: 790

d. AWM: The best sniper rifle in every format of the game and it’s available in the air drops only.

  • Ammo Type: .300 Magnum
  • Hit Damage: 120
  • Initial Bullet Speed: 945

Best Sniper Gun in PUBG: If you are thinking of how to get better at PUBG, AWM stands out to be the best gun in PUBG mobile for long range. If used with precision, it can kill an enemy with one shot.

Worst Sniper Rifle in PUBG: Win94 can be taken as the worst sniper rifle due to its reloading time and hit damage.

PUBG Sniper Rifles list

7. PUBG Guide For Light Machine Guns

Light machine guns rank over assault rifle due to its bullet damage, range, and ammo carrying capacity

The list of light machine guns in the PUBG battleground includes:

a. M249: As mentioned, it’s a light machine gun and holds a good repo among gamers.

  • Ammo Type: 5.56mm
  • Hit Damage: 45
  • Initial Bullet Speed: 915

b. DP-28: Russian-made, inter-war era light machine gun.

  • Ammo Type: 7.62 mm
  • Hit Damage: 51
  • Initial Bullet Speed: 715

Best Light Machine Gun in PUBG: With the bullet speed of 915 and hit damage of 45, M249 is a beast for the medium range combat.

Worst Light Machine Gun in PUBG: The reloading time of DP-28 makes it the second pick in the light machine gun category.

PUBG Light Machine Guns list

8. PUBG Guide For Throwables

As the name suggests, throwables can be tossed by the hand. The list of throwables available in the PUBG battleground includes:

a. Apple: It’s available well before the game in the assembly area.

  • Throw Time: 1.30s
  • Throw Cooldown: 1.50s
  • Fire Delay: 0.40s

b. Smoke Grenade: When you need to smoke, use it.

  • Throw Time: 1.30s
  • Throw Cooldown: 1.00s
  • Fire Delay: 0.40s

c. Stun Grenade: Disorients a player for 5 seconds.

  • Throw Time: 1.30s
  • Throw Cooldown: 1.00s
  • Fire Delay: 0.40s

d. Molotov Cocktail: Highly flammable.

  • Throw Time: 0.85s
  • Throw Cooldown: 1.00s
  • Fire Delay: 0.40s

e. Frag Grenade: Can kill the enemy so use wisely.

  • Throw Time: 1.30s
  • Throw Cooldown: 1.50s
  • Fire Delay: 0.40s

Best Throwable in PUBG: If used smartly, Frag Grenade can kill a squad.

Worst Throwable in PUBG: Apple does no damage.

PUBG Throwables list

9. PUBG Guide For Melee Weapons

It includes miscellaneous items that are usually available everywhere. The list of melee weapons available in the PUBG battleground includes:

  • Punch: Standard Punch for knocking down the enemy.
  • Jumping Punch: Can punch while jumping.
  • Crowbar: Faithful shooter for every situation.
  • Machete: Typical weapon for slaughter.
  • Sickle: Good for injuring the enemy.
  • Pan: Don’t underestimate it. The pan can send bullets out of the park and can save the player from severe damage.

Best Melee weapon in PUBG: Pan can save you from the bullet and even it can kill an enemy. Therefore, it is the best melee weapon PUBG mobile.

Worst Melee in PUBG: You need to punch the enemy several times to knock down him.

PUBG Melee list

Best PUBG Gear Guide

Now it's time we look at the PUBG mobile best weapons loadout that you can get in the game of PUBG. Here, looting the appropriate weapons can either make or break the game for the player. Now, let's look at the best gears available in the game:

1. Best PUBG Long Range Gear

This weapon gear will help the player in effectively picking up the enemies from far that too with pinpoint accuracy:

  • Primary Weapon: M416 or Groza with a 6X scope
  • Secondary Weapon: Kar98K or AWM with an 8X scope
  • Melee: Pan
  • Attachments: Extended quickdraw magazine, silencer, and vertical foregrip.
  • Consumables: Med Kit, painkillers, and Adrenaline Syringe.

