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Best Free Android Apps Of October 2018

Make the most out of these free Android apps

Best Free Android Apps Of October 2018

No one would argue that Android apps are all very different and characterized by amazing features, but there are a few applications that are distinguished from the rest of apps on offer, simply because they have more functional design and possess their own incomparable uniqueness that is not peculiar to any other app existing nowadays. These include the newly released apps that outperform their predecessors and continue to help numerous Android users in their everyday activities.

Let's discuss what splendid apps have been released earlier this month and which of them prove to be the best of all, making them your number-one choice ever. Take a closer look at the following offerings:

Top Free Android Apps

Best Free Android Apps

1. Scatter Slots 

Scatter Slots is an excellent casino free Android app accessible to gambling fans absolutely free of charge. It has already accumulated a fan base comprising more than 5 million users who have been tempted by an incredible range of features and extra bonuses on offer.

This slot game offers a mind-blowing gambling experience due to the fact that it combines the classic design of Vegas-styled video slots and the magic universe that is filled with many mysterious turns and twists for the delight of gamblers.

This game is compatible with Android devices and can be downloaded with incredible simplicity even though it can also be played online. Here you will find not only various bonus features but also a humongous jackpot to add more drive to your gaming leisure time.

2. Bouncer

Confidentiality has become an ever-growing concern of today’s global society and therefore all smartphone users now want to take greater control over various app-related permissions. The newly released Bouncer app is intended for Android users and will help you regulate your security in a matter of a few seconds.

Using this application, it is possible to grant app permissions for a restricted amount of time. For example, you may wish to allow Twitter or other social networks to access your video files, but only for several seconds. Basically, using Bouncer, there is no need to get concerned about what Android applications are doing while not in use.

3. Firefox Rocket

This is Mozilla's most recently released browser that is extremely lightweight and occupies a space of not more than 3 MB. It is oriented on portable Android devices and represents a concise version of the ordinary Firefox browser being characterized as one of the quickest mobile browsers existing on today's market.

It has an exclusive Turbo regime that allows loading the necessary page within just a few seconds and blocking the commercials from undesirable third parties. This free app has become a sensation in October 2018 has revolutionized the market by granting a totally new experience to Android users.

The greatest thing about all this is the screenshot option known as Shot. It allows capturing the screenshots of whatever page you are currently using and share it will other users or read it more carefully a bit later. The speed of this browser is truly impressive, so this app is likely to become your favorite in the short run.

4. WaveEditor

This application is a recent release on the Android-based market. It represents a highly useful app that is intended for saving and modifying the audio recordings. With the help of this free Android app, it is extremely easy to edit audio files making it possible to cut them, create copies and erase from the system.

As such, this Android application is packed with many technologically advanced options. Among others, it allows erasing the incomprehensible sounds from the audio recording. Besides, WaveEditor is packed with 32-bit signal processing mechanism coupled with the amplitude measuring system. All this makes this app a highly useful addition to the Android market and it continues to be in high demand with smartphone users of all types.

Above all, this app supports a whole assortment of formats and its interface is pretty straightforward, so you will not find it difficult to use it.

In Conclusion

The above list of apps contains only a few splendid offerings existing on today’s market of free Android apps. These applications are aimed at making your life a lot easier and helping you in your day-to-day activities, so we can only expect that in the nearest future this segment will be added with even greater options to make every Android user absolutely delighted.


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