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Why Are Push Notifications Effective In Driving Retention?

Know about the main benefits of push notifications.

Why Are Push Notifications Effective In Driving Retention?

As a mobile app user, how do you stay connected with your apps on your mobile device?

Through Push Notifications...

We are not saying that these Push Notifications is your one and only way to get connected with your best mobile apps. But what we are suggesting, is that the Push Notifications are a great asset that can help you in increasing your user and app retention rate.

Nowadays every mobile and web application consists of the feature of push notifications as a necessary part of their User experience (UX). So, why not make this necessary part even better to make the app users coming back to the application again and again.

important notifications

These notifications can sometimes also be as an annoying thing that just keeps popping up on the user's screen from time to time. Below are the two main reasons behind the annoyance from notifications:

  • When the notification shows irrelevant information to the user.
  • When the notification pops up way too frequently from the same app.

Sometimes the end-user gets so frustrated with the constant push notification updates that he/she end up uninstalling their web or mobile application.

The thing with Push Notifications is that either they can make it up or break it down.

Just suppose, your mobile app is loved by a majority of your target audience and those app users are willing to spend more time on your application. While also spending their money on extra features of your mobile app as well. But the thing that these app users despise is spamming by tricking them into a feature that's not even available or by asking them for review favors.

The actual issue here is not with the push notification best practices but how they are presented to the user base of a particular app. Here are some of the examples of push notifications that are doing an impeccable job in maintaining constant user interaction.

  • Lift - This cab-hailing service notifies its customer to book a cab by this message 'You've accomplished a lot today. Let us handle the rest: Request a shuttle ride and a nearby driver will whisk you home from work. Try it out'.  
  • The weather Channel - This is how the weather forecast is sent to the customers of the weather channel ‘Monsoon Rain Paralyze Mumbai: Mumbai extremely heavy rain will continue. Check the world’s most downloaded weather app for your forecast.’
  • Amazon - Whenever a user leaves a product review, this is how Amazon notifies the user ‘Thanks for helping millions of Amazon shoppers with your reviews. Update your name and manage all your reviews on your Amazon profile’.

examples of notifications

  • Tinder - If you get a match on tinder, this is what tinder has to say in its notification ‘A new person is giving you a chance! Probably not gonna work out, though’.
  • Spotify - This is how spotify sends the push notifications to its app users ‘It's True! The Beatles are on Spotify. Play music's greatest catalogue right now ’.
  • Expensify - Whenever a transaction occurs in your linked account on expensity, the user gets notify by ‘Cha-Ching! Your admin marked your report as reimbursed. $179.95 is headed your way’.

benefits of push notifications

Main Benefits of Push Notifications

Below are the three main benefits of push notifications for all businesses:

  1. Higher Interactivity: With push notifications, the companies have the power to draw a user's attention to their message and transform that user into a potential customer for their app. But this mainly depends on what content you are presenting the user and how you are presenting the content for the user. 
  2. Lower Cost: Push notifications are comparatively low priced to other methods of reaching out to the targeted audience. Because many companies tend to send mass messages to their customers. So, it is possible that they can get some extra services from their service provider to send a push notification. 
  3. Instant Response: Push notifications are a great means to provide the information almost instantly to the users. Once, the information is displayed the response of the user is mostly instant. If the user is intrigued with the content and want to know more, then they will be clicking the displayed notification. 

As said by the Head of Search, Learning, & Intelligence at SLACK, Noah Weiss:

'A great push notification is three things: Timely, Personal and Actionable'

You can easily make use of push notification wisely to increase your app and user retention rate but you just need to follow a couple of tips when it comes to sending notifications to the users.

Always remember the fact that a push notifications best practices are the ones that make sure that the messaging is a win-win situation for both i.e. for your app user and for your mobile app itself.

Here are some questions that you need to ask yourself first before heading forward with your push notification content:

  • What is the goal of the notification? What do you want the users to do after clicking the notification?
  • Is the message in the notification relevant in content and in a timely manner?
  • Will this notification message will be able to add more value to the app or not?
  • How should I target my audience with this push notification?
  • Should I use interactive icons and buttons to collect some extra insights from the users?

Top Push Notification Practices

A number of people say that these push notifications are a blessing as well as a curse as they can remind the app user that the application has been installed. And it can also remind the end-user that the particular app is installed from his/her mobile device.

push notifications practices

Getting an opt-in feature

The very first thing that you need to do is select the opt-in feature for the push notifications feature because the app users don't appreciate to get constant updates from those apps that they have not opted for. An opt-in is the best way to get the user's confirmation for the push notifications from the app.

opt-in feature

Relevant Notifications

Instead of sending a basic bot generated generic content for every user's push notification, try to add more customization to each user message by adding some details that you have collected from the app. For example, the name of the user etc. Tailor your push notification content by using segmentation and unique as well as a creative way to greet the user, for reference see some of the examples that are mentioned above.

Note: Never ever send push notifications with content that is written for everyone because personalization matters.

pokemon go

Select the Keyword that matters

Sometimes, it's all about picking the right words when it comes to the content of the push notification or the personalized user messages. Always make sure to create a content that is interesting to read or that even adds value to the app. While generating content the use of the right tone is important and then work on making a great message consisting of 10 to 12 words.

Some easy tricks to help you out in writing great message content:

  • To have a crystal clear call-to-action in your message.
  • Try to be as precise as possible with the content.
  • Choose these 10 to 12 words very carefully and in a smart manner.


Be Informative to the User

Make sure that your app users know that you have missed them when they have not interacted with your mobile application in a while. Also, this is easily one of the most overlooked practices in such push notifications feature but even a simple message as this one can be a great way to increase the user retention in your app.

Bonus Point: Design and structure of a push notification are also observed by the end-users so try to redesign your push notification bar often i.e. in every couple of months so that your users do not get bored by a same pattern or design.

If you are a mobile app owner these notifications can be one of your greatest assets in driving retention rate of your mobile application but only when it is used strategically. Basically, a notification is a way or reminding your app user about the app's existence or informing the users about a new update/ feature on your app that they should definitely check out.

So, these are some of the best practices that you can surely try to drive your retention rate using the push notifications in your web or mobile apps.

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