Best PUBG Long Range Loadout

2. Best PUBG Close Quarter Gear

This weapon Gear is a great pick for those who are looking to take out their enemies in enclosed spaces and basically shredding their health bars before they can even touch yours:

  • Primary Weapon: Beryl M762 or AUG with a 3x scope
  • Secondary Weapon: UMP 9 or PP-19 Bizon with a red dot and canted sight
  • Melee: Pan
  • Attachments: Extended quickdraw magazine, compensator, and light grip.
  • Consumables: First aid kits, energy drink, and bandages.

Best PUBG Close Quarters Loadout

3. Best PUBG Defensive Gear

These weapons can be considered as one of the best defensive gears that will help the players in keeping their enemies at bay along with suppressing the fire and shutting down the opponents before they even stand a chance to attack:

  • Primary Weapon: M416 or MK47 Mutant with a 4x scope
  • Secondary Weapon: SKS or M24 with a 6x scope
  • Melee: Pan
  • Attachments: Extended quickdraw magazine, angled grip, and compensator.
  • Consumables: First aid kits, painkillers, and bandages.

Best PUBG Defensive Loadout

4. Best PUBG All-Round Gear

As the name suggests, this is a weapon loadout that can deal with almost every situation that you might find yourself n the game of PUBG. It is versatile enough to be to take on enemies at multiple ranges while being the most potent in mid-range scenarios:

  • Primary Weapon: M416 with a 4x scope and canted sight
  • Secondary Weapon: AWM with an 8x scope
  • Melee: Pan
  • Attachments: Extended quickdraw magazine, vertical foregrip, and silencer.
  • Consumables: Medkit, painkillers, and Adrenaline Syringe.

Best PUBG All-Round Loadout

In this PUBG beginners guide, these were some of the best PUBG gear that you can get your hands on.

PUBG Weapon Attachment Guide

Any weapon is incomplete without its attachments, and PUBG game developers have taken care of this very fact. PUBG guns can be equipped with a variety of attachments that are mentioned below in this PUBG mobile guide.

Attachments like scopes and quick draw magazine can well compliment the gun, but not every attachment is compatible with all the guns. Therefore, you need to have multiple attachments for different guns.

If you are using M416 and AWM, then you must have different scope, ammo, and magazine for both these guns in the game. It’s applicable for all platforms including PUBG PC, PUBG PS4 and even PUBG mobile.

The attachments are being included to add more stability to the weapon by reducing the gun’s recoil and cut down on the vertical and horizontal kick. Also, the barrel attachments can do wonders by hiding the gun flash and by silencing the weapon sound. Are you looking for more PUBG tips for beginners, quick PUBG cheats, and amazing PUBG hacks? Then keep on reading this guide for PUBG mobile.

Similarly, for the snipers, bullet loops decrease reload time, and cheek pads decrease the recoil. Check out the PUBG attachment guide.

1. Scopes

Take a look at the PUBG scope guide, as scopes are one of the best attachments for PUBG mobile.

  • 2x Aimpoint Scope
  • 3x Backlit Scope
  • 4x ACOG Scope
  • 6x Scope
  • 8x CQBSS Scope
  • 15x PM II Scope
  • Holographic Sight
  • Red Dot Sight
  • Laser Sight
  • Canted sight

PUBG mobile tips and tricks for scope: Red dot sight and 2x scope are almost the same. Then 4x scope is a bit less stable as compared to other scopes. With the 6x scope, you can’t zoom out. And 8x scope is ideal for sniper rifles.

PUBG Gun Scopes list

2. Muzzles

The muzzles under weapon attachment include:

  • Compensator: A compensator is connected to the muzzle of the weapon that counters the recoil and unwanted muzzle rise.
  • Suppressor: It’s a device that reduces the sound intensity and muzzle flash.
  • Flash Hider: A flash hider reduces the visible signature.
  • Choke (SG): It’s a tapered constriction of a shotgun barrel that improves its performance.
  • Duckbill (SG): It’s an attachment for shotguns that flattens the firing pattern, and diverts pellets more towards the sides.

PUBG mobile tips and tricks for muzzles: Suppressor is a combination of compensator and flash hider, therefore, it’s wise to use a suppressor for best results.

