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Google Pixel 3 vs Apple iPhone XS: Who Will Top?

No feature is left untouched by us while comparing cameras of Apple iPhone XS and Google Pixel 3 Pixel 3 vs Apple iPhone XS: Who Will Top?

Ever since the news of Google's latest Pixel series broke out, the Internet is all about it. From exploring the additional camera features to the whole notch situation, Google Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL are the trending talk of the town.

And why not? Google has done a great job in building a Pixel smartphone that is worth its retail price. But the main question that arises here is if Google can successfully surpass one of its biggest competitors i.e. Apple.

Today, with the help of this article we will be answering some of your most requested questions related to Pixel 3 camera. We will be doing so by comparing the iPhone XS camera to that of Pixel 3 in respect to the different features that both of these tech giants offer.

Camera Comparison: Pixel 3 vs iPhone XS

Before getting started with the camera feature comparison, I want to mention that Google's Pixel 3 consists of a single lens and Apple's iPhone XS features a dual camera on the back.

To be honest, that's a very brave and calculated move on Google's part, showcasing the confidence to have a showdown with Apple that is known to offer the best smartphone cameras. Below are the features that are being offered by both of these newly released smartphones:

Camera Specifications Overview:

Camera Specifications

Portrait Mode

The portrait feature on smartphones is a must nowadays and smartphone companies are working hard to make the most out of this feature. Basically, in portrait mode, the face tends to get sharper and the background gets a bit blurry to deliver that perfect portrait-inspired picture.

Portrait Mode

The above image is an example of the before and after images that were taken through the portrait mode.

With the iPhone XS, you can easily change the focal length on the lens by adjusting the slider, the range varies from f1.4 to f16. Whereas in Pixel 3, there is no f-stop feature to vary to focal distance so the user can adjust the foreground blur with the focus point.

In Pixel 3, the portraits can be much sharper, but its blur effect seems to be confused by the curly hair and chaotic busy roads. And in the iPhone XS the portraits turn out to be more realistic, and for that, all credit goes to its Smart HDR feature that evens out highlights as well as shadows.

High Dynamic Range [HDR] Photography

One of the buzzwords that is trending in the world of photography today is HRD photography and smartphones are trying their best to deliver DSLR complementing photographs. As discussed in the previous point, Apple offers the feature of Smart HDR with its iPhone XS that is somewhat similar to Google's HDR+ feature of Pixel 3

High Dynamic Range

The above image is the example of a good and realistic HDR image in comparison to bad and exposed HDR quality picture.  

Although both of these smartphones work in a similar way i.e. by bringing together and combining various exposures to boost up the dynamic range of photographs. With the help of HDR, the pictures get to highlight and shadow details with appropriate saturation and colors that are true to reality.

Video Quality

Pixel 3 and iPhone XS record videos in 4K image resolution, most of the recording aspects are similar except that in iPhone the fps can read up to 60 that's almost double what Pixel is offering.  The transition shifts work more smoothly on the iPhone XS, where sudden lighting exposure is encountered.

Video Quality

The above image is a great example of how the image resolution that evolved over the span of several years.

In the case of low light, Google Pixel faces the issue of maintaining an appropriate focus on objects and due to which there is a further struggle at locking angles. Another thing that got our attention is that Pixel 3 tends to crop out more while using a wide angle lens.

There's an option in iPhone XS settings called 'Auto Low Light FPS' which can be used to automatically reduce the frame rate from 30 fps to 24 fps. This drop in frame rate also helps in improving video quality in an environment with low lighting.

Final Thoughts

Looking back at the journey of Google's Pixel smartphone, we have to admit that this smartphone series has surely come a long way. Both Google Pixel 3 and Apple iPhone XS cameras are amazingly good but the winner's crown has to go to iPhone XS as Apple is still offering the best camera quality in the smartphone industry.

With that being said, Google Pixel is not that behind in the race, and with just tiny modifications to its camera, Google might take over the title of best smartphone camera from Apple.

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