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5 Best Tech Podcasts You Should Listen To On Soundcloud

Check out our list of the best tech Podcasts

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Podcasts are educative and entertaining audio files that can be downloaded or streamed. They let you learn different subjects and topics right from your smartphone or computer. Most podcasts are often hosted through Soundcloud and distributed through RSS to different podcast apps.

The best new way used by podcasters and other music artists to market and attract more listeners to their podcasts is to buy Soundcloud plays. When you have more Soundcloud plays, you are likely to attract more people to listen to your podcasts. If you are tech-specific, here are some great tech podcasts you should listen in 2018.

Top Tech Podcasts

Best Tech Podcast

1. This Week In Tech

This subject-specific tech podcast discusses almost everything regarding current technological events and happens. It welcomes people with different backgrounds on a weekly basis to discuss more the way the tech work is affecting technologists and everyone else regardless of their specialty. Leo Laporte who is the main host often explores the tech subjects from varied angles providing listeners with alternative views in order to diversify their tech understanding.

2. HBR Ideacast

HBR ideacast can be easily accessed through Soundcloud. It entirely deals with new and fresh subjects. It often discusses the context of technology, the way to build technology-rich platforms and things and the way to use technology to grow and make your business a success.  

It likewise tackles common entrepreneurism topics ranging from strategies to the best way to execute those strategies, managing teams, and living the ever-advancing technology advancements.

3. TEDTalks Technology Podcast

It is certainly one of the best tech podcasts that deal technically and especially with technology talks. All the technology-related talks are often compiled and provided for easy access. Most of the talks presented here cover up to 15 minutes.

The most interesting thing about these podcasts is that they are all inspiring and digestible. You will be amazed at how you will grow your knowledge about different tech subjects once you start listening to this podcast.

4. Starting From Nothing - The Foundation Podcast

This tech podcast mostly deals with interviewing the well-known and most successful tech entrepreneurs. It digs deep into extracting relevant information about the life stories of different tech entrepreneurs.

In short, it aims at ensuring that it gives useful information about the humble beginnings of different entrepreneurs to their success. In other words, this podcast chiefly aims at providing inspiration and learning experiences from the world’s most known tech entrepreneurs.

5. Future Thinkers Podcast

Future Thinkers is a tech-oriented transcendentalism tech podcast that capitalizes on analyzing life from the archetype of technology rather than the perspective of nature. It is hosted and run by futurists and technologists such as Euvie Ivanova and Mike Gilliland who have in-depth knowledge of the tech world.

Their main topics of discussions are usually on sharing economy, tech, and bitcoin in their relation to transcendent, ethics, and transhumanism.  It simply aims to deepen the meanings of life by correlating it with the ever-improving technology. It is the ideal podcast to start listening to if you are a tech innovator or entrepreneur who wants to broaden their knowledge about the tech world.

The Wrapup

The list as mentioned above includes some of the best podcasts of all time and offers much more than you may have ever thought. Go out and try them; who knows, you might get addicted to one.

Vikram Khajuria
Written By Vikram Khajuria

Jack of all trades. Covering the journalism field, Vikram writes at MobileAppDaily and keeps surfing the trends to understand tech and inventions better. Don’t forget his driving skills, he is a professional car rallyist. Life has just got better. Breathe it!!

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