PUBG Muzzles list

3. Stocks

The stocks under weapon attachment include:

  • Bullet Loops: It’s a loop of bullets that increases reload speed of the weapon.
  • Cheek Pad (DMR, SR): It aid in recovering from weapon sway more quickly after moving.
  • Stock / Tactical Stock: It’s designed to reduce felt recoil and helps in aiming through numerous methods.

PUBG mobile tips and tricks for Stocks: Bullet loops are for shotguns, cheek pad is for the sniper rifle and stock/tactical stock is for assault or submachine guns.

PUBG Gun Stocks list

4. Magazines

The magazines under weapon attachment include:

  • Extended Quickdraw Magazine: It’s a blend of extended magazines and the quickdraw magazine. It’s useful for carrying more ammunition and pull up from the hip much faster.
  • Extended Magazine: It’s capable of holding more than the standard number of rounds.
  • Quickdraw Magazine: It simply expands the magazine capacity of the weapon and also, decreases the time required to reload it.

PUBG mobile tips and tricks for magazines: Extended quickdraw magazine is a combination of extended magazine and quickdraw magazine. So always go for the extended quickdraw magazine.

PUBG Gun Magazines list

5. Grips

The grips under weapon attachment include:

  • Thumb grip (SMG, AR, DMR): it’s the backhand version of a panhandle grip.
  • Lightweight Grip (SMG, AR, DMR): It decreases single shot recoil by almost 15 percent.
  • Half grip (SMG, AR, DMR): It reduces weapon recoil and improves recoil recovery time.   
  • Angled Foregrip (SMG, AR, DMR): It reduces horizontal recoil by 20 percent and reduces the recoil pattern by 20 percent
  • Vertical Foregrip: It reduces the vertical recoil by 15 percent and recoil pattern by 20 percent.

PUBG mobile tips and tricks for grips: Use the grips according to the weapon because every weapon responds differently yo every grip.

PUBG Gun Grips list

How To Change Firing Mode In PUBG Game - PUBG Beginner Tips

There are mainly three types of firing modes in the game of PUBG, which are single, burst, and auto, which comes under PUBG mobile shooting tips. These firing modes can be switched under the PUBG mobile best settings are explained as under:

1. Single Firing Mode

  • It’s the default firing mode for every weapon that the player picks up in PUBG.
  • It’s best for getting high precision shots.
  • Recommended for shooting enemies at a distance for steady shooting.
  • Not to use when heading into heavy fights, closed-quarters or breaching buildings.

2. Burst Firing Mode

  • Not available for every weapon.
  • Best when dealing with M16A4, an Assault Rifle which doesn’t have a full auto option.
  • Due to the awful fire rate of many weapons, it should not be used in close-quarters fight scenarios.

3. Auto Firing Mode

  • It’s one of the most favored firing modes by the PUBG players, as they can directly switch to full auto mode. For instance, you can fire in single mode with a tap on the trigger, as well as unleash a hail of bullets by holding onto it.
  • Recoil occurs in this firing mode.
  • Use it to fire in short and medium ranges.
  • It is more efficient to fire off some bullets at a time, then letting it recoil, and before spraying bullets again.

Other PUBG Item Guide

The above-mentioned PUBG mobile hacks and PUBG advanced tips will help you in getting better in this game. Apart from guns and its attachments, there is some other significant stuff also that is included in the PUBG mobile pro tips. That’s why we have added further items like ammunition, healing kits, and energy boosters in this PUBG mobile guide. Check out the list below:

1. Ammunition

The fuel for all types of weapons of the PUBG game. Take a look at the PUBG ammo list:

  • 9mm: Loads in the pistols, as well in submachine guns like UMP and Micro UZI.
  • .45 ACP: Again, the ammo for submachine guns like KRISS Vector and Tommy Gun.
  • 5.56mm: Besides 7.62, 5.56 ammo is the most widely used in the game. Loads in a lot of assault rifles like M416 and SCAR-L.
  • Flare: As it hints, loads into flare gun only.
  • 7.62mm: High caliber ammo. Best suited for long range kills. Loads into AKM, and other similar rifles.
  • .300 Magnum: The bad guys' ammo. If shot with precision, the bullet can culminate into ‘One shot, one kill.’
  • 12 Gauge: The ammo for shotguns like S1897 and S686.
  • Bolt: Handy for Crossbow.

