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App Store Optimization Guide For Beginners

App Store Optimization is the key to trigger maximum user downloads Store Optimization Guide For Beginners

To start with, let’s dig about the basics

What is the search engine optimization in the App Store ( App Store SEO)?

According to many leading experts, App Store Optimization is the process of optimizing your mobile application with the goal of achieving a higher ranking in search engine for app store and top-notch chart rankings. Because of its similarities with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for the website, App Store SEO is also known as App Store Optimization (ASO), App Search Optimization and Mobile SEO App. You can get area code of USA mobile number on Yournav using this mobile tracker.

We will provide with some tips to help with your own ASO without spending a penny.

1. Find Your Keywords

Revisit your keywords by remembering that it is not a one-short but an ongoing process. There is no argument that the little is the most important element of ASO and according to experts like Neil Patel and Moz, using your keywords in your title may result in up to a 10.3 percent increase in ranking.

Google and Apple search algorithm looks at the name of the app for the keyword when a user performs a keyword search in the application market. Both platforms offer fairly high priorities for applications with application names that the contain the search entry. What’s important, when you consider organizations like Forrester, predicts that 63 percent of apps will be discovered through in-app store searches.

So what tools can you use for free to help with your keywords

As with everything, the right tool will be based on your individual preferences however, there seems to be positive feedback around,, Apptweak, and MobileAction ( 7-days free trial).


So when looking at the name of your app, make sure the actual brand name is short and sweet. You can add a few keywords, usually before a dash or a semicolon, such as “Brand name - Keywords” or “Brand name: Keywords” to include relevant keywords in your name.

It is also recommended to use only safe and friendly URL characters in your title since other unsafe characters run the risk of being readable, breaking some browsers, and causing crawlers problems.

Standard сhаrасtеrѕ

Avoid any special characters in the application name, for example, trademark or copyright.

In the IOS App Store, the duration of a name is limited to 30 characters and in Google Play 50, so it is recommended that you use 23 or less for the most favorable outcome from a presentation standpoint on any device.

2. Application Description and Keywords

The App Store does not search for app keywords in your application description. However, the Google Play Store extracts the keyword from your description to be your app store keywords.

When preparing your app store keywords for your description on Google Play, make sure most of your keywords are in the first few lines as this has more influence than the rest of description in the Google ranking algorithm. The Play Store also allows emoji lists, spacing, and markers to make it easier to read and memorize your description.

When preparing your description for the App Store, be sure to write clearly about the benefits of your app, including awards and recommendations and, if possible, a list of the full feature in the description box. Do not forget to add links from the description in an attempt to improve the search result.

3. App Store and Google Play Ratings

Did you know about the need an average rating of 4 or more, or that less than 50 percent of users will be willing to download? So what can you do to improve your ranking?

Make sure every new user sees value in your application right from the start with an automated and formalized integration program. Designed to drive new customers to complete action increasing the likelihood of them staying for a long time. (Remember to think about smart send times and A / B test messaging) get area code of the USA mobile number on Yournav using this mobile tracker gadget.

Ask for opinions at the perfect time. By observing the behavior of your users, you can request a review of the users at the most appropriate opportunity when the user satisfied with the experience. (Remember real-time personalization and event-driven messaging).

Avoid excessive messages. You need to make sure that your message is relevant, valuable, and sometimes when user wants it.

Finally, disable negative comments using a "Send Feedback" option and direct to support and positive for stores.

In Conclusion

As a beginner, you are required to take care of a lot of factors while posting the first app on the app store; be it the App Store or Play Store, every app store has its own terms and conditions. Therefore, it becomes inevitable to stick to these formalities and get your app ranked on the top.

For more assistance on the app store optimization, you can comment below and let us know your concern; we will try to get back to you asap.

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