From Cost To ROI, These Mobile App Design Guidelines
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From Cost To ROI, These Mobile App Design Guidelines Cover Everything

Know about the app design pricing rates as per the location

From Cost To ROI, These Mobile App Design Guidelines Cover Everything

Are there any particular Mobile App Design Guidelines? If yes, what are they?

Is the question that is faced by every single person who is building a web or mobile application and reaches at the designing stage of the app.

The answer to this question is not a one-liner as this question alone has several other questions linked to it that need to be answered as well. So, let’s simplify this question of app design cost by breaking into few segments and then proceed with the explanation of each one respectively.

Mobile App Designing can be described as a combination of technology and art that needs to leave an impact on the user. Because the first impression may not be the last impression but it certainly matters a lot especially in present times.  

One of the key differences between a bad mobile application and a good one is the UX i.e. the User Experience as it tends to separate the applications from one another on basis of their mobile app design. Today’s user has a lot of expectations from their mobile applications like the ease of use, faster load time, creative interface etc. and these expectations will keep on increasing as time proceeds.

application guidelines

Mobile App Design Guidelines

Below are some of the Mobile App Design Guidelines that can make your app look and feel like a piece of cake in the user's eyes:

To Off-Load the tasks

For offloading the tasks, first, you need to go through the app's design and look for the things that require effort from the user's side like for making a specific decision or to enter any data in the app etc. Now, you need to find alternatives for the tasks that you have shortlisted. In the case of entering user information, you can create an option to save the details like a 'Smart Default' setting so that the user does not have to fill in his/her details again and again.

To Declutter

The option to declutter is a highly recommended option to include while simplifying the process of designing your application because it can end up being a huge obstacle for a good app design. When you clutter in your mobile app interface then you are basically overloading your app's users with a ton of information that is unnecessary to them and not required at all.

For both mobile and desktop apps, clutter is a complication that needs to be eliminated as soon as possible. So, decluttering is the method that can save your app's design because every image, button, icon, and feature that the designer adds is making the app more complex than before. So, improve your app's comprehension by decluttering the things that are not necessary for your app's design.

To reduce the Cognitive Load

Cognitive load refers here to the amount of brain power required to use the app. The human brain has a limited amount of processing power, and when an app provides too much information at once, it might overwhelm the user and make them abandon the task.

If you are someone who is not entirely familiar with the term cognitive load, it can be defined as the total amount of the user's brain power that is required for using an application. As the app's designer, it is your responsibility to minimize the cognitive load of the user by the technique of functional minimalism.

Cost to Design a Mobile App

Now, here comes the part regarding cost of building an app as well as cost of app design. A wide range of tasks are required for designing an app which includes app icon & logo design, end-user research, UX/UI design, graphic design and much more.

In this article, we will we just talking about the cost related to the app designing phase so if you are interested in knowing development cost as well. Don't worry we got you covered, our article on 'How Much Does It Cost To Develop An App' will help you out.

Moving on the finding out the application design costs for Android and iOS mobile applications. Generally speaking, the app design cost is mainly calculated on the basis of two things, which are:

  1. The Geographic Location
  2. The Level of Project's Complexity

The app designing cost varies from one geographic location to another geographic location and this change in pricing is very much evident in the hourly rates of the Western Countries. For example, a majority of clients prefer a country like India for its app designing projects because of the lower pricing.

Countries like the United Kingdom and the United States are known to have a price rate of $50 to $150 per hour, so the client will be spending quite a few thousands of dollars for a mobile app of good functioning.

cost of design

The other thing that matters after the location is the complexity of the project on the mobile or web app designing. The cost of designing an application highly depend on your project's complexity that you want your app to showcase.

For instance, if your Android/iOS mobile app does not require a lot of animations and other complications functionalities added to it then comparatively its designing time, as well as cost, will be lesser than the one which features animations.  

Let's calculate your applications in terms with the levels of the complexity that are:

  • Basic Complexity: A mobile application of simple complexity will take up to 100 hours and may start with a budget of $4000 or $5000. An on-demand application can easily fall into this category as initially it will be launched for any one platform to test the waters. The app with simple complexity will only consist of the features that are very necessary for the app to fulfill the user's requirements from the app itself.
  • Average or Medium Complexity: The mobile applications with medium or average complexity level may require around 180 to 200 hours for their completion and can lead to a budget of $10k to $12k. These apps with medium complexity level may not look complex but their function is pretty complex. For example, a messenger application like WhatsApp could take over 200 hours for designing purpose that includes features like additional screens, newly updated version and much more.  
  • High level Complexity: To design an application with a high level of complexity it may need more than 350 hours in total and can cost the client a whooping sum of approximately $18,000. To be very honest, in the market there are not as many complex applications. Most of the business owners and entrepreneurs want their mobile app to be of simple or medium complexities.

In the above mentioned, we have calculated the cost by considering an average cost of app designing as $50/hr.

roi with app designing

ROI with Mobile App Design

In the industry of mobile and web applications, the ROI plays one of the most crucial roles which can never be forgotten i.e. the Return on Investment. Till now, we have been quite familiar with the role of ROI in the development stage of the app but a number of applications end up failing because there was no investment done in the app designing part.

What we actually mean to say is that it is always easier to resolve the issues in the early stages rather than waiting for a small issue to turn into a huge problem. With ROI in the app designing, these issues can be solved by creating design prototypes for the app which will even cost less comparatively.

During this situation, there comes a point when your app is ready for the submission process in the app store in terms of the development part. But the designing segment of your app is average then what you should do is invest some more time and money in the designing of your app. This may be a hard decision to take for some people but it will be worth the wait.

This is because the users can only see the true capability of your mobile application once they can interact with the app smoothly. Otherwise, they will lose interest in your app and will probably uninstall it without even knowing the true caliber of your application.

Also, if you want your already existing app to perform well in the market, you need to redesign your application as per the taste and requirements of your targeted audience. This strategy will surely provide your app a much needed boost to re-enter in the respective industry.

We really hope that this information has cleared some of your questions regarding the cost to design a mobile app as well as the way to estimate design cost of a web or mobile application.

Do let us know if you think we missed a significant Mobile App Design guideline that you want us to mention along with the other points. Just leave us a ‘Comment’ in the section down below and we will surely have a look at it.

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