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Top Reasons Why You Should Keep Your Android Device Protected

Keep your Android device safe at all times Top Reasons Why You Should Keep Your Android Device Protected

Android devices such as phones and tablet help facilitate many tasks. They include web browsing, communication, image, and video recording and gaming. You should activate and install multiple security tools in your gadget to maintain its efficiency when carrying out these tasks. Discussed below are five valid reasons you should have it protected.

Reasons to keep your Android device protected

keep your Android device protected

1. To Protect Your Personal Information

People store a lot of their personal information on handheld devices. With an Android tablet or phone, you can create and customize calendars and contact lists. Most of the pictures and videos captured using the gadget also go to the internal memory.

You can't afford to lose your contacts, secret texts, pictures, and videos. Losing such sensitive data to hacking can ruin your reputation or expose a part of you that the world didn't know. One of the ways of safeguarding this data is by installing a reliable antivirus in your Android device.

2. To Restrict Access to the Device

Some of your friends or family members may have a habit of using your Android device without permission. The may use the tablet or phone to send unwanted texts to your contacts or create disturbing posts on your social media accounts. They may also read your private conversations or view your photos and videos.

Using the essential lock screen feature can limit unauthorized access to your Android phone or tablet. If a close acquaintance doesn't know the unlock pattern or pin, he or she can't get access to the device. In this case, the lock screen feature can help protect your privacy and reputation at the same time.

3. To Prevent Unwanted Parties from Snooping in on Your Communications

As a phone or tablet user, it's your right to communicate with your loved ones at the highest degree of privacy. However, some Android messaging apps have loopholes that allow unwanted parties to snoop in on your conversations. Always use apps with end-to-end encryption services, which prevent outsiders from accessing your communications on your Android device.

With end-to-end encryption, the sender and recipient get unique decryption keys. The recipient can only get the message after his or her device verifies the assigned key. The service provider is the only outside party that knows the decryption key.

4. To Recover it When it's Lost

Just like other handheld gadgets, Android devices are easy to misplace. You're at a higher risk of losing your sensitive files if the device doesn't have any protection features enabled when it lands on the hands of a wrong person. Be sure to connect the phone or tablet to Google's Find My Device service to easily find it.

Google's Find My Device allows you to locate or ring your Android gadget from the web remotely. You can also erase any sensitive data remotely using this service. For it to work, you need to sync your device with the service regularly.

5. To Improve its Resale Value

If you're planning to sell your Android device, consider having multiple security features installed or activated on it. Security protocols such as having the best antivirus for gaming on the device can improve its resale value. A potential buyer may want to know the type of antivirus you're using. The buyer may also want to check whether the device has malware or is susceptible to malware.

Summing Up

So, these are the primary reasons why should you keep your Android device safe. The Android antivirus apps and your phone's settings can help protect your privacy and keep the phone a little more secure. Always uninstall or disable apps that you don't need to protect your Android gadget. Changing your passwords regularly, checking app permissions during updates and keeping location usage to a minimum can also help.

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