PUBG mobile hack for ammunition: Try to keep primary and secondary weapon which uses the same ammunition. This way, you will be able to save more space in your bag.


2. Healing Kits

"How to heal in PUBG mobile?" If you have this question in your mind, use these kits to heal your health and keep on going. Remember, using these kits while performing any function will cancel their usage. Also, these kits can’t be used when the player's health is over 75 percent.

a. Bandage: It heals the player's health by ten over time.

  • Cast Time: 4.000s
  • Health Limit: 75HP
  • Health Over Time: Yes
  • Health Per Tick: +2HP
  • Usable in Vehicle: Yes
  • Weight: 2

b. First Aid Kit: It’s better than bandages and heals the player's health to 75 percent instantly.

  • Cast Time: 5.900s
  • Health Limit: 75HP
  • Health Over Time: No
  • Health Per Tick: N/A
  • Usable in Vehicle: No
  • Weight: 10

c. Med Kit: It’s the best thing that the player can grab for health back up in the game. It heals the health to 100 percent instantly.

  • Cast Time: 7.900s
  • Health Limit: 100HP
  • Health Over Time: N/A
  • Usable in Vehicle: No
  • Weight: 20

PUBG mobile hack for healing kits: Keep five bandages, and the same number of first aid kit. It is enough to survive in a game.

 Healing kits

3. Energy Boosters

Intake of energy boosters will enhance your physical performance like running throughout the game and will heal the full health over time. Similar to healing kits, using energy boosters while performing an action will cancel it.

a. Energy Drink: It increases the player's boost by 40 percent instantly.

  • Boost Amount: 40
  • Cast Time: 4.000s
  • Usable in Vehicle: Yes
  • Weight: 4

b. Painkiller: Better than the energy drink and increases the instantly boost the health by 60 percent.

  • Boost Amount: 60
  • Cast Time: 5.900s
  • Usable in Vehicle: Yes
  • Weight: 10

c. Adrenaline Syringe: It increases the boost by 100 percent.

  • Boost Amount: 100
  • Cast Time: 5.900s
  • Usable in Vehicle: Yes
  • Weight: 20

PUBG mobile hack for energy boosters: Keep consuming energy boosters, as it will keep healing your health in case of any damage.

Energy boosters

PUBG Vehicle Names

Like any other game, there are good vehicles, bad vehicles and also the ones that somewhat falls in-between vehicles in PUBG. In this segment, we will be discussing the vehicles that are available in this game

PUBG Mobile Vehicle Types

Here is the list of all the possible vehicles that one can come across:

a. Buggy

  • Occupants: 2
  • Max. Speed: 100 Km/h
  • Type: Land
  • Health: 1540

b. UAZ (Open Top)

  • Occupants: 4
  • Max. speed: 130 Km/h
  • Type: Land
  • Health: 1820

c. UAZ (Closed Top)

Under the UAZ category, there come the soft top, hard top, and armored jeeps.

  • Occupants: 4
  • Max. speed: 130 Km/h
  • Type: Land
  • Health: 1820

d. Snowmobile‎‎

  • Occupants: 2
  • Max. speed: N/A
  • Type: Land
  • Health: N/A

e. Snowbike

  • Occupants: 2
  • Max. Speed: NA
  • Type: Land/Off-road
  • Health: NA

f. Motorcycle (w/ sidecar)

