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What KotlinConf 2018 Has Brought Up For You?

The Kotlin 1.3 is now the RC

What KotlinConf 2018 Has Brought Up For You?

Kotlin is one of the prominent programming languages that run on the Java virtual machine and to keep it pinned on the top, its contributor, JetBrains marked the KotlinConf 2018. The conference is the largest in-person gathering of the Kotlin community annually.

The spotlight of the event was the release of Kotlin 1.3, which has been packed with a lot of new exciting features.

Following are the major highlight of one of the most anticipated tech event of the year. Take a look:

  • Contracts: With Contracts, the compiler now does an extensive static analysis to reduce boilerplate and show warnings. Also, it allows functions to exceptionally describe its own behavior in a lucid way which is easily understood by the compiler.
  • Coroutines: The Kotlin version 1.3 has brought along Coroutines which was earlier in the experimental phase. Now, it will be supported like any other feature in the new version. It will further delegate most of the functionality to libraries and assist in providing a smooth experience that is scalable when required.
  • Multiplatform projects: The multiplatform project’s model has got some refinements that are expected to improve expressiveness and flexibility. Currently, Kotlin language supports JVM, Android, JavaScript, iOS, Linux, Windows, Mac and embedded systems like STM32. It will help in reusing code.
  • The Kotlin foundation: The Kotlin Foundation is backbone formed to protect, promote and advance the development of Kotlin. The nonprofit nonstock corporation was created in 2018 and is backed by JetBrains and Google.
  • Newly revamped playground: The online environment of Kotlin has a new look, and a new section called Learn Kotline by Example. All the new additions are directly made available in the web browser via the Kotlin Playground website.

kotlin on google cloud

The significance of the Kotlin can be well gauged by the very fact that almost 27 percent of the top 1000 Android apps on Google Play already use Kotlin, which of course is very impressive. And moreover, there is no denial of the fact that 2018 is the year for Kotlin because the programming language was adopted across the globe and the existing developers used it extensively.

As per to the parent company’s survey, the rate of satisfaction of the Android developers touches the cherry figure of 97 percent. To add more glory to it, Kotlin was voted as the #2 most-loved language in the 2018 StackOverflow survey.

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