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This Is How You Can Easily Build A Disruptive App Like Uber

Know the reason why Uber's on-demand model is so successful

This Is How You Can Easily Build A Disruptive App Like Uber

If you want to build an Uber-like app and looking for the perfect guide, then today is your lucky day today. Here, we have prepared a short and simple guide on easy steps to build an app like Uber just for you.

With the help of this detailed information, you will be able to get a clear idea of how you can build a disruptive app like Uber. The ride-hailing giant that started as a small startup for fulfilling the people transport needs has now become one of the most inspiring companies in the world. This app has not only shifted the ride-hailing facility from a luxury option to an affordable service but has also changed the whole dynamics of transportation.

With its on-demand service approach, this app has changed the shape of the respective industry, and its app is the main reason for this new revolution. With the help of technology, the company has built a very impressive system that helps the users (a.k.a. riders) in getting a ride instantly and also at reasonable prices. This app has not only revolutionized the car trading business but also has created a huge number of job opportunities for the people. This is where the question of how to make an app like uber in Android and iOS comes into the picture.

uber model application development

The best part is that this mobile application is not done with improving its business model yet; the company has included the option of booking luxury cars for the upper-class users. Besides, the company is getting ready to introduce its Ubercopter for air ride in the coming future. With this, you can easily depict how much Uber has accomplished in such a short period of time.

The Uber Model

Before we get into the working of this app, here is the business model that you need to prepare for your application.

  • Spot the Resource and Demand: This mobile app has become highly successful by solving a problem faced by millions of people, by figuring out the demand and resource ratio. Here, you have to find out the demand you want to fulfill for a particular set of users with an instant resource. Once you spot the on-demand service that you are interested in delivering then you can move forward to the next step.
  • The groundwork: Now, you have the idea, so it is time for you to prepare a business plan for your mobile/web app. Work on each minor detail in order to come up with a stable plan, and then find out how you are going to bridge the gap.
  • Technical aspects: Here you have to think about how you can leverage the available technology to transform your business into an app that this is very convenient for your target audience.
  • Revenue Model: This is the most important part because the end of the day its profit and revenue earned from your app that is going to define your app’s success.

Why you want an Uber-like app?

There is no doubt that Uber is a great example for any entrepreneurs to execute their idea for most effective results. The company has jumped into the business with a primitive approach to fulfill the customer’s demand immediately.

Reasons to have an Uber-like app

Have a look at these essential reasons to know why you should have an app like Uber:

  • It has a sustainable model that helps in meeting the user’s demand via a mobile app without any delay.
  • It provides the end-users, a transparency, and control over the entire process.
  • Use the technology to solve a common problem with the innovative idea
  • Retain the customers by offering a flawless service that is required by a large community of users.

Features of the Uber-like app

When you are working on an app that will be a clone of this taxi booking app; you need to know everything about this ride-hailing app. First, you need to decide which feature you want exactly copy from the app and which one you want twist accordingly. It is unknown to most of the people that this ride-hailing app actually has a total of three apps for its entire system, which are:

  1. An App for customers
  2. An App for drivers
  3. The Admin panel

As every user has the different requirement depending upon the desired goal, so the company has built two different apps with an admin panel. Each of these apps has a set of different features of taxi app like Uber. Along with this, there are additional options included that further help the user in performing the task.

Features in App for customers

These are some of the main features that are required in the customers’ app:

uber app features

  • Book a ride: User can easily book a ride by providing his/her real-time location and hire the taxi for their destination.
  • Fare estimation: Users can also know the fair estimation of the ride prior to confirming a ride. However, the fare estimation changes according to different options chosen by the user including, ride type, type of car, and much more.
  • Track the ride: The user can track the ride in their app, the inbuilt map of the app shows the real-time location of the ride.
  • Modes of payment: Uber has added different modes of payment for the user.
  • Book now ride later: So that the rider can schedule a ride for later.
  • Book for others: The option is available for booking the ride for others
  • Smart Wallet: Digital wallet for the users
  • Panic Button: In the case of emergency
  • Favorite destination: To save a frequently visited location
  • Split charges: To share the fare among friends

Features in driver app

Below are some of the essential features that are required in the drivers’ app:

  • Driver Delivery Reports: With these reports, we can know about all the bookings that were made.
  • Complete Route optimization: To provide the most efficient route to the driver.
  • Driver Destinations: This feature will help to track down the location of the driver in real-time.
  • Quest earnings: The total amount of money earned by the rides that are successfully completed by the driver.
  • Short 2 Minute Cancellation Window: An automatic cancellation window to cancel the ride if the rider is running late and won’t be able to make it.
  • Heat Detection Maps: To help the driver in sensing the traffic on the different routes on the map.
  • Forward Dispatch: With this feature, the driver will be able to forward the dispatch in case the driver is stuck in a situation like a flat tire etc.

Cost for developing an Uber-like app

One of the most significant aspects of the uber like app development is cost, so you should know how much it will cost to make an app like Uber.

Basic Components of cost

Here are the basic components that are directly related to calculating the total cost of creating a web and mobile application:

  • Backend development of the entire system
  • Web development
  • Native app development (Android/iOS)
  • Design/frontend development of the app
  • Management and quality assurance

Below is the rough estimation of the cost depending upon the different components. This is for you to get an idea on how much budget you require to have an Uber-like app. All the cost to build an app like Uber are mentioned below on an hourly basis.

Component iOS Android Both Platforms
Backend $5 $5 $10
Development $10 $12 $22
Design $9 $11 $20
QA $6 $7 $13
Total $30 $35 $65

Along with the cost of the mobile app development also consumes a significant amount of time. Here is the approximate amount of time you need to put in the development divided across the different aspects to create an app like Uber.

cos of uber app development

  • Quality Assurance: The QA process will be taking most of the time of the entire development where you need to make sure that app is perfect from every angle. You will be investing almost 39% of your entire time in this process.
  • Passenger App: The app for the passengers will be taking 33% time as requires complex work.
  • Admin Dashboard: The Admin dashboard along with the driver app will take 14% time each.

The Takeaway

Uber app is perfect for the users as it works efficiently and provides the service at an instance. However, getting an app like Uber is not an easy task you need to do a lot of research and hard work during these steps. With that being said, now you know everything you need to know about this app so go ahead and create a taxi app like Uber.

In case you want us to share the easy steps for building any other popular app then let us know via your comments in the sector below. Also, don’t forget to hit that ‘Subscribe’ button to stay notified with the daily updates of MobileAppDaily.

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