  • Occupants: 3
  • Max. speed: 130 Km/h
  • Type: Land
  • Health: 1025

g. Motorcycle

  • Occupants: 2
  • Max. speed: 152 Km/h
  • Type: Land
  • Health: 1025

h. Tukshai

  • Occupants: 3
  • Max. speed: N/A
  • Type: Land
  • Health: N/A

i. Scooter

  • Occupants: 2
  • Max. speed: N/A
  • Type: Land
  • Health: 1025

j. Dacia 1300

  • Occupants: 4
  • Max. speed: 139 Km/h
  • Type: Land
  • Health: 1820

k. Mirado

  • Occupants: 4
  • Max. speed: 52 Km/h
  • Type: Land
  • Health: N/A

l. Van

  • Occupants: 6
  • Max. speed: 110 Km/h
  • Type: Land
  • Health: 1680

m. Pickup

  • Occupants: 4
  • Max. speed: 72 Km/h
  • Type: Land   
  • Health: N/A

n. Rony

  • Occupants: 4
  • Max. speed: N/A
  • Type: Land
  • Health:    N/A

o. PG-117

  • Occupants: 5
  • Max. speed: 90 Km/h
  • Type: Water
  • Health: 1520

p. Aquarail‎‎

  • Occupants: 2
  • Max. speed: 90 Km/h
  • Type: Water   
  • Health: N/A

Fastest vehicle in PUBG: Motorcycle is the fastest vehicle in PUBG.

PUBG Vehicle Names

PUBG Vehicle Map Spawn Spots

Here’s a list of some of the best vehicle spawn locations and spots you can find in the game of PUBG:

1. For Erangel: Hospital, Kameshki, Lipovka, Mylta, Novarepnoye, Primorsk, Sosnovka Military Base and Zharki.

2. For Miramar: El Pozo, La Cobreria, Los Leones, San Martin, and Torre Ahunada.

3. Sanhok: Bootcamp, Ruins, Camp Alpha, Ha Tinh, Sahmee, Camp Bravo, and Kampong.

4. Vikendi: Krichas, Port, Zabava, Cosmodrome, Trevno, Peshkova, Cantra, Milnar, Dobro Mesto, and Mount Kreznic & Podvosto.

Other Notable Elements Of PUBG Vehicles

Here are some of the other things that you need to know about vehicles available in PUBG mobile game.

  • Driving Guide: Players can get vehicles like cars and bikes in their PUBG game, which can be surprisingly wiggly to control, especially in situations when abrupt actions are required.
  • Flipping Vehicles: The players also have the option to flip their vehicles both bikes and cars in PUBG, in some scenarios a vehicle flip can even save the player from being taken out by other components by outsmarting them.
  • Vehicle Spawns: Even though there's a wide range of variety when it comes to the topic of accurate spawning of vehicles in almost every game, still there can be certain hotspots which can turn out to be of worth for the PUBG players.

How To Win In PUBG?

Winning a game in PUBG is no rocket science, it just needs precise PUBG mobile strategy and a set game plan. Stick to the basics and rest everything will fall in its place. Here are some of the steps you need to follow to win in PUBG and take home “Chicken Dinner.”

  • Land quickly
  • Pick your spot
  • Keep moving
  • Keep a track of your surroundings
  • Stay away from the blue zone
  • Pick up the best armor and guns
  • Swim underwater
  • Keep communicating with your teammates
  • Know exactly what your weapon does
  • Make the best use of the attachments.

Devices To Play PUBG On

There are various categories of devices on which PUBG can be played. Presently, PUBG game is popular among the smartphone and PC owners. Here is the complete list of devices for PUBG:

1. Smartphone

Following are the best smartphones on which you can play PUBG:

  • Samsung Galaxy S9+
  • iPhone X
  • OnePlus 6
  • Honor Play
  • ASUS Zenfone Max Pro
  • ASUS ROG Phone 

2. Xbox

3. PS4

4. PC

Wrapping Up

All this makeup for the PUBG guide for beginner's and soon, we are coming up with many highly-requested other articles on “Tips For PUBG” and “Best loot Locations in PUBG.” We will also be covering all the tidbits of the new updates that the introduced recently.

So if you are one of the diehard PUBG players who is still stuck with something regarding the PUBG strategy or any PUBG hack, you can comment below and being myself an “Ace” player; I will try to assist you in every possible way. And in case you still have some doubts regarding how to play PUBG mobile then make sure to stay tuned with MobileAppDaily as we publish articles on PUBG mobile and the latest PUBG updates on a regular basis.

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