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Google Makes It Easier To Review And Delete Search History

Similar privacy controls will hit Google Maps next year

Google is the most used search engine across all platforms, with 92.3 percent market share as of September 2018. So, with such a massive share, almost every one of us uses Google to find something or the other. And with that, we also know that if we are log in with our account, Google stores everything we search. To hide the search history, we can wipe out the local browser history, but the data will still be there on  Google’s servers.

Now, in a new move, Google will allow deleting the history within the search itself. From now onwards, there will an option to review and delete recent search history within Google search.

Google Search

To add more value to the new addition of deleting the search history, Google has planned to provide quick access to it. And to compliment it, the user will also be able to manage the ad personalization orGoogle sites from saving activities.

By making these options more accessible, Google intends to give more sense of safety and security to the user. Also, it will help the user to know about the options better, which might be missing earlier by the user.

The new privacy controls have been rolled out for the desktop and mobile web. For the iOS and Android, the tech giant has planned to release it next week. The additions of similar options will be embedded in the Maps next year, as it will be a boost on the company’s privacy controls.

Google seemed to learn lessons from the blows like the iPhone data privacy case, and settlement in class action suits, which dragged it in the middle of heavy criticism. Moreover, there is an increased focus on to protect the privacy of the users, especially after the hacking attacks on the likes of British Airways and Facebook.

Amid so much of mishmash going around the user data privacy, there needs to be a mechanism through which we can take control of the data to be shared and reviewed. Even Apple CEO Tim Cook has called for comprehensive federal privacy laws.


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